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This delightful little pig from Money Savvy Kids is a multi-award winning, interactive piggy bank that teaches kids responsible money habits. It comes with a range of stickers so that children can personalise each chamber to reflect their individual financial goals. Now available online and in-store. #moneysavvykids #bonzabrats #imabonzabrat #learntosave

Whenever Paris helps me around the house I give her all my change in my purse and she gets really excited to put it in her piggy bank. She's been saving for 9 months and her piggy bank finally got full. Needless to say she was too happy to go cash in the change and pick out a new toy. #parisrose #learntosave #workforwhatyouwant

Drowning looks a lot different in real life than it does in the movies. #learntosave #watersafetymonth

#ZOOMOOV is proud to present our Money Bank with its very own savings chart!

What is that? ZOOMOOV hid a free ride coupon in the boxes of 30 Money Banks*? 😱😱😱 Not only do you get to have fun moulding the colour dough onto your Money Bank figurine 🌈 (available in 3 cute ZOOMOOV characters - lion🦁, elephant🐘 and monkey🐵), you get to go on a savings journey too! 🚀 *Only available at United Square, Downtown East, City Square Mall, Harbourfront, Westgate and Jurong Point.

#ValueofMoney #LearnToSave #MoneyBank #SavingsJourneyStartsHere

What I learned from the whole experience was what an emotionally charged subject our finances, and especially my grocery budgets can be.
#blessed #foodporn #foodislife #munchies #learntosave

Mari menabung bersama Ellie 😜 #learntosave #savingmoney

#DollarBillChallengemrj ...
I Stopped spending dollar bills for 3 months, Everybody save up dollar Bills .. after a month take a picture and tag @michaelraineyjr so I could see how much y'all saved and I'll pick some to repost 🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽😎 all for fun #stopwastingmoney #learntosave

It's payday! Saan mo dadalhin ang suweldo mo? Ipunin mo na lang, beh!
#moneywisetvph #MoneywiseBaketList


I use to think there's nothing worse than being in a bad relationship with another individual.
It can be very stressful, emotionally draining and even unhealthy at times. Yet we often choose to hold on to bad relationships because we're comfortable. *

Believe it or not we often form bad relationships with our money and stay in it for you the same reasons. We're comfortable!!! *

Although we're not happy with being "broke" or living check to check. We will continue this poor relationship we have with money because it's easier too stick with what's familiar rather than sacrifice or change.
A few years ago after breaking up a long relationship with debt, I also decided to break up with my bad spending habits.
I decided to form a new and more appropriate relationship with money. *
I began using budgeting, strategic shopping and couponing to save and begin building my way out of years and years of a bad relationship with debt. *
I became so good at it that I started showing families how to do it to...my clients, students, and savings family give me inspiration and motivate me to keep going on my journey as well as bring others along too. *
I said all that to say....
I'm here to help you form a new relationship with money. If you have questions about how I can serve you, join me on my live IG streams or feel free to ask them beneath any post. I'm here to serve YOU!

Looking for an #expert or #educator in financial literacy. Help me prepare these young adults in #theBronx #giveback #givebacktothecommunity #BronxNY #learntosave #learntoinvest #financialeducation

There has been a HUGE price decrease over at savewithmimis.com. The holidays are right around the corner, and we want you to save on what's most important to you and your family. Learn how to save on everyday items by couponing. Use code "HOLIDAY10" to save an additional 10% off your first purchase!

Click link in bio for website

So...you wanna buy a house! Become obsessed with saving money in 2018! There are countless tools and examples available for how to save money! Let's get started! #saveyourmoney

In the world of merchant services, surcharging is fairly well known. However, when it comes to #cashdiscount programs, there tends to be some #confusion around how it actually works. Cash Discount Programs can help #lowerfees for both the merchant and their customer. Read up on this topic and decide if this program is right for you! #cashprogram #reducefees #merchantservices #learntosave

The World Savings Day is an annual event designed to raise awareness on the importance of savings as a path to financial empowerment. The event is expected to increase the levels of financial literacy and financial inclusion, especially among the unbanked and underbanked populace globally, while it ultimately culminates in a stable and sound financial system and positive economic environment. .
#ForTeensAfrica #worldsavingday #Savings #TeensAfrica #Teens #Learntosave #Piggybank

