Changing a learned behaviour: .

I’m going to use my dog Cocoa for an example: .

We have been attending dog training classes. Unknowingly I had taught Cocoa that it was ok to beg. .

Every time she sat under the table when I was eating my dinner, I couldn’t resist how cute she was and gave her something. .

Cocoa grew to believe that begging was rewarding and continued to do this every day. .

I had to teach Cocoa that begging was not rewarding but that lying in her bed quietly was. .

This took a lot of trial and error. Cocoa couldn’t understand why she was not getting a treat by sitting under the table anymore. But I was persistent with her. Putting her back to bed every time she came back to the table and rewarding her after meals were finished. .

Let’s say you have a learned behaviour that is preventing you from getting your reward (your desired results). .

Maybe every time you have a long stressful day at work, you come home and pour a glass of wine.

Or maybe when you hit that 3,o’ clock slump you reach straight for something sweet and sugary. .

Or maybe every time you look in the mirror you automatically pinpoint something you hate about yourself. .

The more we do these things, the more likely it will become a habit that is hard to shake. .

To start to break them and create a new learned behaviour we have to first recognise what it is we are doing that is preventing us from moving forward. .

Then make a plan and take action! .

What learned behaviours do you need to change? Comment below. .

Oh and Cocoa past her training 😉
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Even when you think they’re not listening to a thing you say, they are learning from you by watching that your actions match your words. What you “DO” speak so loudly... #bethechangeyouwanttoseeintheworld

“We learn to abandon our own internal guidance system if doing so means we ensure our connection (survival) to those we are relationally dependent upon in childhood. Finding our way back to our personal truth means allowing ourselves to feel our emotions fully and be present with them. In doing this we begin to
re-familiarize ourselves with the aspects we have been cut off from. (This includes positive emotions too).” -Rowan Garlow

“Ignorance of each other is what had made unity impossible in the past. Therefore we need enlightenment. We need more light about each other. Light creates understanding, understanding creates love, love creates patience, and patience creates unity. Once we have more knowledge (light) about each other, we will stop condemning each other & a United front will be brought about.” —MalcolmX
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True story. Don’t come to my house unannounced/uninvited. #alwaysonpoint #situationalawareness #wedontwantany #whoisit #learnedbehavior #thankspops

-that's what makes you beautiful

So we've all heard that One Direction song #whatmakesyoubeautiful probably like a million times but I heard it the other day and I couldn't help thinking about how #music and a lot of #media romanticizes the #beautiful but #humble woman. She's #modest and unaware of how #pretty she is or she doesn't think she is pretty because she's been #taught to view herself and #her #body in a very warped way and this is an #ideal #archetype for a woman. Pretty but easy to handle because she doesn't think highly of herself yet its totally ok for men to have an ego. I say be proud of every part of yourself. That should be an ideal woman.
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Today's workout in the garage in 94 degree heat...oh yeah!! I love the heat🔥and it's not even summer yet! Any way...babygirl is learning and wanting to get her workout in too while she eats a popsicle. Lol #accountability #motivation #getsome #heatattack #dontstop #pushyourself #inspiration #workoutmotivation #workout #lovemesomethem #beactive #familytime #learnedbehavior #theirinspiration #momlife #weightlossinspo #keepitup

Hii👋🏾Family❣️Be the change we want to see...
Child development is set by the examples of adults, siblings and people the child is amongst. Learned behavior shapes how children interact socially.

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JEREMIAH 23:19-40
Behold, the storm of HASHEM: A fury shall go forth; a tempest shall seek rest; it will rest upon the head of the wicked. HASHEM wrath will not recede until He has accomplished it and upheld the plans of His heart. In the end of days you will have an understanding of it. I did not send those prophets, yet they ran,: I did not speak to them, yet they prophesied. If they were exposed to My mystery, let them proclaim My words to My people and bring them back from their evil way and from the wickedness of their deeds. Am I a God [only] from nearby --- says HASHEM --- and not a God from afar? Can a man hide in concealments and that I not see him? --- the word of HASHEM! Do I not fill the heaven and the earth? --- the word of HASHEM. I have heard what is said by the prophets who prophesy falsely in My Name, saying: I had a dream! I had a dream! How long! Is anything in the heart of the prophets who prophesy falsehood, the prophets of their heart's deceit, who think to make My people forget My Name through their dreams that they tell each other, just as their fathers forgot My Name through [worshiping] Baal. The prophet with a dream tells [his] dream, but the one with My word speaks My word of truth. How can the chaff compare to the kernel?--- the word of HASHEM. Behold, My word is like fire--- the word of HASHEM --- and like a hammer that shatters a rock. Therefore, behold I am [acting] against the prophets--- the word of HASHEM--- who steal My word, one from the other. Behold I am [acting] against the prophets--- the word of HASHEM--- who train their tongues and deliver an oration. Behold, I am [acting] against those who prophesy with false dreams--- says HASHEM--- who tell them and mislead My people with their lies and with flippancy. I did not send them nor command them. They were of no benefit to this people--- the word of HASHEM.
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I wonder where these kids learned to curse like this ?????? Wait for it
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