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Today's #breakfastforjunya. Didn't think anyone would eat the leftover potato salad so I hid it in the toast. Egg is boiled for 6.5 minutes (from room temperature), I think this is my favorite.

#cheesiemade #lazymamacookinghack

I always wonder how to make a toast with egg without cooking the egg separately or wasting any bread. Seems like I found an eggcellent solution 😃. 🍞🍳🍖 #eggtoast #lazymamacookinghack

【Swipe for step-by-step】
#Cheesiemade breakfast: Mayo Shirasu Toast with egg.

Just put everything on toast and pop in oven until the edge of mayo turns brownish.
Make sure you build a solid mayo wall so the egg sits nicely in the middle!🥚🍞 #lazymamacookinghack #simplebreakfast

New blog post: #lunchforsakura! Preparing baby meals can be a tedious chore for many mothers. Here are some of my cooking cheats for quick and nutritious meals for Sakura!
Read: www.cheeserland.com

Another #lazymamacookinghack I learnt: Cook fresh porridge for baby and fresh rice everyday for the family - in the same cooker!! Simply cook your porridge with extra water ratio in a tiny heat-safe container by placing it in the rice cooker. All it takes is one press of a button - you have the right carbs for the whole family. And easy on your electricity bill too.

I use Zoujirushi (elephant brand🐘) rice cooker. Very pleased with it.

#singaporelife #cookingforbaby

Ultimate CheatOne™ #lunchforjunya. Total preparing time: Less than 5 mins.🐻🍛 We are leaving to Japan for two weeks and I'm running out of fresh groceries but cannot stock up so here's when CheatOne™ come in handy.

Meiji retort cheese curry, batch-frozen lotus root hamburg I made earlier, boiled egg and batch-frozen rice. 👍🏻 #lazymamacookinghack #singaporelife

Breakfast for @cheesiepetit Junya before school. Lately he was having close to zero appetite for breakfast so today I told him we are having dessert for breakfast lol.
☆Camembert walnut &a honey toast
☆Salted Caramel Greek Yogurt with Calbee cereal, 🍒 and a liiiiiitle bit of color sprinkles that works every time.

#lazymamacookinghack #preschoolerfood

Saturday breakfast: 担々麺 tantan noodle🍜

Mama: tantan ramen
Papa: tanatan zero-carb spinach konnyaku noodle
Oniichan: Non-spicy tantan ramen
Baby: Tantan flavor milk HAHAHA (.)(.)

Dinner today is light on carbs and it's the stove's off day. All done in the oven: ★Ebi Ajillo🍤
★Tako Ajillo with broccoli and cherry tomato🐙
★ Crispy roast pork 🐷
★ Cheddar and Ham platter with Hotate Shiokara🧀
★Pooh mini toast (for Junya)
★Mango and homemade slow juice 🍎

Looks like a lot on the menu but totally still hungry lol. I need some ramen now.


Uni Ochazuke I made at home in Tokyo with frozen uni gohan and ochazuke pack.

I'm gonna spare some time to start going through the photos of my trip for new blog posts. Travel destination post (Nagasaki, Aomori, Hakodate) first, or food post first? 😋

[Swipe to see step-by-step]
Today's #Cheesiemade: Savory Oatmeal Breakfast again! Cooked rolled oats with the classic breakfast favorites: Egg, Bacon, Avocado and Cheddar to warm up your lazy morning.
Ingredient (serves 2):
Captain Oats Rolled Oats, two eggs, bacon, avocado, shredded cheddar, spring onion (optional), salt and pepper to taste.
1. Fry the bacon in a fry pan till crispy, keep aside.
2. Cook 1 cup of Captain Oats Rolled Oats in the remaining bacon oil from the fry pan, add 4 cups of water and let it simmer.
3. Add a half a cup of cheddar in the pan while the oats are cooking, and add salt and pepper to taste. If you love it to be more flavorful, you can also add a dash of chicken stock powder.
4. Meanwhile, multitask mamas can fry two eggs in a separate pan!!
5. Cook the oats for 8 minutes, and add more cheddar right before serving! heat of the cooked oats will make it melty. ❤︎
6. Add crispy bacon, sunny-side-up, sliced avocado and spring onion.
This simple meal is packed with perfect nutrients to start your day! If you want more meal inspirations, you can go to http://www.mycaptainoats.com/recipes/ for more recipes! ^^ #captainoats #todaysbreakfast

New blog post up: super #lazymamacookinghack for super busy mama (who is... just about every mother haha). Read how to prepare a quick snack/meal under 1 minute with Captain Oat's Eazy-Go!

