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Tomorrow when 78% of Australia's are having a #sickie @sterlome, time in lieu @teddyholden or annual leave @jess_williams_and_co . I will be showing up for work. It might look great but my boss makes me go #snorkeling & #kayaking around the wrecks and drive a #4wdtruck #hinopower with massive turbos to go #sandboading and then watch dolphins swimming from the ferry heading home. #leadertruck #moretonisland #touristguide #tourguide post #aussieday

The leader truck floor is getting there .we have the plug done the inner frame #leadertruck

#fiberglass #leadertruck one of three in the world. And some how we have one to rebuild .thay are fibreglass and it is in need of a lot to bring it back. 250 ton and if you no more please tell! I'm not in to glass but it is a special

Giving gold cones to the kids.

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