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the theme won't last but oh well it's cute 🎄🎁
#CoronationStreet's #LeanneBattersby's shock is obvious as her little sister suddenly appears looking distressed and downbeat.
#ToyahBattersby, played by #GeorgiaTaylor, appears to be settling back into the street fine but it all goes wrong after her husband #Tony turns up.
Despite her infidelity, #Tony is desperate to get his wife back and makes a scene while begging her to return to him.
In desperation, he even suggests trying for a baby to help them overcome their marriage problems but #ToyahBattersby is having none of it.

Toyah calls at Nick's flat, but she's taken aback to find her husband Toby there.▪️
He begs Toyah to give their marriage another chance, but Toyah is adamant it's over between them.▫️
When Toby has gone Leanne reveals she's got a terrible headache and Toyah calls the hospital.▪️
Meanwhile, Bethany wakes up to find herself in hospital.▪️
Having returned home, Bethany confesses to Sarah how she fell in love with Gary and is totally ashamed.▫️
Sarah's heart breaks for her troubled daughter, but how can she help?▪️
Elsewhere, Mary gets an unexpected offer.▪️
Also today, as Kevin helps Anna, Gary and Faye to move their things into Number 13, Eileen approaches and suggests they bury the hatchet.▫️
Will the agree?▪️
Finally, a loved-up Peter is aware that today is the day he must break the news of his relationship to the street.▫️
#corrienation #corrie #coronationstreet #nicktilsley #leannebattersby @coronationstreet

Who likes Leanne and Steve together?🙋🏽 #coronationstreet #stevemcdonald #leannebattersby


Leanne Battersby will reach breaking point over her stepson Simon's abusive behaviour next week.

Viewers have seen Simon abusing Leanne for months, but in upcoming scenes she will realise that things can't go on as they are, after she nearly lashes out at him amid another violent row.

Leanne's problems with Simon will go from bad to worse when he returns to Weatherfield after staying with his father Peter.

Leanne is horrified when she realises the word 'whore' has been spray-painted on the wall at the Bistro, and immediately suspects Simon is behind it. However, when she confronts him, he gives her a torrent of abuse over her infertility and incompetence as a mother.

Pushed to the edge, Leanne finds herself nearly hitting Simon when he lashes out at her again, and decides that she needs to take action before things go too far.

Jane Danson, who plays Leanne, said: "She has managed to paper over the cracks for a few weeks but then Simon comes back to Weatherfield and his behaviour soon becomes quite acerbic again. "He really hits a nerve and pushes all her buttons when he's throwing cruel things at her about not having any more children. It's just too much for her. "Leanne goes to hit him back when he sort of swings for her a little bit and then Simon becomes scared. Leanne then realises she needs help and it's the point where she really realises she can't cope alone." Leanne eventually confides in Ken, who agrees to have Simon stay with him for a while.

However, with Simon furious with her over the new living arrangements, Leanne starts to wonder whether she can actually follow through with her decision.

Danson continued: "Leanne thinks that perhaps being with Peter hasn't been great for Simon because he's not a brilliant father to him, so that's possibly made him worse. Ken is the better role model and a male influence so Leanne thinks this might be the only way forward.
#Corrie #CorrieSpoilers #LeanneBattersby #SimonBarlow

What a lovely photo of Jane Danson (Leanne) and Tisha Merry (Steph) who are spotted out together last night in Manchester! 🎃💙😍💗 #corrie #janedanson #tishamerry #leannebattersby #stephbritton

Eva and Toyah's feud!

Eva and Toyah both battle for Leanne's attention neither pleased at each other existence and start trying to annoy each other!

First Toyah takes all the credit for Eva's ideas for Leanne's baby shower which angers Eva!

When Liz tells Eva to inform Toyah about her trail shift at the pub Eva says she will but never does!

When Liz becomes angry with Toyah and reveals she told Eva to tell her Toyah goes to confront Eva!

Will they make up or is the tension to strong? |#coronationstreet #leannebattersby #toyahbattersby #evaprice #lizmcdonald|

After Tracy’s scheming cost him his business, Nick’s life started to spiral downwards. But he’s recovered his fighting spirit recently and wants revenge on Robert, who now holds the reins at the bistro. Sure enough, it’s not long before Robert is having his collar felt by the police – and Nick is looking rather smug. But fed up Leanne just wants to see an end to the bitter feud…
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Leanne is appalled when Nick makes it clear to his rival that he is determined to put him out of business.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Later, when the police arrest Robert, Nick looks on with barely disguised glee. Afterwards they finally split the business 50-50 placing Leanne as manager! #coronationstreet#RobertPreston#NickTisley#LeanneBattersby


Tonight’s Episode saw Will’s Finale Battle as he trapped Michelle in terrifying scenes & pushed Leanne down his flight of stairs. Luckily, Steve came in after seeing Michelle and Will in the window, came up and punched his lights out, literally... as he went unconscious. “Will” will now be charged and Leanne is now recovering after her injury’s. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
Plus: Somebody begins to watch Bethany Platt on her happiness day in ages. Who is it? And what do they want? ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
#Corrie #CoronationStreet #ITV #ITVStudios #SteveMcDonald #LeanneBattersby

Coronation Street Spoiler Alert! Will Leanne make it out of Will's house in time? Exclusively photographed forRadio Times by @richardgrassie #corrie #coronationstreet #janedanson as #leannebattersby @leon.ockenden #kymmarsh #itv

Leanne and Steve help Michelle get evidence to prove Will is her stalker.▪
Forming a plan, Michelle steals Will's keys and gives them to Steve.▫
He and Leanne then search his house while Michelle keeps Will busy.▪
Meanwhile, Audrey offers Bethany an apprenticeship as a beautician.▫
However, Bethany isn't sure she has what it takes.▪
#corrie #coronationstreet #corrienation #leannebattersby #janedanson #stevemcdonald #simongregson #audreyroberts #suenicholls #sarahplatt #tinaobrien #bethanyplatt #lucyfallon

This scene killed me 😭. I tried my hardest to get the exact words right 💗. @mskmarsh1
#coronationstreet #michelleconnor #kymmarsh #leannebattersby #janedanson

Will Eva become Mrs Connor, or has Maria's plan worked?▪
Meanwhile, after another row with Leanne, Will comforts Michelle and takes her back to his place.▫
Also, Gemma assures Rita that she'll be by her side.▪
Finally, Colin looks around The Kabin.▫
#coronationstreet #corrie #corrienation #willchatterton #leannebattersby #michelleconnor

Ava was celeb spotting in #johnlewis . Distracted by #leannebattersby in the cafe with a face full of sandwich #celebspotting #blw #nosybaby #soapstar

#1 Corrie fan #leannebattersby

Coronation street spoilers !!! Next week Toyah and peters surrogate Jacque comes to the rovers only to be shocked by the news that peters a alcoholic and Steve is the father of Leanne's baby!!! What happens next??? #coronationstreet #corriespoilers #stevemcdonald #peterbarlow #leannebattersby #toyahbattersby

Jane looks amazing here 👑😍#janedawson #leannebattersby #corrie #corrinationstreet 👑💋

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