good morning New York! 🌿 •

walking in Brooklyn this morning to the train i left a little extra time to look at all the greenery and flowers that are oh-so happy after all this rain. because even (especially) amongst the hustle of work in this city that never sleeps, you have to make time for slow living. •


"baby, you are the strongest flower that ever grew—remember that when the weather changes" —Cleo Wade
read this on the back of a book in the West Village last night and it spoke to my soul. of course i would glean a revelation from a line of poetry derived from nature.
but how important it is to remember our inherent strength and resilience in the face of all of the natural ups and downs of life. you have a light and a beauty within you during the lows and hardships of your life just as much as you do during the easy and joyful times. don't let a run of the mean reds get you down. things are always darkest before the dawn. ⋒☼❨

"water the plants" is always the final thing on my to-do list before i leave town.
i spent all day yesterday repotting all of my indoor plant bebes (the closest things i have to any semblance of a pet haha) and then slept with the window open last night (my absolute favorite sign that Spring is here for good) and i'm hoping all of the above is enough in the way of love and attention for them to thrive off of while i'm gone.
you might think i'm crazy but some of these little guys have been with me for years and i love them like the small little plant children they are. 🌱

i'm getting back to sharing vintage finds on @folkling more consistently and it's been really rewarding to share that side of myself again. it reminds me to have appreciation for what i have and speak and share not from a place of lack but of ⋒enough⋒. —⦾—⦾—⦾—
also, who says closets have to be for clothes? 🌱

Slow days in Croatia ♡
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Summer in Lancaster is oh so green. 🌿

There have been a few sunny days round these parts but not enough for our liking, so in 12 days (I'm counting!) me and Steve are off on an adventure, a well-deserved holiday. 😀

I love packing for trips so have started to put stuff to one side and dig out lots of holiday reading. I'm going to take a proper break so no phone, internet or social media for a whole week! I think it's just what I need! .
Happy Wednesday all! #morgannadesigns #morgannadesigns_life

would you just look at this wild haired beauty? she's been hanging in the window but i think she rather likes this vintage wooden pedestal i put her on for a @folkling photo.

also to the left is a ladder i made from driftwood i foraged from a tiny little island in Maine. literally kayaked it back to the mainland over several trips (and made @thewildcomposition help me...). the things i do to bring nature into my life...🌿


It's been a busy week covering @lancasteruni graduation and I don't have much energy left for anything other than a bath and another early night. I'm clinging on to Friday! ♡

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friday was a dream. went to visit @amysorganicgarden (the best booth at #southofthejames) with my sweet friend @thesownlife and got to know @shalomfarms a bit while we were at it!

currently eating the blueberries Amy let us pick and take home for breakfast this morning!

this visit was so very needed for me. it solidified so many things that are engrained in me and a part of who i am. reminded me of what it is that's important in my life and reawakened dreams i'd been letting sit dormant.
i love being outside so much. around things of the earth.
things that are adding to the benefit of our bodies and our society. people who work with their hands and are passionate about what they do. people who wear jeans and old tshirts and get dirty all day and don't wear makeup and who are always sun kissed—i feel at home here. these scenes echo so much to me what it is that makes my heart happy.
i want a life that has more of this.
i don't know what that looks like yet but i believe it's coming. •

what is it to not dwell on something that bears weight and importance in a part, but not the whole, of itself?
what is it to let go, discard, brush past, move away from, reject?
in the vein of ideas and actions and inward things—there's more of a definite line.
but what about tangible physical flesh-and-bone things?
what about our fellow man?
what is it to respect and acknowledge other beings when they are not doing the same in turn for you?
what is it to be dehumanized by another in the way of words and looks and touches and not return similar destructive actions?
what is it to acknowledge and point that out, fight against it, but not let it latch onto you and become a part of a narrative you tell yourself and others?
what is it to be both
vulnerable + hard
strong + soft?
what is it to be objectified and demeaned by a person and know whether or not to engage?
what is it to not want to return such degradation but warring with a response that will not exemplify, encourage or prolong their behavior?
i don't want to talk about the subjects of these things as much as i do.
i don't want to dwell on them anymore.
but what does it mean not to?
am i becoming a part of the problem by not doing so?
am i condoning such behavior?
by not acknowledging it?
by not dwelling on such things?


