Fall morning commutes and coffee 🍂

Welcome to the world La Bolsa! Our newest coffee from Guatemala is available for sale right now 🥳 This bean makes some excellent cold brew, and we are getting killer cups on our @kalitausa wave with notes of berries, milk chocolate and caramel 😛. Anyways, leave a comment saying who your favorite Ghostbuster is, mines Egon 🚫👻

Admittedly, I am a sucker for good design/marketing... and also a presupposed Lagwagon reference... either way, I gotta try this...
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So proud of these dudes ✊️ Long beach to Vegas 🏁

No hands cold brew chug! Great job you maniacs. Long Beach to Vegas non stop 🐰🏁☕️ 📷: @roaminglost

Tomorrow we will be supporting friends ride their bikes from Long Beach to Vegas in under 24 hours! This 300+ mile ride will be helping donate to an organization that is ending child hunger in America called @nokidhungry. Our job... keep moral high, drive to vegas as slow as possible and obviously keep everyone caffeinated. Whats in the bottle? Some single origin Guatemala La Bolsa! It tastes like dark chocolate, berries, caramel and it is strong as $&!@

16 hours till go time 🏁

I know a few people who will be hugging their bikes today in perpetration for this weekend. More news coming at you tomorrow 🏁

Happy Halloween from the bean man. Show this to your children before bed 🎃

A match made in heav....errr Nashville. You can sip two of our coffees at @threebrotherscoffee on West End Ave. Head in there and tell em we sent ya. Oh and tag us in photos because we need the s0c1aL meDIa eNG@geMEnt

We’re messing with some new bag styles, leave us some feedback on our current bags or other bags that you like. Maybe even leave a comment about other things you like that aren’t bags. For example: “I like turtles”
Hat: @cadencecollection
Male model: @lyttlechris
Coffee: Danilson Oidor from Colombia

Happy Thursday and fuck Instagram algorithms 🖕

The work it takes to get to these viewpoints is what makes the view so satisfying. You know what it took to get there. .
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We support @machinesforfreedom and @encouragehercycling 's mission to bring the community of women cyclists together. Come ride and enjoy some excellent hangs on Sunday October 28th over at @specializedcostamesa. There are 2 separate routes to ride which will both be meeting up at 7:30am and rolling out at 8:00am.
Route #1 will be 30miles averaging 14-15mph
Route #2 will be 44miles averaging 15-16mph.
We will be serving coffee at the shop at 100mph 🏁

Whenever we go home to Long Island we make sure to stop in to @fluxcoffee to satisfy our coffee needs. Brought back home a bag of Ethiopia Limmu thats tasting very bright and clean with notes of raspberry, peach and sweet lemon. Thanks friends, you guys are crushing ✊️

Coffee is shipped out for the week. Enjoy 😊

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