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from @anandaputri23_ - Terima kasih ya untuk semua kebahagiaan yang kamu berikan. Kamu slalu disisiku, memberi apa yang ku minta, menuruti semua keinginanku, menuruti apa yang ku katakan, menyayangiku dengan tulus, mencintaiku apa adanya, terima kasih gus. Aku tak bisa membalas semua itu. Hanya kamu yg bisa membuat aku bahagia dari sekian puluh orang yg mencoba membuatku bahagia. Hanya kamu satusatunya orang pilihan. I love u so muach miring😚

#cowok#cewek#cowcewindonesiahits#melali#bermain#bertemu#samapacar#LDR#ketemulagi#sayang#mylove#myhusband#iloveyou#missyou#cintaku#suamikusayang - #rameinajah

you always buy me roses like a creep asking for forgiveness unsexy,what happened to the man you used to be? if you still want my love then work for me! / BY the way- I moved to another city in fact back to my old city and now I don't have WiFi here for a few days or even weeks :-( I'll be as active as possible with my data but sadly I won't be able to post new edits :-(❤ #lanadelrey #ldr

forever favorites (@roseellendix & @roxetera)
Song: Nervous by Gavin James

Carmen is my favorite song off BTD. This is my favorite part of the video for it too. 🌹her laugh is so cute

She's cute🌟

Looking for love in all the wrong places 🥀🌘 {my edit}

"It's always worth the wait."
In the end, we will all become stories.
Our relationship started with 6000 miles apart, after 10 months of waiting we finally got to see each other in 2016 and we spent our summer together(not exactly whole summer tho), every second were so perfect and precious when I'm right next to him, then I had to go back to England, miles and miles between us, long waits between meets, poor internet connection, and nights spent alone, but no matter how busy or how tried we are, we never missed a day to do FaceTime just to see each other face and talk about every little thing happen on the day, the happiest thing for me everyday is his call and so that I can hear his beautiful voice.
After 8 months of waiting again, I finally got to see my boy, and he's now on his way coming to see me❤ it's always worth the wait.
LDR, It's hard but so very beautiful

This song is originally from a Japanese Drama, and then I rewrote the lyrics in English. #ldr #itsalwaysworththewait

If you had to choose between Your Girl, Fine China and Yes to Heaven to be on Ultraviolence, which would you go for?


Janji bertahan
Ketika aku dan kamu saling percaya... #motivasiku


She brings love to my lonely life, Honestly.

Waiting for the next single.... #lanadelrey #ldr

This time next week the butterflies will be well and truly fluttering. After a year of living on the other side of the world from one another and just one visit in between, the reunion is imminent. Only 8 days to go! Now to try contain my excitement until then 🙈#Melbourne #Dublin #LDR #lovindotie


ruin it

honey honey sweet as honey,why don't you take me home

I feel so alone in the Friday nights and this is missing something. Happy birthday Electra Heart I fucking love and miss you. This is inspired by the incredible @namalas #ldr #lana #lanadelrey #lanadelray #lanadelreyedit #drawing #illustration #portrait #art #lanadelreyfan #lanadelreyfans #lanadelreyfanbase #pastel #aesthetic


Responsável por boa parte das minhas inspirações.

Tag someone! 😍

Good night! 💗💗💗 - SR

The boyfriend ❤ #ldr #aberdeen #boyfriend

You like your girls insane
#lanadelrey #ldr

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