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I've been taking long breaks from social media to just READ📚. My brain is craving answers and inspiration. It's easy to find yourself feeling lost if you're not taking time for personal development. I've been spending so much time being productive and creating but not enough time in silence, pondering my life and my purpose.
Feeling a lot more centered and refreshed and REALLY enjoying this beautiful fall season.
See my recent Festive Fall YouTube videos 👉🏼 www.youtube.com/wannabebalanced
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Flu season is upon us, and I know this can be a sensitive subject but hear me out! I'm so excited to be partnering with @frysfoodstore and their "one shot one meal" campaign. #ad If you're one to get the flu shot, you should definitely check out a local frys or any Kroger store! While you get a shot you will also feed a family, how amazing is that!? #krogerhealth #momlife #momofthree

I had a “mushy moment” tonight at Cornbellys...feeling so grateful to live where we do, and to have dear friends to love. ❤️ @cornbellys #EricksensFall #EricksensLove #cornbellys #beaUTAHful

A friend of mine sent me this picture today, and my heart swelled with gratitude! How thoughtful of her to snap this, and I truly treasure it. She was capturing my youngest and I listening intently at my older daughter giving her first talk in church in front of 300! Part of our worship service consists of members in the congregation giving prepared talks on a specified topic. (Swipe to see her speaking from the pulpit) •
A few years ago I made it a personal mission on my site for moms to get in more pictures with their kids. Pass off the camera, set a timer, whatever it takes to be remembered WITH them, not just you taking the photos. As part of that, I encouraged women to capture candid moments like this for each other. Notice them, take them, and send them to your friends. This is me encouraging that again. What a gift to receive a gem like this, a moment I want to treasure. Will you join me?!?

Everyone says he's my "favorite"- I don't want to have a favorite, but this boy just melts me all day every day 😱😍#momlife #momswholift #ldsmom

Consistency, yo! Mom if 3 vs mom of 4! It's not easy but it's DEFINITELY worth fighting for.
I'm looking for women who want to transform their bodies (inside AND out!) and lose at least 10 lbs. You will be provided with a 30 day meal plan, workouts to follow, recipes, fun challenges and you'll be in a private group with an incredible squad of other women working towards similar goals.
This group provides accountability, inspiration, FUN AND PRIZES! Who doesn't like prizes, am I right?!😜 This month we are having a , F.R.I.E.N.D.S., (TV) themed group!
Drop your email, comment 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻, message me and I will get you the details!

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Trying to get this squishy babe to sleep right now. Lately she is such a night owl wanting to hang out until midnight! I originally thought I could get the kids down and actually have some time to read or soak in a bath, but nope. This little girl is so needy it even makes picking up the house such a drawn out process. And she is wide awake and full of energy! #rubygossling #honestmotherhood

That was so fun! We tried the new workout for families today! What a fun way to exercise and spend time with our families too! 😊😊 Our 2-year-old sang on her microphone to cheer us on! Lol!
There's a FREE sneak peek of this workout this weekend! Say, "Me!" in the comments if you'd like to try it.

Today is the day to start! The sneak peek is live! This is me and our daughter doing the Sneak Peek today to enter the contest! Who else is trying it this weekend?

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These 3 are my favorite part of every day. They give me hope, strength, and purpose. It’s because of them I want to be the very best version of myself. .
#ldsmom #familiesareforever #sohappytogether #maskcaraartist #findingbeautylovenjoy

"We are here on this earth to learn and grow, and the most important learning and growing will come from our covenant connection to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. From our faithful relationship with Them come godly knowledge, love, power, and capacity to serve....Do we understand that Christ has the power to bring us into loving fellowship with the Father and with one another? He, by the power of the Holy Ghost, can give us needed insight into relationships." - Neill F. Marriott, October 2017
I can't think of any place I desire more in my life to have the promised power, capacity, and insight into relationships than in these most sacred ones here in my home. ...
I know that as we do our part and draw close to our Father in Heaven and our Savior Jesus Christ, those blessings will come. Strengthening those sacred relationships will strengthen ALL of our relationships. Especially the most important ones ❤️
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I was ready to show off my sweater bod mooonths ago but California hasn’t realized it’s fall yet.🍂🍁So here we are pretending it’s fall when it’s 95 degrees outside.🤷🏻‍♀️🎃🖤 #fall #pumpkinpatch #rivercluff

Such a wonderful evening together. You know...we live in a small apt, don't have a ton of money (partly by choice and partly not), have one car, have struggles here and there...but we truly are soo happy and love our life. Happy by choice and enjoy the little and the important parts of life. ...after our wonderful nature walk we came home turned on the Andrew Bird Pandora channel while I made pumpkin shaped squash pasta with a delicious harvest pasta sauce while the boys played. Then we had #FHE (Family Home Evening, in the LDS church we are asked to have fhe once a week...a time set apart to be together as a family spiritually and/or having fun. Millions of families all over the world spending time together each Monday night, pretty great) which we have every Monday evening, then we each ate a pumpkin cookie which makes Vadey happy esp, and ended this wonderful Fall evening by Vade/Bern/I taking a "moon bath" together...it's when we turn off the bathroom light and project his moon flashlight onto the bath wall. Bern laughed loudly, I might add, for the first 5 minutes, so cute. Its cozy and fun. I love and feel very grateful for our simple happy life. ❤️ Goodness starts in the home, then spreads beyond those walls. #dlettafamily #vadeexploresoutside #ldsmom

Janet! Miss Jackson if you're NASTY!😍

Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal
Making your oatmeal taste like pumpkin pie is as delicious as it is healthy! Pumpkin puree and spices add flavor without adding fat. Crunchy pecans and a touch of maple syrup add the finishing touches.

