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Today's #breakfastforjunya. Didn't think anyone would eat the leftover potato salad so I hid it in the toast. Egg is boiled for 6.5 minutes (from room temperature), I think this is my favorite.

#cheesiemade #lazymamacookinghack

CheesieMade: quick snack for busy mama who hasn't had lunch (and who is carrying a baby while shooting this video with one hand so pardon the quality lol): Shirasu Toast with vegetable miso soup! Fully packed with calcium ♡ ★Plain bread
★Leftover oil from Ajillo (you can use olive oil)
★ Pizza cheese
★Negi (I wanted to put triple the amount!!) Make your miso soup while waiting for your toast.

#lazymamacookinghack #singaporelife

【Swipe】Today's super low-cal lunch: ☆TKG. It's so addictive I'm having it everyday 😳.
☆Zuwai crab and tofu soup
☆Okaka Okura
☆Sautéed Shirataki with butter & mentaiko
Crab soup is cooked with canned crab meat, dashi pack and corn starch. Okra is blanched and mixed with shoyu, Bonito flakes and sesame seeds. Shirataki basically has zero calorie and can be used in salads and soups.🥗🍲🍢 #cheesiemade #singaporelife

I always wonder how to make a toast with egg without cooking the egg separately or wasting any bread. Seems like I found an eggcellent solution 😃. 🍞🍳🍖 #eggtoast #lazymamacookinghack

【Swipe for step-by-step】
#Cheesiemade breakfast: Mayo Shirasu Toast with egg.

Just put everything on toast and pop in oven until the edge of mayo turns brownish.
Make sure you build a solid mayo wall so the egg sits nicely in the middle!🥚🍞 #lazymamacookinghack #simplebreakfast

Super quick Hiyayako - no stove/heat/any sort of cooking needed.
★Silken tofu
★Shoyu, negi, ginger paste (tube), shirasu
★Tofu stamp from Daiso $2.

Swipe for step-by-step❤︎ #cheesiemade #lazymamacookinghack

#cheesiemade dinner today
★Air-fried shiokoji chicken
★CheatOne™ scallop shoyuyaki
★Hakusai and carrot konbucha pickles
★Chicken soup with aburaage and fresh scallion.

CheatOne™ scallop is actually Eringi mushroom, panfried with garlic, shoyu and mirin. Junya loved it so much he finished the whole plate!

Swipe to view individual photo❤︎ .
今日の献立 ★ノンフライ塩麹唐揚げ


Another #lazymamacookinghack I learnt: Cook fresh porridge for baby and fresh rice everyday for the family - in the same cooker!! Simply cook your porridge with extra water ratio in a tiny heat-safe container by placing it in the rice cooker. All it takes is one press of a button - you have the right carbs for the whole family. And easy on your electricity bill too.

I use Zoujirushi (elephant brand🐘) rice cooker. Very pleased with it.

#singaporelife #cookingforbaby

Recipe for Snow Man Mille Feuille Hot Pot!☃️⛄️ Ingredient: Hakusai (Chinese Cabbage), Thin-sliced pork
Soup: Dashi, soy sauce, ginger, sake, salt
Topping (optional): Daikon oroshi (grated Japanese radish)
Sauce: Sesame sauce or ponzu!

I bought the hotpot from Daiso!! #ミルフィーユ鍋 #millefeuillehotpot #lazymamacookinghack


#lazymamacookinghack in advance! Frozen stock for the 4 days I’ll be away next week to Japan! The danna can just heat it up for @cheesiepetit for dinner 😋.
Day 1: Neapolitan spaghetti🍝
Day2: seafood paella🥘
Day 3: Roast chicken rice 🍗
Day 4: Sea Bream and wild mushroom konbu dashi porridge🍲
Actually come to think of it, if I freeze one extra portion every time I cook, I’ll have one whole week to be #superlazymama🙂. Probably the best cooking hack ever. 🤫
PS: drawing is made with #サランラップに書けるペン
#cheesiemade #whenmamaisaway

#lazymamacookinghack today - Paella-style Takikomigohan.🥘 Side dish was garlic roast chicken with Hokkaido potato and a Hokkaido cheesecake on clearance, only $3.90!🍗🥔🥧
Paella-Style Takikomogohan ingredients:
★2 cups of rice
★320ml water
★chopped paprika & onion
★4 tiger prawns
★6 Hamaguri clams
★ Salmon slices
★1 pack of Paella dashi
★1 cube of butter (10g?)
Just errr... put everything inside the rice cooker and press “cook”. 😝 Lazy ma?
Of course it didn’t taste as authentic as the real deal but... for the effort I put in, CLOSE ENOUGH! 😤
#cheesiemade #CheatOne™️