Make saving money a game! Here's a fun way to save $1,000 in 2018. You decide each week how much you'll save! Looks like fun! #intentionalsaving

Naexperience mo na ba ung , may bago ka nga na cellphone ngaung christmas, pero feeling mo na wala naman talaga nag bago sa buhay mo? So , san mo naman gagastusin ngayon ang 13th month mo?
#dailytips #13thmonthpay #christmasbonus #priority #wantsvsneeds #payyourdebtsfirst #learntosave #learntoinvest

Of course in some cases, it's more of a "you pay for what you get" type of situation, and shelling out a few extra bucks for name brand products is well worth it. However, in many cases, the generic or store brand is just as good or better!!!
💰💰💰💰💰 #inexspenceive
#cvscouponing #publixcouponing #targetcouponing #wags #target #walmart #cvs #couponingcommunity #couponing #couponing101 #savingmoney #shoppingtime #onlineshopping #sales #discountshopping #learntocoupon #budgetingtips
#learntosave #ShoppingOnABudget

So nice of my sis-in-law @rfhrzqhh to layan (entertain) my macam-macam (many) requests. She came over earlier today to customise these name cards for my HAAH coz i wanted to DIY piggy banks for them. She handpainted the watercolour background and did the calligraphy for their names. Talented and at such a young age. 👏🏻Thanks for doing this for my HAAH!!!

#Borrowing can mean to receive something from someone temporarily, expecting to return it at a particular time.
Borrowing can be #Financial or #material, I'll speak on both but focus more on financial.
Why do you borrow money?
#Money can be borrowed from #Family, #Friends, #Acquaintances, #Colleagues but it still means one thing, you're a borrower.
For someone not to borrow, it requires #discipline and that means you have to talk to yourself.
What exactly are you borrowing money for?
#Food? #Phones? #Asoebi
#Transportation to work?
#Makeup? What exactly is it that can't wait until you get your monthly pay?
What do you think people that lend you money will think about you?
I will not stay here and say I have never borrowed money but I know what I went through and how it made me feel.
When you get your #salary, write down all your basic needs.
Take out your
*#Tithe and #offering for the month
*Feeding and transportation
*Miscellaneous expenses
*Savings (Even if you earn N20000)
If you have challenge with saving money, it's either you - Join a contribution (Adasi) - Get a trusted person(to avoid stories that touch the heart) to help you by giving the person a particular amount and instruct the person not to give you till the stipulated time. - Get the piggy bank app ( @piggybankng ) or - Get the local piggy bank.
But when you borrow money, whether you like it or not, it kind of now becomes a habit and that's very bad and people begin to have an impression about you.
Learn to #LiveWithinYourMeans, don't buy things that you know you can't afford, don't try to get excessively expensive things because your friend or a particular celebrity has it. It's not a bad thing to admire something and even wish for it, but if you can't afford it, let it go.
You alone know what you're going through, you alone know what you earn so please don't go out of your way to make any one happy!
If you can't afford to give anyone money, don't!
Whatever will make you go broke before the next income arrives, try to avoid it.
I'm not saying be an Akagum (Stingy person).
#Mosiwomeka #Facts #DoNotBorrow #LearnToSave #DoNotBeALiability

It is so important to educate next generation about foods, where they are from, how to preserve fresh, and eat healthy 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

#Repost @modernsimplicity (@get_repost)
When your meal prep kit is so cool your family actually wants to help seal, pack and package meal preps! Boys and their toys❤️ October save over $100 on @prepsealer 3 in 1, food sealer, vacuum and air blender magic Maxine. Use code “stephfit” #mealprep #mealplans #mealp101 #mealplan #cleaneats #cleaneating #prepsealer #prepsealerlofaho #workhard #familymatters #healthylifestyle #savethefood #nofoodwasted #reducedfoodwaste #educatekids #learntosave #foodtank #keepfresh #eatwell #foodstorage #bestcontainer #mealprepkit #ezmeals #homecooking

People underestimate the importance of not just growing their savings but themselves as well. For instance today I worked on my clothing line, changed the oil in both cars, detailed them and repaired a chainsaw that to replace would be $160. Will all of that saved today I can now invest that into my favorite ETF, BDC, or REIT. So instead of spending that money, it can now make money. Growing as a person can also grow your savings and investments. Never stop learning.

#skills #lifeskills #learn #save #investment #fitnessandfinances #grow #savings #investing #learntosave

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