It feels like an age and a blink of an eye since the start of March. In some ways, the daily grind is an uphill struggle and in other ways, the weeks are flying by. .
I still have a lot of the same feelings of overwhelm as I did at the start of the month, but I'm pushing my comfort zone in all directions right now so whilst it's scary it's also massive progress. .
Tomorrow I need to pack for our long weekend in Vienna. I'm easing down to the end of the week so I have plenty of energy to explore all that Vienna has to offer! 😀 #agameoftones

these woods are lovely, dark and deep,
but i have promises to keep,
and miles to go before i sleep,
and miles to go before i sleep. —Robert Frost


sharing your story solidifies your direction. •
i've felt very introspective over these last few months. but sharing more with people in my life, and with you guys, has clarified many things for me as well as connected dots i wasn't even aware of that needed connecting.
the balance of sharing what is vulnerable, not intimate, in such spaces like this one is a struggle for me. i constantly wonder if i'm sharing too much of myself too freely and yet also not enough of myself too filtered. however i've had so many incredible conversations with so many of you the times i most war with defining that line it seems. which makes that scary edge all the more worth dancing on.
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tall green arms reaching for the sky,
dancing among themselves,
in the wind,
knocking their elbows,
a new favorite lullaby.

becoming the adoptive mother for unwanted plants has become an occupation i've been taking in stride.
if you have any greenery you feel unable to care for or give proper attention to—send them my way friends!
thank you Annie for the new plant babies. they will be cared for most attentively. 🌿
#plantmamadiaries | #learningtoletalittlegreenintomylife

| 'a little progress each day adds up to big results'
This is my mantra at the moment to stay focused on my goals and keep making progress. When every day is really busy and everyone and everything is fighting for your attention you have to find small pockets of time to focus on your goal for the day.
This evening I finally got back to learning Lightroom with @kimklassen's wonderful Lightroom Essentials online course and edited some more photos from my blissful Christmas break. It feels good to reset the balance before bed.
What are you proud of today? 🌾 #lifecapturedproject

first day of #30daysofslowliving was a challenge—wouldn't you know it?
i have two huge projects i've been working on around the clock (more on these soon!) and it's left my brain a little bit fried. contrary to my past self, i'm not one who's prone to stress. however i've been feeling it's scratchy heavy fingers reaching for me these last few days and i've had to be more deliberate at batting them away.

stepping away from my computer and doing something other than work has been hard for me these last 48 hours. i've managed to maintain my routine of daily yoga and reading but i knew those didn't really count for me and i needed to do something extra.
so i went for a walk at dusk and stopped to play with some lavender along the way.
it was less than an hour but it was perfect for refreshing myself before heading back to my computer.
by the looks of it a lot of you turned to nature as your introduction into the 30 day challenge! which i think is so fitting. nature is the most powerful element to implement into a slower lifestyle. it's always there, beckoning us back to our roots, our inherent selves that were born to live out in it. it was made for us after all. i hope that in the next 30 days you can get back to nature in some form or another—even if you're a city dweller like me. 🌿

#30daysofslowliving | #theartofslowliving | #getoutside | #stopandsmellthelavender | #learningtoletalittlegreenintomylife

everything in nature invites us constantly to be what we are. —Gretel Ehrlich
a peek from the archives of @wild_and_wayward's dreamy flower farm. because i am feelin those rainy PNW vibes today.

| In-between times
I'm loving these days in-between Christmas and New Year for resting and preparing for the year ahead. .
Today me and Steve had an afternoon walk in the winter sunshine. I also spent some time setting up my photo library filing system for 2017. .
These days are blissful and brief. Hope you're all enjoying the in-between x ❄ #slowlived

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