This dish has many names, 咕噜肉 in Cantonese, Sweet and Sour Pork in English and 酢豚 in Japanese. It's one of my favorite but I find it quite a challenge to cook this dish because the pork ends up super hard, plus I don't really like deep-frying. So here's a #lazymamacookinghack version of 酢豚 - Japanese Black Vinegar Sweet and Sour Pork, non-deepfry and crispy outside, super soft and tender inside!😋
★thin-sliced pork belly (I use Kagoshima Kurobuta because it's the only pork I found in the market that doesn't have the unpleasant smell!)
★Piman (green pepper), onion, carrot (pre-microwave until semi-soft), black fungus (pre-soaked in warm water)
1 tbs of shoyu
1 tbs of sake
1 tbs of oyster sauce
3 tbs of black vinegar
3 tbs of ketchup
Sugar (optional, I don't like sweet food so I opted this out)
1. Lightly sprinkle salt and pepper on sliced pork
2. Loosely roll them up into a ball shape, seal the end with corn starch so they don't fall apart
3. Coat them with corn starch
4. Fry the pork balls in fry pan with oil on medium low heat until brown and looks crispy. Don't need too much oil because the fat in pork belly will fry itself 😋.
5. Dish pork balls out and fry vegetables on medium high heat with the remaining oil in pan. I use kitchen towel to soak up the extra oil to cut off unwanted calories.
6. Once vegetables are half-cooked, return pork balls into pan, add ❤︎ and simmer on low heat until the sauce turns starchy.
Don't need to add extra starch because the starch powder on pork balls will thicken the sauce.
Please do adjust the sauce condiment to your liking. I like mine quite sour so I used quite a lot of vinegar. For sweeter taste add sugar or ketchup! ^^
Do let me know if you try out my recipe! ^^

【Video Recipe】ぐでたまトースト!❤︎For Gudetama lovers! It's not only cute, it's REALLY yummy!
I got lots of requests for the recipe for this meal I posted earlier on IG story, so here's the step-by-step in video! It's really so simple everyone can do it! 😊
I accidentally discovered that when you cover a slice of cheese over egg, it slides down just revealing half the yolk, like a cute Gudetama in blanket! Lots of recipes were created by accident, weren't they? ☺️
Only a 2 tips:
★Build the mayo wall thick and tall enough so the egg won't spill over
★Toast on lower heat and slightly longer if you want the yolk to cook through! 🍳🍞
I hope you like this video!
#cheesiemade #lazymamacookinghack

Today's (not so) #lazymamacookinghack: Trio-Color Flower Siu Mai 🌸🌼🌺. It's pretty and low-carb friendly because I'm not using any dumpling skin here! I accidentally created this recipe because I wanted to finish the purple cabbage in my fridge 😆.
★Dumpling Skin
1. Purple cabbage
2. Hakusai (long cabbage)
3. Shaved pink kamaboko I got from Ehime prefecture
1. 250gm minced pork (you can use minced chicken for halal version!)
2. Chopped onion
3. 1 tablespoon of oyster sauce, soy sauce, mirin, sake, corn starch, and a dash of pepper.
1. Green peas
2. Carrot (shaped with cutter)
3. Preserved sakura petal
1. Mix all ❤︎ in a bowl and refrigerate for at least 30 mins.
2. Microwave cabbage leaves for 1-2 minutes until soft, but not cooked.
3. Shape ❤︎ in a ball and wrap it carefully with cabbage leaves and shredded kamaboko.
4. Add topping
5. Steam it for 10 mins on medium low heat.
It's super soft and yummy! I made only 9 siu mai and the rest I threw it into soup to make meatballs ^^
Do share with me if you have tried my recipes and liked them! ☺️ #cheesiemade

【This one is really delicious!】
Today's #lazymamacookinghack is Garlic Butter Chicken! It's very yummy so I've repeated it several times and have finally perfected the recipe!

