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Vem logo minha @lavineanasc
Chega de férias 😏

Thanks for the cool pics @theaustindavis. #Leeland #TheGardenTour

What an amazing year! 2016 was full of adventure, and such a great year for the Kingdom of God amidst all the bad news, Jesus showed us another way to see things! Another story! Another life!Our true destiny in Him! He showed up countless times in events across the world to amaze us by His POWER & LOVE and He's NOT FINISHED! :) !!! Last year we saw many miracles & lives changed in Jesus name. We saw what God was doing in the heart of man. Revival is happening now. Revival in the secret place, overflowing into the public places. In this new year, we are expecting so much more! We ask that you would pray with us for Jesus to awaken more hearts, for every person to receive all the fullness of the knowledge of who and what Jesus is, and who we are in Him! .
This year is going to be amazing, and we can't wait to worship & seek Jesus with you! .
Checkout bandsintown to see new dates added every month, and come hang! #leeland #bethelmusic

I loose my hands, take control God let your purposes unfold #leeland

@leelandmooring @hygorjunker e uma linda declaração de AMOR #worship #leeland #music

One more vid. Night #1 of Europe tour 2014. This night was a lot of fun. We were jet lagged out of our minds. I drank 3 Red Bull's before going on stage... #leeland #caseyandhishat

Our God is the Lion, the Lion of Judah
He's roaring in power and fight our battles... every knee will bow before Him!! #Leeland #propheticart #everyknewwillbow #thelionofjudah

We’re excited to announce that our @leelandofficial first album with Bethel Music is now available for pre-order on iTunes. “Invisible” is about a gospel that is alive and moving in us and through us!
Pre-order “Invisible” + get 3 instant song downloads: Invisible // Carry It All Away // Son Was Lifted Up: bit.ly/InvisiblePreOrder
Click on the link in my profile!
#yourenotinvisible #leeland


Meer informatie of meewerken aan de City Worship Tour? Neem contact met ons op via een persoonlijk bericht aan deze pagina.⠀

Volg @cityworshiptour om op de hoogte te blijven van deze tour en de ontwikkelingen.⠀

Tickets zijn per direct verkrijgbaar via de website!⠀

#leeland #worship #cityworshiptour #bethel #bethelmusic #prayer

City Worship Tour is een tour die ontstaan is vanuit ons verlangen om meer impact te hebben in Nederland. We geloven dat ware aanbidding een stad transformeert. ⠀

Het is onze visie om in elke stad lokale kerken aan elkaar te verbinden met deze avonden. En met elkaar de stad aan God over te dragen in gebed en aanbidding.⠀

#leeland #worship #cityworshiptour #bethel #bethelmusic #prayer

Leeland komt terug naar Nederland voor de eerste City Worship Tour! Ben jij er bij? Tickets NU verkrijgbaar via onze website.⠀

Volg @cityworshiptour om op de hoogte te blijven van deze tour.⠀

#leeland #worship #cityworshiptour #bethel #bethelmusic #prayer

De Amerikaanse band @leelandofficial, sinds kort deel van het @bethelmusic artiesten collectief, komt weer naar Nederland. Van 30 november t/m 4 december brengt de groep de zogeheten ‘City Worship Tour’ voor het eerst op Hollandse bodem. Voor deze aanbiddingsavonden wordt nauw samengewerkt met lokale kerken in Zwolle, Eindhoven, Amsterdam en Dordrecht. Kaarten zijn verkrijgbaar bij @events4christ.
#SaltRadio #UrkFM #christelijk #radioprogramma #Leeland #CityWorshipTour #Events4Christ

🎶He's coming on the clouds, kings and kingdoms will bow down. Every chain will break, as broken hearts declare His praise...Who can stop the Lord Almighty!
Our God is a Lion, the Lion of Judah, He's roaring in power and fighting our battles,
And every knee will bow before Him.
Our God is a Lamb, the Lamb that was slain, For the sins of the world His blood breaks the chains!!!
Open up the gate make way before the King of Kings, The God who comes to save is here to set the captives free, For who can stop the Lord Almighty!! #LionAndtheLamb #Leeland #WorshipSong 🎶❤🙌🔥🕊

2 Records Set Yesterday after Madonna parents: 1st Time I Ever ordered a Burger (I don't eat them, but everything else was fish) and: Someone ordered a BEER on MY advice when I know Jack S**t about drinking / alcohol! 🤣😛😄#Leeland #Michigan #Accordion #CPez

I can't get enough
No I can't get enough
Of Your amazing love
I can't get enough
I can't walk away
No I can't walk away
From where I've seen Your face
And I can't walk away

And I just want to be where You are
I just want to be near Your heart
There is nothing like Your love
There is nothing like Your love
Jesus I love You
-Leeland, Where You Are
#colorful #liveincolor #handlettered #unity #digitalpaint #digitalart #behappy #art #sandiego #sandiegoart #sandiegoartist #joy #happyart #illustrator #illustration #creative #drawing #draweveryday #instart #godisgood #Jesus #leeland #whereyouare

"Don't you worry
I am near
I am here
I'll be there
With you in the dead of night"


Out of darkness into light
I know that I will be alright
Here inside your hands.
I never want to stray too far
Just want to be where you are
Here inside your plan.
And you're the center of the beginning and the end.
And I place my life inside your hands
You hold for me a perfect plan
And you are
The beginning and the end!
#lyrics #Leeland #Beginningandtheend #truth #blessed #Godisgood #lovethissong #trustinghisplan #foriknowtheplansihaveforyou

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