So many thing happened in clip of eye.... haiz unforgettable moments and day
Infect hate this day as well..
So many haters...
So many helpers...
So many guidance...
So many love...
And last
So many lessons...
So better don't involve in such things..
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•Bailey wearing his French Beige NMD from SNEAKER BOX MANILA•
#ReTell @itsmebailey I had a great night with my family last night ❤ #LeaSongsFromTheStage with @repostcanvas
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Suuuupeeeer late upload na... Bwahaha😂😂😂
Before anything else, i would like to thank to the following person.:
To @faznea and @roseline21_aq thank u sainyong dalawa bes lab u both 😉. Erin para sapag bili ng Playlist at Souvenir Program at pag pa sign nito ky Lea at baby Nic thank u bes. To ate @rafiedjin , thank u sapag bili ng Notepad po at pag pa sign nito ky Lea at ky sir @robchien 😉😍. Kuya @gianyuong , thanks din po sau sa Notebook at pag pa sign ky Lea. Thank you so much po sainyong lahat. Thanks dito :
Playlist - ✔
Souvenir Program - ✔
Notebook - ✔
Notepad - ✔

I love you all.😉😍 #LeaSongsFromTheStage

🎶I knew you were mine
You said you were mine
I thought you were mine 🎶
One of the best nights with one of the best people 💖

Last weekend's #FriYay! Congratulations @msleasalonga and to the little miss Nicole! #LeaSongsFromTheStage was a dream for me to experience. For a musical theater lover newbie like me, it was an awesome treat getting to know all these beautiful songs I didn't knew existed - made me realize I have a lot to catch up on. I missed the Broadway concert so I was just in pure awe on those 4 hours. 😱 You may say that you don't always get it right...yeah. okay. human...but the things is whenever you do your version of any song it just instantly becomes the standard and whatever I do, I can't just "un-hear" it. It's always and always has been like "Uwian na! May nanalo na!" moment. 😆 Iba ka lang talaga eh. Again, congratulations and thank you for this concert! Can it be three nights next time? 😬😹 #myLEAjourneysofar (Thanks for this photo Tim and Ate Betsy)

Trying out this new #instagram feature with Lea's wardrobe in #LeaSongsFromTheStage all done by the @rajolaurel. This is probably the most useful and life saving update for me - lesser caption problems! HAHAHA! 😹👍🏾

Poster with a sign of @msleasalonga 💞 #leasongsfromthestage

Happy happy birthday Coach @msleasalonga !!! GOD bless. 👍😘❤🙏🍰🎂🍷
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Ang ganda ng pag-capture 😍😍 #LeaSongsFromTheStage (c)

Last Friday, I was able to watch Lea Salonga perform live. I was able to experience the magic her voice brings. I was able to hear her crystal clear, timeless voice. It was my first time watching her perform in a concert and I left the PICC with a full heart -- no, it was overflowing. Watching her perform live in a concert is too much for one heart.

Watching her in a concert is a completely different experience when watching her in a musical. She is the star of the night. She sings as if she owned the songs, as if it was written for her. One can see the passion in her eyes when she sings and she effortlessly delivered every song with confidence and full of emotions.
It was a two-and-a-half hour rollercoaster ride of emotions. I found myself laughing at her spiels, I ugly-cried at her hugot songs, and if I am not laughing or crying, I am smiling the whole time. I was mesmerized, entranced, bewitched.

Though I did not know almost all of the songs in her repertoire, I immediately understood what the songs convey when she finally sang those. It was because of her enunciation, her clear storytelling, and of course, her emotions.

To be on that concert hall is a great experience even though I am seated too far away from her -- no, no one is seated too far away. No matter how far or near I am to her, her voice and emotions still reached my heart, and everyone else's.
I am so lucky to experience her magic. And I would love to experience it all again.
17th of February, 2017. I'll never forget.


Spent my weekend listening to Lea Salonga's Songs from the Stage. As always, Lea's voice is mesmerizing. It didn't matter if you knew the song or its context. Lea made sure that you'd feel the character's joy, struggles and triumphs.
Congratulations, @msleasalonga !!! If you did a fourth show, I'd still watch, alam mo yan. Oh picture with @bamboomuzaklive is a bonus. He watched the Saturday show😍😍😍 #LSS #leasongsfromthestage

the eyes tho. 👀
#LeaSongsFromTheStage (ctto)

cute. 😍 #LeaSongsFromTheStage (ctto)

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