Today's Tarot Card : 7 Pentacles
The Seven of Pentacles indicates that you have been working very hard and it will soon start to pay off. This Minor Arcana card means that things are coming to fruition so you can expect results when it appears in your Tarot Spread. It is a very welcome card if you have been persevering with a situation or task and have felt like you’re getting nowhere, as it tells you success is just around the corner! Whatever you have been putting your energy, you will start to reap the rewards. It can also signify being at a crossroads in terms of which life direction to take or needing to take stock of things and make a decision. The Seven of Pentacles can represent manifestation of ideas, ambitions or goals so now is a great time to focus on what you want to achieve and make it happen. It is also a card of harvesting, cultivation, growing, planning, patience and finishing what you started.
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Message from "Divine Package"
Queen of Wands:
You are born leader but you have to disciplined your life first than others. Be boss where needed otherwise you will create boredom in your life. Maybe whatever you are doing for others benefits but people find you adamant and bossy. You have charm and lot of attraction. People are easily attracted towards you. Be the centre of attraction but don't be victim. Use your intelligence wisely. Be diplomatic and keep things in your control. Take a note of your dreams and feel free to express without hurting others. Be strong and use your abilities. You have strong intellectual qualities and knows what will be the best. It's time to reach on high level as you already crossed the hurdles. Keep yourself protected as many will be envious and will try to pull you down.

Keep dreaming!💕🖤✨

✨🌱👁REVEAL👁🌱✨ Good evening my little seedlings 🙌 Let’s see what advice the tarot deck has for us this week! *
Card One (8 of Pentacles rx): You may not be getting the desired outcome of something you’ve been toiling away at. This card suggest that you’re giving efforts to the wrong parts of your life and to turn your attention on the bigger picture - study your daily routine, pinpoint where you can make minor tweaks and try something outside of the box to dig yourself out of this rut 🌱 *
Card Two (Knight of Pentacles): You may not be on the most exciting journey right at this moment, but the conservative approach to your daily routine is bringing you closer to reaching your goals. You’re on the right path! Stick to your daily grind and refuse to resist change - you will eventually obtain the success you seek🌱 *
Card Three (The Devil rx): You’ve been noticing an increasing desire of freedom from something tying you down (ex: unhealthy relationships, financial debt, unproductive careers, lifestyle addictions, etc.) It won’t be an easy journey, you must be willing to accept and implement changes 👍 Start by conducting an audit of your life and write a list of things/people harmful to you and your inner peace 🌱 *
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Hey everyone! My friend @erleichdatarot and I have been working on a new website together. Check it out:
We're going to have our first Tarot Party event next Saturday in Salem!! .
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My office. I am manifesting a 5 bedroom house so I can separate my sleep and work space. Don't know if to take a nap or study

Made a few changes to my YouTube. I'm a 5 life path so I change things up often. I'm learning to accept that. Who knows what I'll do next week. Lol. Check me out though. Like, share comment on this week's Tarotscope. Link is in my bio

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Card of the Day Knight of cups ♥️
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Finding My Wings
We all possess a spirited desire to communicate with other existential planes and dimensions, whether it be at the front of your mind in daily meditation or deep inside your subconscious. We choose whether to acknowledge it🍃
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I wrote a tarot spread inspired by my favorite podcast and my favorite podcast community, @wineandcrimepod! It’s three (hilarious) friends who chug wine, chat true crime, and unleash their worst Minnesotan accents and the community that’s arisen around them is filled with brilliant, hilarious, and wildly supportive folks. All of the card positions were inspired by some of the catch phrases that have developed, and if you aren’t already listening, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?? They’re seriously wonderful.

COTW: Five of Pentacles!

Four weeks ago, the Five of Pentacles appeared in the reversed position. Now, it's in the upright position and I've got a funny feeling it means it's time for you to take what you learned in the week of April 16, and use those lessons to help someone else who is in need.
Everything you learned about having a poverty mindset and feeling a sense of 'lack' when it came to your finances, you can now share with someone else in your life who is going through a similar situation. If you hear a friend or loved one saying, "I can't afford it!" you can reach out to them and ask, "Is that really so? I used to think that way too, but now I know it doesn't really work that way…" Share your experience and what you learned, and offer help and support to your loved one if they are going through the same thing.
And in the process, this is a good opportunity to check in with yourself and make sure you've cleared out any old beliefs about not having enough, or being left out in the cold. You don't have to live life that way. There is always enough.
Deck: Radiant Rider-Waite

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Inner Revealings Tarot is a weekly opportunity to consult the cards for a set of questions with which to practice Self Inquiry. Each Sunday, 4 cards will open a door to deeper self-knowledge. All that’s needed is a journal, tea and some quiet time to reflect and dive in.
Please feel free to share insights and thoughts below.
NOTE: Thursdays are #LearnTarot where we go over the meaning and symbolism for each card individually. And Sundays we post these Inner Revealing readings.  You can find all the posts for all things Tarot through the profile link.
4 Of Swords
2 Of Cups
8 Of Pentacles
Son (Knight) Of Swords
What internal stories of trust and distrust keep you from asking for help or support from those around you?
How could you use the support of others in your life right now?  From the smallest thing to the largest.
What are the strengths in your most intimate friendships and how do they sustain you?
Tarot Deck:  @The_Wild_Unknown
Tarot Card Holder by : @Your_Sacred_Life

[20 May] Queen of Swords from the Game of Thrones Tarot #QueenOfSwords #GameOfThronesTarot 
Keep your head high, and on your shoulders. Take the harsh decisions. #Strength #ToughDecisions
Today is going to be a tough day — you will be called upon to use your intellect over your heart and make tough decisions. Don't shy away from this — it in this process that you will discover a side of yourself which you may not have encountered before. Your logic will prevail and help you navigate the intricate ups and downs of the challenges that the day brings. Make the hard choices — you will be stronger for it.
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Life after coming to your tarot reader

Kind words after a reading #testimonial #kindwords

4 Tarot Reader Traits You Need to Know⠀
I Want a Tarot Reading. Whenever I hear or read that you want a tarot reading, or that you need a tarot reading, I wonder if you also think about the Tarot reader that you’re about to see. —⠀

Learn Tarot⠀
Learning to read tarot will give you the insight you need into any situation, help you understand your relationships, and let you take  helping others to a whole new level.⠀
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