And one day she discovered she was fierce, and strong, and full of fire, and that not even she could hold herself back because her passion burned brighter than her fears. 🔥 #learntoloveyourself #insideandoutsideyourskin

" Humble enough to know that I've got a ton of flaws, but wise enough to know that my heart is pure and my soul is as dope as they come. " 🔥

#foodforthought #wordporn #lessons #lifeisbeautiful #youarebeautiful #learntoloveyourself

Looking for 20 more women to join my Girls that Eat Group June 4 #GIRLSTHATEAT ❌no food restrictions ❌no counting calories ❌no portioning food
❌no dieting ✅learn to ENJOY summer while loosing weight
✅learn to read labels and how to grocery shop smart
✅learn to OVERCOME emotion and over eating ✅create a healthy relationship with food ✅create a MAINTAINABLE lifestyle
Drop a food emoji below to save YOUR spot🍓🌮

Ok so one of the bravest pics I’m ever going to share actually bought me to tears a little that I’ve been brave enough to share it with you!! So here are my rolls and this is what I try to hide even in clothes when I’m sat down! I don’t want to hide anymore I want to wear tighter fitting clothes instead of hiding under baggy sweaters!! I hate how society says that just because you are big you should cover up! Fuck it I’ll wear what I bloody well want this summer and if you don’t like it don’t look #sticksandstones #lovetheskinyourein #learntoloveyourself #skin2skin #curves #stretchmarks #embraceyourbeauty

I'm so guilty at not feeling good enough as a parent.
I had some really horrible comments about acorns skin the other day- apparently a skin condition determines what type of parent you are, or how good you are at it.
It completely crushed me. I really struggle with confidence and anxiety as it is. Just let people be.
Let's be honest- no one has an insta style life. I'm far from perfect. I ate a grab bag of bacon rashers with my cuppa for breakfast as I was too exhausted after an early start. I like pjs all day. No make up & hair in a bun. I have so much washing and tidying to do..
Parenting isn't easy, we are all learning on the job- one thing we do know: is just how bloody hard it can be. Support and love each other. Don't tear people down for the sake of it, this world can be too dark as it is.
#foodforthought #thoughtoftheday #love #positivity #beabetterperson #yourethebestmum #yourbaby #yourparentingstyle #beyourself #talkingout #mummyblogger #mummybloggeruk #pnd #anxiety #learntoloveyourself #lovelovelove

Self care tip - surround yourself with pretty things. I just got my dreamcatcher delivered from Ebay and immediately hung it on the wall. I love looking at It, let's hope it produces good vibes 😊 I don't know about nightmares but I did have a weird dream last night about being asked out by a guy who used to bully me (who I was never and still am not attracted to) 😅😅 don't know if that counts as a bad dream or not! What's the weirdest dream you've ever had?
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Oh right, I thought I was still #chubby AF!
Can we talk #selfperception for a second?
What is the deal with our #brains 🤔?
Apparently it does not just automatically accept the changes to our physical appearance 😳
So I went shopping, of course I had my daughter with me, so trying anything on was not really realistic 😆
I have been shopping this way for years, where I just hold it up, or against me, eyeball it, and then decide if it is a good purchase or not. #legit strategy 👊
When I bought this shirt I knew that my body had changed physically, but for some reason I still perceived myself as an extra large, or a size 14. 🙈
#effedup right?
Why is it that even though we have solid evidence that we have made progress, we can't seem to see it? 👀 ••••
Or maybe we just can't see how much?
Or maybe the message gets mixed up somewhere between the brain and the eyes?
Or maybe we feel guilty for feeling good about our accomplishment so we subconsciously sabotage it by denial?
That sounds crazy, but not THAT crazy. ••••
I'm sure this all stems from a long history of hating my body and honestly I am working on it. #loveyourbody •••
Maybe one day I will be that cat that looks in the mirror and sees a lion, but for now my brain is as much a work in progress as my body, probably even more. ••••
I'm going to keep this shirt cuz it's #comfortable AF

#selfacceptance is hard

Everything will workout.
Things will get better.
You are important.
You are worthy of great things.
You are lovable.
The time is now.
This too, shall pass.
You can be who you really are.
The best is yet to come.
You are strong.
You can do this.
We believe what we tell ourselves. Start being nice to you😘

For 26 years I’ve had to face the fact that my relationship with stairs and ramps is something inevitable. As much as I detest walking up,down or on them, it’s apart of an amputees life to tackle the fear of falling & people staring as I hop down from one stair to another or swing my leg around down a ramp. Most people don’t think about such insignificant steps in life, but for me they have been the most embarrassing. I constantly tell my friends/family/boyfriend to walk behind me as I go up or down steps to cover me if there’s people around. I’ve coped with the idea that staring eyes are simply curious eyes but ramps and stairs always crushed my confidence.
Well peopleee ✨LOOK AT ME NOW✨ With my brand new prosthetic I can walk down ramps and stairs with both knees bend relying completely on my prosthetic! Technology amazes me! The impact this have on my life both socially and physically has sky rocketed! THIS IS CRAZYYYYYY! I am mind blown that I can now officially walk with my head high without hiding in front of anyone! I still need to practice A LOTTT. It’s very difficult putting all my weight on something FAKE, TRUSTING it won’t collapse on me. Its probably going to take me a couple months, heck, this is a totally new movement my body has never felt BUT it’s a game changer!
BRING ON THE STAIRS AND RAMPS! P.s: i still have to go up stairs one leg at a time, that leg was toooo expensive lmao! :: Please ignore the horrendous hospital shorts that make my butt look hideous 😂 #ampstrong #ampproud #selflove
#learningeachstep #onestepatatime #icaniwill #BLESSED #icandoanythingwiththelordbymyside #akamp #prosthetic
#learntoloveyourself #learntolove
#trust #amputee #ampchallenges #dailydose #mylifestruggles #imready

My dreams are truly to help other women realize there is time for them. I want to help them realize it isn’t about “getting your body back” after you have your precious little ones. As a momma, your life shouldn’t be consumed with trying to make your body look a way it can’t possibly look again. What I hope to help them realize is you can learn to love that body you have now.
I will truly never look the same. I have the loose skin, and the stretch marks. For me it isn’t about being “skinny” or trying to get rid of that loose skin. For me it is about being strong, it is about being healthy, and it is about loving myself for the true warrior that I am. It’s about teaching my family how to be healthy. For me it isn’t about being skinny, but it is about fighting off all the diseases I can for myself and my family because in my house that is my job.
Mommas, you created life and maybe more than once. You are truly incredible, and your precious babes couldn’t be here without you. Your body created a life, and because of that you might be left with some sweet reminders. Learn to love it. Learn to love all the perfect imperfections who make you exactly who you are 💖.

My legs look good. The biggest reason why is because secretly I'm standing sumo..but you can't tell. Right? You also cant tell they are shakey as hell right? Looking forward to tomorrow's deadlift day. Gonna crush crush it. •

#learntoloveyourself #dailygrind #dailychallenge #workhard #thickthighssavelives #thickwomen #strongwomen #girlswhopowerlift #selfie #powerlifting #gymselfie

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