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This really brakes my heart.💔
My little Petun angel moon child not being ok.
I know we are blessed that @loving.lealuna hasn’t been sick once before this. And I know it can be much worse, but still, I ache when I see her little eye.
My babies were sick a lot. With Rachel it was otitis and asthma, with ludvig it was a severe type of false croup that made him pass out. With Hedda it was multiple pneumonia’s and panic anxiety, and Maia was born with otitis. All of them had nose ear lung problems and many emergencies before Lunis’ age. So I know we are fortunate but still!
To us this is a big and sad moment and we suffer and Lunis suffers and it’s not a biggie and still... It’s in the little things life is.
Look at her little face.
The good part is that this is the worst thing that will happen to her! This year. Next year she can scrape her knee.💗
Lunis I love you too much. Everyone loves you. Little Moon, get well soon little Moon.
#lealunaforever #fyfanförfolk #loveyoubabygirl

Lunis’ last (and one of her firsts) dance 2017!🎉
#headbangerbybirth #menobasic #lealunaforever

@loving.lealuna with her personalised cuddly blanket from @cuddlingsworld and @giftstory.se ! It’s a treat to see Lunis with Lilly, that she chose her from all the options she had as a baby.💗
If you want to give one to a baby you love, go see @giftstory.se and they’ll make one for you.💗
#lealunaforever #babygirl #preciouslittleangel #mormorsfavorit

✨Lunis Dunis Fjunis!✨
#grandchild #mormorsfavouritebaby #noshit #theoneandonly #lealunaforever

I can never bore you with too much of little Petunia can I?💗
#preciouslittleangel #lealunaforever

Hej mormor!
I missed you!😍
I grew a lot in ten days and I learned some new tricks!
I can talk with my tongue and make bubbles now!
Can you stay forever please? And watch my new tricks? I have some really cool things coming up! 😎
Mom says I'm gonna have teeth soon. Mom can't decide what my first taste of food will be. Dad says it's gonna be dragon fruit and that I already had it. I don't remember.
Mustard Maia says you're old. I wanna be old too when I grow up. I have mosquito bites on my head mom says, she says they itch and annoy me. That's one of my new tricks, to trick mom into guessing what my new tricks are. I'm so ahead of her in this game. Sometime I cry because I'm bored or I want to look at a tree.🌴 That's why you are so good mormor, cause I can't trick you. You know stuff. That's why you're the mormor right? 🐝🌸🐶☘️
#lealunaforever #babylove #dreamteam

Hej mormor! 💗

Lunia Petunia in a Bumbo! 15 years ago our founder @shama_persson brought this chair into Sweden and today little @loving.lealuna is using it! Everything always makes sense and there is always a second chance for everyone! Mr @donaldpillai , little did we know back then...! And do we spy a small Cuddling on her arm??? We do!!!😍💝☀️🌺
#babylove #lealunaforever #cuddlings #bumbo

Lunia Petunia in a Bumbo! 15 years ago I brought this chair into Sweden and today little @loving.lealuna is using it! Everything always makes sense and there is always a second chance for everyone! Mr @donaldpillai , little did we know back them...! And do I spy a small Cuddling on her arm??? I do!!!😍💝☀️🌺
#babylove #lealunaforever #cuddlings #bumbo

Lunia Petunia the prettiest flower of them all! Happy midsummer darlings!☀️🍓🇸🇪🎂
#lealunaforever #midsommar #family #love #blessedweare

@loving.lealuna sleeping with mormor and Lilly Cuddly blanket. Best friends already.💗💗
#lealunaforever #babylove #mormor

Best lunch buddy ever, little Miss Sunshine! ☀️
The perks of having @loving.lealuna next door to the office!💝
#babylove #lealunaforever #mormorhood #iwishiwasalattemormor😂

Now all is as it should be again...❤️🌙
#lealunaforever #littlemoon #mormor

Mormor? Are you there? Hello? It's me Lunis knocking on your Instagram! Hallo? Mormor? Are you playing hide and seek with me? I can't even count to one so this is hard!!! Mormor? Where are you?😳
#mormor #dreamteam #hallo #wheredidwego #missyou #lealunaforever

- Hej Lea Luna I love you!
- Hej mormor I love you!
- Did you swim today?
- Yes I did!
- Do I love you?
- Yes you do!
- Are you a happy baby?
- Yes I am!
- Do you know how much I love you?
- Yes I do!
Deep conversations on the beach with @loving.lealuna . How can it get better than this?😍
#dreamteam #lealunaforever

Little baby koala!🐨
#lunis #lealunaforever #dreamteam

I know I'm being out of control now but I can't help myself!!!
Lunis in a tutu!💖
#bebis #lealunaforever #dreamteam

Little moon, to the best of my abilities I will protect you always. I will always be on your side, no matter if you're right or wrong. I will never leave you and I will cherish every moment I get to spend with you.
#lealunaforever #dreamteam #blessed

So much progress today!🎉✨💝
#lealunaforever #mormor #dreamteam

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