Olivia and Ebony took my phone in class... Spammed it lmoa with pics of @larnz122 @jame10203 @ebony_anne_xoxo @michael.guthrie14 @oliviaharrison_129 @courtney.jjade + Zack, Molly, Zoe and Jack 😂 #leakedpics

@veahh.nationnnnn is being stingy with her school pics 🤔🤨 it was so much easier when I was in control of the camera📷 I'm currently #searcingthenet for any #leakedpics

Here are a batch of leaked set pics of the shooting of the upcoming DC Universe series Doom Patrol featuring Mr. Negative, Robot Man (voiced by Brendan Fraser), Crazy Jane (Diane Guerrero) and Elastic-Woman (April Bowlby) respectively. Also adding to this is the recent news of actor Alan Tudyk joining the cast as the villian Mr. Nobody. The characters are pretty good but we still got to see what Cyborg looks like. #doompatrol #dcuniverse #leakedpics #onsetpics #dccomics

Hey guys! The new apple products were leaked. OMG! the new iPhones and Apple Watch are gorgeous! I can't wait to get my hands on them! Hope you like this video... lots more apple content coming soon.
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Not gonna show the picture of the suit, but you can go to #flash and see it. I totally agree with this though: this was a TEST suit from JULY. A PROTOTYPE. @grantgust himself said that it's official suit is the most comic accurate suit, and that the fans will love it. And, the pic that leaked was only the top. We haven't seen the rest of the prototype suit. So I'm not making any judgments until I've seen it in the show.
Creds to @hero.source for this screenshot.
#legendsoftomorrow #arrow #supergirl #flashring #arrowverse #cw #cwflash #nerdon #leakedpics

Scenes from Titanic (1997)
#suchsad #goodmovie #titanic #leakedpics #picoftheday

The notorious cuper kid was ask by a few fans to take a post workout pic. The cuper kid seeing it as a challenge in which he can strengthen himself in. He accepted. But having no prior experience The ole cuper kid didn’t have a great time with it. Making himself look like a dungeous at 4 am. Not a great way to end a workout. #leakedpics

Crazy!!! Possible real UFO catch this woman's post on fbook went viral. As cam read what she put in post my thoughts below on it definitely not drone not a movie lol and as we know biblically what "aliens" are , reality fallen beings ( demonic in nature) that after Christ raptures his Church ( those who accept him as Lord/Christian's) quote "aliens will be the big excuse one of many why humans disappeared off earth)
Definitely no movie they don't shoot without blocking off area's with their people acting they wouldn't just do this in public shooting movie as others suggest and 2 people said a drone? Uh don't think so either way not sure what to think but crazy either way... And no not a game picture
As we know the mainstream media has been slowly admitting to quote (aliens) reality fallen beings.... Why? Because there's coming a great deception Bible speaks so much so even possible the very elect of God to be decieved just as on mount Graham the irony name telescope ( Lucifer telescope) in Arizona's highest mountain Jesuits there as Jesuits not godly people but wolves in sheep's clothing stated to you horn who shows prophesies on the last pope Francis on YouTube the Jesuits told him on mount Graham their looking in their telescope for their quote "serpent savior's" end quote. Demonic beings coming after the rapture of the Church as pope Francis last 113th false prophet in revelation 13 stated he'd baptise alien Bros and sisters in Christ if they came what a joke. So he's saying he'd baptise fallen beings lol. Anyway realitys here and coming disclosure won't be to the fullest because mainstream continues to lie with nasa what and whom these beings are
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