Blackthorn - tough to carve but beautiful colour. Sadly the red hues fade somewhat over time and take on more brown tones with just a hint of red.

Just two places left on my course for beginners and improvers next Sunday near Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England. Cost is just £70 for the day. We make a butter spreader and a cooking/serving spoon and you'll learn how to carve safely with axe, knife and hook knife. For details and booking see www.davecockcroft.com/courses link is in my profile.

Course reviews at www.davecockcroft.com/reviews "What a delightful way to spend a day.

I loved this course and came away with my first spoon and some very clearly taught skills to continue. Highly recommended and a delightful way to spend a day." "What an excellent teacher – a really interesting and enjoyable day – and a new, immense respect for quality wood carving! (I’m also really pleased with my ‘rustic’ butter knife!!)"

Sunbathing spoonies. Freshly oiled spoons roasting in the summer sun. I used a thin coat of hemp seed oil and accelerate the drying with natural light. After an hour is so I'll flip them over and dry the other side.

Stubby scoopy spoon thing from the heap of random pieces in my last post. Rather cute I think.

Roughly speaking, a batch of variously shaped Cotinus spoons. Split out and axed from almost my last curved and knotty section if the shrubbery that was crushed by winter snow. It's still green and carving nicely after several months stored in the shade.

Each of these spoons will be different as each piece of wood is different. Slow work done by hand and eye, time consuming but worth it (I hope).

There's just a couple of places left on this month's spoon carving courses. Sat 21st is fully booked but space on Sun 22nd.
Details and booking at www.davecockcroft.com (link in my profile) - the day costs £70, bring a packed lunch. Teas and coffee, biscuits and flapjack provided.

This one day course is designed for beginners and improvers. It will give you a foundation in safe carving techniques using an axe, knife and hook knife. During the day you'll make a butter knife or spreader and a cooking or serving spoon.
Set in rural Gloucestershire at my workshop on an organic farm. The perfect place to enjoy a relaxing day in the spoon zone!

Repost from @hh.woodcraft Highly recommended site for spooncarvers - really great videos! #learntocarve
Fantastic work @barnthespoon @tom_hepworth ! #woodculturerenaissance #learnfromvideos #therealdeal

Handles are a bit of an obsession these days. They need to be comfortable to hold, yet interesting to hold. Pleasing to look at and practical to use. Here's a few I carved this afternoon in a shady corner.

Different wood types give different finishes. Not only the finish but also the way you have to treat and work with it. Some do keep moving even after years.
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All set up for my last carving class for a month or so. I've been a little quiet on here lately but there are some (exciting) changes in the works!

9 bent wood spoons cleft from a single curved piece of Cotinus (Smoke Bush / Venetian Sumac). Rather pleased with no. 8 and 9... saved a couple of nice pieces til last.

Curious on how a work of architecture or design goes from concept to completion? Learn to put your fingerprint in stone using digital software and cutting-edge robotic CNC technology in our upcoming workshops. Click the link in our bio to find out more.

And then there were seven... A magnificent seven (I hope). Number 7 needs a little more work but it got too dark this evening. Hope to complete the last two tomorrow morning to make the full set of 9 cleft from one curved 8 inch piece of Cotinus wood. See my previous posts for more on this project.

Saute spoon blanks prepped for today's carving class. Can't wait to see what my students create!

No. 4 & 5 from the Cotinus (Smoke Bush, Venetian Sumac) crook. A leftie and a knotty handle.

See previous posts for the context. 9 blanks cleft from one crook (bend in the wood) being turned into 9 unique spoons.

9 blanks cleft from one crook. Going to go with the grain to make a family of bendy eating spoons. First 2 at the top there and in my previous post.

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Cawl Spoon. This one will have a fancy chip carved handle when it's dried.
Nice to carve some sycamore again. I thought my stock had all gone hard or discoloured but managed to find a piece for a few cawl spoons.

For those who don't know cawl is a Welsh stew, the staple fare of country folk back in the day. A liquid soup often served in a communal vessel requiring a ladle like spoon to scoop up the cawl and slurp from.

Ebonised handle test on the golden Cotinus wood. I noticed previously this wood reacts nicely to iron wool dissolved in cider vinegar. I've got a few of these carved and some will be getting the ebonised handle treatment. Some have very striking grain patterns and will be left nude.
The black isn't as dark as the second photo looks, the third is closer to the final look (before it's oiled). The grain patterns are visible through the staining.

There you go. Finished off my Wille Sundqvist tribute spoon. Swipe to second pic for chip carving detail inspired by images from Swedish Carving Techniques. Used cinnamon for the colour.

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