Read: www.cheeserland.jp

Today's #lazymamacookinghack is a super easy Deco Instant Noodle for Junya. Instead of me making this for him, we cooked and decorated it together ^^ Junya loooves his noodles.

Read my full blog post on the step-by-step details: www.cheeserland.jp

If you love to make cute food for your kids, Myojo is having a #DecoratingTogether contest, where you get to win attractive prizes! You just need to make your decoration noodle with Myojo and post it on social media (Facebook and Instagram). Time to show your magic, cooking mamas! ^^ More details at http://decoratingtogether.myojo.sg/

#sp #decoratingtogether together

【Swipe for Step-by-Step】
🍚: Matsutake Japanese mixed Rice
🌸: Sakura Siew Mai
🌱: Sakura ebi spinach namul
🥕: Carrot mariné with walnut and olive oil
🐰: Bunny Kamaboko
🍲: Color麩 Instant Matsutake Clear Soup (HAHA sorry can't resist Japanese pun)
Today's #lazymamacookinghack points:
1.Matsutake (松茸) is the Japanese equivalent of black truffle. Very rare and expensive. Loooove the flavor! Both the rice and soup use instant stock so it's cheap and fast! 😜
2.Today I saw on TV that microwave heated vegetables have more vitamin preserved compared to boiling/blanching!
So I microwaved the spinach, super fuss-free and time-saving!
The pink siew mai (I anyhow named it Sakura siew mai haha🌸) is wrapped with shredded kamaboko🍥, which I bought during my trip to Ehime Prefecture.❤︎(*´∇`*)

【Swipe for ingredients】Today's #cheesiemade dinner: Cheese-in Hamburg.

#lazymamacookinghack tip of the day: the only thing I needed was minced meat, mix and pan fry!! I got this Hamburg Helper from Japan (I think I saw it in Meidiya before), and it makes making Hamburg soooooo effortless. What is this magic powder?!? 😳After tasting it I was like, why do I even bother making Hamburg from scratch? 😱😱😱 The result was soft and juice patties with the perfect seasoning!

☆250gm of minced meat
☆120ml of milk or water (I used milk)
☆1 packet of Hamburg Helper
☆Worcestershire Sauce 2tbs
☆Cooking sake 1tbs
☆Ketchup 3tbs

I didn't have ketchup so I replaced it with Vegetable juice. Works perfectly 👍🏻.

That's all. And you have gourmet-quality Hamburg. Watch my stories today for more.

Today's #cheesiemade non-oil mama lunch: .
☆TKG (again)🍚🥚
☆Aomori yellow apple🍎
#Nikujaga is a classic Japanese comfort food and it's super easy to cook! You can google the traditional recipe. I made mine in #vermicular without sugar and mirin because I don't like my savory meals sweet 😳. No oil is used in cooking too, to make up for the duck fat aplenty last night 😂. .
今日はバーミキュラde肉じゃが❤︎甘口料理は苦手なのでみりん、砂糖なしで!最近シンガポールで安心な日本産卵見つけて毎日TKG❤︎ ちなみにご飯はもち麦入り。もちもちの食感楽しい🤗

【Swipe for ingredients】#Cheesiemade dinner: Crab meat and shrimp fried rice. Ran out of vegetables so I served it with salad. The mix of texture was quite refreshing!
1. Warm rice (it works better for me than cold rice)🍚
2. Shrimp and crab meat🦀🦐
3. Kamaboko 🍥
4. Two eggs 🥚🥚
5. Duck fat (wanted to use lard but didn't have any)
6. Tube garlic and Cook-Do seasoning paste
#lazymamacookinghack tip: I use tube garlic so that I don't have to chop and mince and get my hands all garlicky, and also tube paste so that I don't save time concocting seasoning (and less dishes to wash!). The iron wok I use is River Light Kiwame from Tokyu Hands SG. Very good "wok hei". 👍🏻

【Swipe for ingredients】Today's #cheesiemade dinner : Easy #Vermicular de Champon with 6 types of vegetables with instant soup stock.

☆Kagoshima Kurobuta Pork slices
☆Mix seafood (frozen)
☆Enoki mushroom
☆Black fungus
☆Negi (leek)
☆Spring onion
☆instant Champon soup stock

I use dry instant noodle for ramen.

