You see the thing is... I needed to go to #RedemptionLeather to exchange a pair of shoes (lara) for a bigger size. And I did that... but if you drive ALL the way from Bellville to Wellington you might as well make the trip worth the effort and try on some shoes right?! I mean ma... you usually see the styles on pictures but you have NO IDEA what they look and feel like. And at #Redemption they make it so easy to try shoes on because they have the sizes neatly stacked together (per size) on a level/row. And then that thing happens where the person next to you confirms what you know deep down in you heart. “Those look so beautiful on you... you should get them” says the lady next to me and asks the assistant to bring her a size 8 in the same style. #leatherlovesme #iloveleather #buyZA

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