What do we have here? @moderntimesbeer Times " Mortal Cloak" Such a beautiful juice bomb with some spice dry finish. Leaves you wanting more at 8.5% such a dangerous beer.

Got my hands on a rare find today. Central Coast Brewing Company winner of 3 GABF awards. From SLO with no distro. "Passion Fruit Gose" perfect for this hot weather.

Take a look and see if your favorite brewery is owned by a giant corporation. 🍻 Drinkmore local Bay Area Beers. (Barebottle, Fieldwork, Strike etc). Also were working on getting access to some mind blowing beer from a special brewery. Keep your eyes peeled on our page for an update.

Can’t wait to start the pointers book but first learn some basic C 🎉😍 #loveit #cantgetenough #learnforfun #learntocode #womenintech #girlswhocode #c #cprogramming #summerbreak #pointerfun

Alpha Acid "Nimbus Nectar". Nimbus Nectar” - 7% ABV - Website describes this beer as having Juicy hop notes of citrus, peach, honeydew float upon a fluffy cloud of barley and oats. I would disagree with the juicy hop notes. Its more like a one fruit dominated flavor of Pinnaple puree. Honeydew and peach you really have to search for it. The ABV was really well integrated and had a pleasant finish. The one thing it did have me wanting more was the ridiculous super soft mouthfeel. Like having a bed of marshmallow. I rated it overal a decent N.E. IPA 3.5 rating on untapped.

This just arrived Golden State Warrior Fans.

New fresh Hazy cans in stock today. Limited supply of "Word on the street" @hmbbrewingco $5 each NO LIMITS!! Freshness date..This bad boy was canned 2 DAYS AGO 😀. 7.1%abv, Citra, Simcoe, Ekuanot, & Denali Hops bursting with super fresh tropical fruit juice to the 🤯 with that super fresh west coast dankness on the finish. Come get your craft beer on 🍻.

We have something special on tap. A collaboration between two craft beer powerhouses, "Pizza Port & Stone" just in time for the weekend.

Ryan and Isaac during their 2nd ukulele class with the ever patient teacher Addy, thank you @addymoz for being our ukulele teacher! #musicclasses #kelasmuzik #kelasukulele #learnforfun #playforfun #ttdi #tamantundrismail #damansara #desaparkcity #srihartamas #montkiara

Got my hands on a fresh delivery of Revision "Mystic Topaz". Been awhile since ive had much beer. Been hitting the gym 💪 work off those empty beer calories. This NE Style Hazy comes in at 7% ABV although you wouldnt know it. Alcohol is well hidden. It has that typical Revision super soft mouthfeel with somewhat of a thicker coating. Has a sharp steely finish with rapid lose of fruit flavors. All the tropical fruit is up front then falls off rapidly to a pithyness astringent finish. Its an unbalanced beer. By Revision standards this is definitely on the lower side of quality standards. The can art however continues to exceed expectations and continues to captivate craft seeking consumers. Rate 3 out of 5. A decent hazy IPA but left little to be desired. 🍻

Tap Takeover Alert 🚨! NEW GLORY BREWERY. Join us in celebration for Silicon Valley Beer Week Thursday July 26th 4pm. One of the most sought after breweries in California. New Glory is representing Sacramento crafting some of the best juicy IPA's, complex Porters, cleanest thirst quenching Ales. Beer list TBA.

Goreng pisang cheese oreo 🧀😍
#karkeephoto #myphoto #learnforfun #mynewhobby

Goreng pisang cheese 🧀😋
#karkeephoto #myphoto #learnforfun #mynewhobby

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