Total Time: 30 min.
Prep Time: 5 min.
Cooking Time: 25 min.
Yield: 2 servings

1¼ cups water
½ cup steel-cut oats (or old-fashioned rolled oats)
½ cup pumpkin puree
¼ tsp. pumpkin pie spice
1 Tbsp. chopped pecans (or walnuts)
2 tsp. pure maple syrup (or raw honey)
½ cup unsweetened almond milk

1. Bring water to boil in medium saucepan over medium heat. Add oats; cook over medium-low heat, stirring frequently, for 20 to 25 minutes. Remove from heat.
2. Add pumpkin, pumpkin pie spice, and pecans; mix well.
3. Divide evenly between two serving bowls; top each with maple syrup and ¼ cup almond milk.

Tip: When using old-fashioned rolled oats, reduce cooking time to 5 to 7 minutes.
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One of my favorite people🖤 #arizonaphotographer #canon #potd

I had a “mushy moment” tonight at Cornbellys...feeling so grateful to live where we do, and to have dear friends to love. ❤️ @cornbellys #EricksensFall #EricksensLove #cornbellys #beaUTAHful

Every purchase this week will receive a FREE stained glass pendant! These pendants are hand made by my sweetest grandma lu, who is going to be sharing my shop for a bit 🙃 these are kiln fired and make amazing necklaces or keychains. Each piece is unique 💖 get yours today & tag friends to spread the love!

I need recommendations pretty please. I'm looking for story books or compilations of heroes to share with the kids in our morning gathering. I'm looking for something short to add into the morning study that shows real life examples of virtuous people the little ones can look up to. So far we've read about scripture heroes, American revolution heroes, and some of our ancestors. We do our scripture picture book every day, but I would like to spotlight one individual at a time. Any favorites???

I saw this little boy for about a total of a hour today. And this is how most of it was spent. .
Every moment is worth it and these snuggles are what I love the most! 💙

Trying to get this squishy babe to sleep right now. Lately she is such a night owl wanting to hang out until midnight! I originally thought I could get the kids down and actually have some time to read or soak in a bath, but nope. This little girl is so needy it even makes picking up the house such a drawn out process. And she is wide awake and full of energy! #rubygossling #honestmotherhood

My 30th birthday happened to fall on our B5 - Biannual Brantingham Basketball BBQ Bash 🏀😂 It all started back in April, when Rob wanted to play basketball with a few missionaries on their Personal Day. He had the week off of school, and missionaries within our church only have one "p-day" a week that falls on Mondays. They can write emails home, they can play basketball, etc. What started as just a few, turned into all the Elders within Hanoi, and they've been talking about it ever since. We decided to hold another one over Robs October break and planned it for that Monday, and then realized afterward that it was my birthday. My Husband wanted to reschedule, but I gotta tell ya, that was the best birthday ever -- serving and being around the missionaries ❤️ Things got a little crazy when it ended up raining, but you should know me well enough by now, to know we had a few games up our sleeve 😜 I first freaked out, but within 30 min., Rob and I found supplies around our house to create a super fun indoor day 😂 this should actually worry me 😳 But! So thankful for all the love on my big 3-0, and for the opportunity I had to serve these missionaries. Best. Birthday. Ever. 🎂
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“Sometimes in the middle of my little #mess I #forget how #big im #blessed” 🙏💜 #quotestoliveby

Tonight I did something that I am pretty proud of. We used up all of the money in our food budget, so it was time to use what we had. Good thing that we have food storage!! So, I made my own kind of enchiladas. We had two sweet potatoes, 2 cans of black beans, a large can of Enchilada sauce, a can of green chilies, Parmesan cheese and 12 corn tortillas. I added a bunch of spices and layered everything in a glass dish. Pretty dang good for making it up!! I call it Sweet Potato Black Bean Enchiladas!

It's Janet Jackson time!!😍😍😍

October 15th was "International Miscarriage and Stillborn Awareness Day". Did you know that? I didn't, because I was never aware. Now it is a part of my story... Our miscarriage wasn't widely known. Except for a few close friends and family members, we were mostly quiet about it. But slowly I've gained the strength to talk about it and share my story with others, in hopes I can help another struggling woman just like me find peace, healing and hope.🙏🏻💕 ----------------------------------- We were planning our move to Taiwan, and felt we needed to add to our little family before we made that giant leap across the world. It was the last month we could have possibly gotten pregnant before we left. I had almost given up hope. But then, the little blue line appeared.
And my heart stopped.

We made plans to meet with our families over Thanksgiving. It was the perfect chance to share our wonderful news and hug and smile and share happiness.
Instead, 3 days before Thanksgiving, I went in for a D&C to remove the baby that had stopped growing and was now posing a medical risk to me.

Again, my heart stopped.

I had played out that weekend a thousand times in my head. The things I would say I was 'Thankful for' as we took turn around the dinner table.... all of that now gone.
Instead, I hid through the pain. I had to reapply my makeup 3 times that morning as I got ready to meet our families. I tried to smile on the outside, but was crumbling on the inside. Taking this family pic that day was almost too much.
Although my list of things I was thankful for that year had changed (drastically), it still hurt. And sometimes still does.
There were no memories of the child, no smells, no favorite items of clothing or favorite foods. It was a little life that came for seconds and touched no one but us.
I have 3 beautiful babies that bless my life every day. And I've also had 3 miscarriages. Each one heartbreaking. 💔

So how do you as a friend or family member come into the situation and not make it more painful?

Here's a short list.... 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

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