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I do love a straight shooter. #salty #misscongeniality

Gifts of this nature- meant for such monumentous occasions (just to punctuate the first day of forever, #nbd) make me so dang excited, and this month I've had 6 of them, rapid fire- which is almost too much excitement for my delicate system. #weddingseason #mazeltovyall #buckstitch #oldschool

@hazelsfashionwagon makes steer roping slack look GOOD. Her husband did really well this morning and made it back for Friday's perf- rodeos are fun, but they're more fun when you got someone to root for. @sheridanwyorodeo #wyoming #rodeo

First rate shit talker, second string fencer. #whatsosha #fencingsandals #saturday #FASHUN

This weekend has taken an abrupt turn, and I couldn't be more happy about it, but I'm outta office 'til Monday, y'all- xoxo- Saddle Tramp #gossipgirl #chiefin #heaters #newtoyou

But on a serious note, here is a better look at that guitar strap that I am just so goddamn proud of. Made for Mr. @jasonwickens who is not only an incredible singer-songwriter, entrepreneur, and proponent of good live music with @livefromthedivide but just an all around good dude. His daughter may also be my spirit animal, but that's another story. Heart is full finishing this number and seeing it to happy and capable hands. #custom #specialdelivery #jomora #guitarstrap #montana #music #keepitcountry

Gonna be home in Wyoming for @sheridanwyorodeo this week- making my dad proud, seeing who can talk the loudest, and drinking in moderation for days on end- holler at yer gurl (literally) if ya see me and we'll drink some whiskey (in moderation) and heckle strangers. #letsgetwyold #prca #christmasinjuly #roadtrip #beer #merica #literally #cowboyshit

A small example of how uncool I am, but when @jasonwickens sent some pics and asked me to make him a Jo Mora inspired guitar strap, I had no idea who in the Sam Hill Jo Mora was. So, rifled through my Encyclopedia Britannica (I.e. Google) and realized one of his works was used on my favorite album cover of all time: Sweetheart of The Rodeo, by The Byrds. Turns out that piece has significance to Jason as well- so it was really fun to incorporate that into this strap. Lots of finite details but I really wanted to do her and Jo justice, and by golly I think we're gettin there! #yallitsart #jasoniscoolerthanme #damnit #progress #wip #sweetheartoftherodeo

What has two thumbs and is having the best day ever? THIS GIRL. Gal showed up to a rehearsal dinner wearing a buckle I made of her cat. #lifeisgood #rose #kitty


I do love a straight shooter. #salty #misscongeniality

Gifts of this nature- meant for such monumentous occasions (just to punctuate the first day of forever, #nbd) make me so dang excited, and this month I've had 6 of them, rapid fire- which is almost too much excitement for my delicate system. #weddingseason #mazeltovyall #buckstitch #oldschool

Bossing boys around, all casual like. #ivoryflatbed #heavyistheheadthatwearsthecrown #beer

First rate shit talker, second string fencer. #whatsosha #fencingsandals #saturday #FASHUN

Feels somewhat counter-intuitive to take something you've worked so hard on and stab a bunch of holes in it, but so it goes with the beautiful process of buckstitching. The pain in my ass, but the apple of my eye. #deepthoughts #thereskahluainmycoffee

Loud and proud, happy Saturday, y'all. #despscitoforever @mlebrewer

And with dirt under my nails and dye on my hands, I threw in the towel (hammer), picked myself up by the bootstraps, and hauled my ass to the nearest gin joint serving (my first) frosé. Finally Friyay, y'all. #treatyoself #scrub #suhgood

Back in my wheelhouse after a "character building" day (plz see dumpster fire that is my IG story 🙄😑). Ain't nothin a cold foamer and a lil Norwegian Black Metal can't cure. #getbackonthehorse #beer #growingpains

Couple of avid outdoorsmen and brand new parents showing the next generation the joys of the Montana backcountry and the responsibility of environmental stewardship- not to mention dad's got a new favorite hunting hat (mom's wearing the green camo (with "safety orange" lettering, FYI ) Saddle Tramp Trucker, but she's gotta keep her eye on the two-track). Never too young for an adventure- and speaking of Montana, they're *finally* getting much needed moisture and cooler temps- putting a wrap on fire season as hunting season gets going full-swing. #fanmail #happyhunting

Random act of kindness came to me in a big way, today, folks. A real life fairy, and I didn't even have to sacrifice any teeth. As most of you well know, I love all things ridiculous; I love color, I love "loud" patterns, I love jumpsuits, and I love old shit. All of these things collided when I first stumbled across @thejunkfairyokc 4.5 years ago when I moved to Oklahoma and I now possess many, many, many items from the thoughtfully curated Junk Fairy legacy. Anyway, She is a savant of second hand (vintage, y'all), but a customer service and social media guru, to boot. I tagged her in my most recent acquisition (polka dot jumpsuit) after discovering her IG- and she tagged me back saying I had a surprise waiting for me the next time I went to Granny's....AND HERE IT IS, FOLKS! Fit, function, and fuckin pockets rolled into this awesome 90's number. I am so stoked and so grateful for this kind gesture. #junkfairy #vintage #jumpinginjumpsuits #treasure #ilovepurple #rosé

Tell me this isn't the cutest damn thing. Matching thunderbird satchels for mama and her mini, puttin' on a fashion show in Pennsylvania. Show'em how it's done, ladies! #twinsies

Really killin it with the captions lately, so here's another solid showing:
2 thunderbird satchels- one large, one small- and 1 concho pouch necklace.
Soft, black deertanned hide, drawstring closure and adjustable lengths, fringe, all with external back pockets for low key smuggling of all the essentials. DM for details/purchase. 🖤#forsale

(BLUE SERAPE SOLD, PINK STILL AVAILABLE) Rolling out my own rendition of "fall colors". Electric blue suede and serape, because who wants to blend in with a bunch of dead leaves and lattes. Adjustable/expandable drawstring satchel, can be worn across the body or at the shoulder (see additional pics), large external back pocket, thunderbird serape inlay and exposed stitching for little vintage flair. Big enough for all the essentials, 9"x 6". DM for info/purchase. #notbasic #fallcolors #bluesuede #nofilter

I only wear fringe on days that end in "Y". #brap #saturday #saddletramp

Brap brap. #brap

Muh squadski. #squad #chichi

Fancy tuxedo t-shirt tamping bar, at your service. #quitafteronepost #blisters

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