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When you're out with your pink ladies 💕 #pinkladies #leatherjacketclub

nuggets plus the photobomb @parksimon24 #leatherjacketclub

Random run-in tonight featuring: @victoriajasher! ❤️ so full after eating an incredible meal @wolvesmouth 🍽 #leatherjacketclub

When you're the only one who knows what to do when they say make a funny face! #leatherjacketclub #panicatthedisco #latepostclub

That time when we thought using the flash was a good idea. • • • #tbt #neverusetheflash #leatherjacketclub

Throwback to Hong Kong 🖤 (spot the 🙂) #leatherjacketclub


Tough or tenderhearted? #leatherjacketfeels 📷💥: @ericaswe

We might look quite sensible in this photo (apart from my left foot which is hiding???) but this photo was taken minutes after @chariiigram was trying to pour the last of a bottle of wine into my mouth while photographing it at the same time. #leatherjacketclub

✨Ready to hit the town with my partner in crime 💕


Thought I'd bring the sun to melbourne, haha just kidding. Bought me self a leather jacket though. #thelifeofesd #brunswickboizmakesomenoize
#coldasice #leatherjacketclub #bushellstea

Leather jacket and edgy boots

Who doesn't love a good ootd, especially for graduation?! Details over on the blog: http://www.thevibrantenthusiast.com/takesavillage/ #myaritiza

Sunglasses 😎 and leather jacket

HBD 🎉apparently instagram also doesn't agree that we haven't hung out in awhile & deleted/demanded a better response. So here it goes Abitron🤓🖤 I cherish your friendship more than words can describe! Forever the Miley to my Ke$ha! I'm gonna keep it short & simple and feel this photo describes our friendship perfectly. Love you babez & cant wait to reunite Sunday! Sister of the moon tattoos will be in the near future! #ACDC FOR LIFE #leatherjacketclub #groupies #designdorks

This is an old picture but whatever. Thank you for being my best friend, always being a huge dork with me, riding out my mood swings (I know I can be a huge pain in the ass sometimes) listening to my stories I don't tell anyone else, cheering me on and supporting this strong willed woman always. I don't tell you this enough but I love you. #oldpics #leatherjacketclub

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