One pot for the whole family! For Sakura's, I just dilute it with water.
#champon #lazymamacookinghack

【Swipe】Today's super low-cal lunch: ☆TKG. It's so addictive I'm having it everyday 😳.
☆Zuwai crab and tofu soup
☆Okaka Okura
☆Sautéed Shirataki with butter & mentaiko
Crab soup is cooked with canned crab meat, dashi pack and corn starch. Okra is blanched and mixed with shoyu, Bonito flakes and sesame seeds. Shirataki basically has zero calorie and can be used in salads and soups.🥗🍲🍢 #cheesiemade #singaporelife

【Swipe for ingredients】Usually the things you miss the most are super simple things like a good #TKG (tamagokakegohan) - basically a bowl of hot rice with a raw egg and shoyu.

I bought my Japanese eggs safe for raw consumption from Meidiya. Expensive but 买个安心。

How to:
1. Separate the egg white from yolk
2. Mix egg white with rice first if you are not a fan of the egg white texture.
3. Place your egg yolk.
4. Top with shoyu and your favorite topping.

Shoyu is specially made for TKG. My topping today was sesame seeds and shirasu for extra calcium. The latest trend in Japan is to eat it with a drizzle of olive oil. Loved it!

#lazymamacookinghack #cheesiemade #卵かけご飯

#lazymamacookinghack Super Simple 10 Minutes Lunch.

Stoveless Sunday: sometimes when you just don't feel like having to clean up an oily kitchen.
☆Miso marinated (2 days) eggyolk with rice
☆Fruit tomato, organic wakamehijiki and shirasu salad (olive oil and vinegar dressing)
☆Instant tofu miso soup

#cheesiemade #黄味の味噌漬け #若芽ひじき

【Swipe for step-by-step】
#Cheesiemade breakfast: Mayo Shirasu Toast with egg.

Just put everything on toast and pop in oven until the edge of mayo turns brownish.
Make sure you build a solid mayo wall so the egg sits nicely in the middle!🥚🍞 #lazymamacookinghack #simplebreakfast

Breakfast for @cheesiepetit Junya before school. Lately he was having close to zero appetite for breakfast so today I told him we are having dessert for breakfast lol.
☆Camembert walnut &a honey toast
☆Salted Caramel Greek Yogurt with Calbee cereal, 🍒 and a liiiiiitle bit of color sprinkles that works every time.

#lazymamacookinghack #preschoolerfood

Today's #cheesiemade high protein low-cal dinner menu:
☆Salmon pilaf
☆Steamed pork belly warm salad with 豆板醤
☆Okra chicken roll with plum sauce
☆Yuba (bean curd skin) with sansho pepper
☆Shiokoji marinated egg

10 types of vegetable in this menu today:
Okra, chijimina, bean sprout, enoki mushroom, mizuna, (in rice: shimeji mushroom, carrot, onion, sweet peas, paprika). #eatmoreveggies #vermicular

【The Making Of】
#lazymamacookinghack Cheat One™ Birthday Cake for Sakura. 🎂

It was so incredibly easy!! Got it from Japan, Pigeon instant birthday cake set, only takes 1 minute in the oven!! Perfect for busy (lazy) mama. Thank you papa for helping!

Also, every birthday is also Junya's birthday, of course. 😜

【Swipe for step-by-step!】 Today's #Vermicular dinner: Yukimi Nabe With Daikon Oroshi baby bear. Healthy with 5 diff types of veggies in one pot! 🍲
Hot Pot Ingredient:
☆Hakusai (medium size)
☆Negi X1
☆Silver Cod 2 slices
☆Mizuna half pack
☆Dashi soup stock 800ml
Chicken Tsukune
❤︎Minced chicken 300g
❤︎Chopped carrot
❤︎Chopped negi
❤︎ Egg X1
❤︎Salt and pepper
White Bear Daikon Oroshi
✳︎ Grated daikon and cut seaweed
1.Add hakusai, negi and silver cod in pot and cook waterless at low heat for 30mins
2.Add dashi stock, mix ❤︎ and add it into pot in bite size with spoon, cook at medium heat for 5 minutes
3.Grate daikon and shape it with the white bear mold (can be found in Daiso for $2!) Remember to squeeze out all the water from the daikon for the shape to hold. Decorate with seaweed.
I also added shiitake, harusame noodles, spinach and abura age for the second round because it was all gone in a blink. Junya had 3 bowls 😂.

Practicing for future mass picnic days lol. #Onigirazu is the simplest picnic/outing/bento food (if you prefer rice over bread) that leaves no mess. Super kids friendly too since no cutleries needed!
On the menu today:
★Spam and Egg
★Yakiniku with cabbage
★Low Carb rice-less variation for those on diet 😜. Swipe to see step-by-step and video!

#cheesiemade #lazymamacookinghack

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