Ingredients: .
★chicken breast (or other parts you like)
★negi (skip this if you don't like leek!)
★1 clove of garlic
★1 tablespoon of shoyu
★half tablespoon of mirin
★One butter cube
1. I marinate the chicken with shiokoji the night before (optional), it makes even breast meat super tender!
2. Cut chicken in cube, I use the back of knife to hammer the meat a few times to give it an even softer texture
3. Coat chicken cubes in flour
4. Fry garlic in low heat
5. Dish out garlic and fry chicken cubes on medium high heat (don't move them around!)
6. When the bottom turns brown, add back the fried garlic, negi and flip chicken and cook on medium heat.
7. Add shoyu, mirin and lastly, melt a cube of butter and it will turn very creamy and so fragrant you'll want to eat it off the fry pan 😝. Enjoy!

【Cooking video】
Witch's Special Soup with Magic Potion🔮
1. Boil sliced onion in 300ml water until soft.
2. Add purple cabbage and cook for 1-2 minutes until the soup turns bright purple.
3. Add a pinch of salt (optional)
⚗️Magic Potion:
1. Mix two tablespoon of white vinegar, 1 teaspoon of consommé stock (or just salt), 1 tablespoon of herbs infused olive oil
Serve the soup, and just pour in the Magic Potion slowly and see magic happen!!😃 Junya was like huh what just happened 😂. (PS: The soup tastes very mediocre 😅. 好看不是很好喝😆)
Do try this super simple party recipe! Hope you like it! ^^ #cheesiemade

【Recipe idea💡】Halloween Witch's Special Soup with Magic Potion!! 🔮
The Witch's soup is purple and when mixed with a Magic Potion, it turns bright pink! ⚗️ (swipe to see before after)
An idea for your kids' Halloween party! 🌡💉💀🎃. Recipe will be up next, switch on notification if you don't wanna miss it out!


【Swipe for steps!】Breakfast for @cheesiepetit today! Fruit sandwich pouch - peanut butter banana and strawberry cream cheese. You can get a sandwich maker from DAISO and your sandwich will be mess-free! Easy for those little hands 👶🏻🤚🏻 #lazymamacookinghack #cheesiemade

【Swipe for recipe】Today's #lazymamacookinghack: Garlic Butter Salmon Rice, Daikon Steak, Ebi Mayo Broccoli and Hokkaido Melon. 🍈
1.Garlic Butter Salmon Rice - mix a spoon of barley (optional), add water, 1 tablespoon of shoyu, sake, butter, and minced garlic (I use granules, super convenient), and sliced salmon to rice in rice cooker, cook as usual. It's ready in 1 hour! Garnish with Shiso leaves.
2. Daikon Steak - slice daikon, stab it all over with a fork, add a pinch of rice (important! It will bring out the sweetness of daikon), add water and microwave for 6 minutes in a heat-safe container . Pat it dry and coat it lightly with flour, and pan-fry in olive oil. Add Yakiniku sauce before turning the heat off. Super yummy!
3. Ebi Mayo Broccoli - simply fry shrimps and broccoli (microwaved for 40 seconds) with mayo or if you like, mentaiko mayo.
4. Hokkaido Melon - cut and enjoy hehehe.🍈
Salmon is a staple in our home but the kids didn't really like the chunky/dry texture of it so cooking it together with rice makes it super easy to eat!

A day like this, just cheat as much as you can. Today's #lazymamacookinghack dinner: 6 types of vegetables in one meal!
1. Takikomigohan - just throw cut vegetables (broccoli, eringi mushroom, bamboo shoot) and diced chicken into the rice cooker and cook together with rice, dashi and shoyu. 45 minutes later you have a meal!!!
2. Simmered daikon ankake with asari- just cook daikon with clams (canned) with dashi, add corn starch and green peas at the end.
3. Hijiki and soy bean side dish: from an instant pack I got from Meidiya for $2 (nearing expiry date).
In case you are wondering if Sakura can finish that much food, that's for her oniichan hehe.

New blog post up: super #lazymamacookinghack for super busy mama (who is... just about every mother haha). Read how to prepare a quick snack/meal under 1 minute with Captain Oat's Eazy-Go!

Read: www.cheeserland.jp

Today's #lazymamacookinghack is a super easy Deco Instant Noodle for Junya. Instead of me making this for him, we cooked and decorated it together ^^ Junya loooves his noodles.

Read my full blog post on the step-by-step details: www.cheeserland.jp

If you love to make cute food for your kids, Myojo is having a #DecoratingTogether contest, where you get to win attractive prizes! You just need to make your decoration noodle with Myojo and post it on social media (Facebook and Instagram). Time to show your magic, cooking mamas! ^^ More details at http://decoratingtogether.myojo.sg/

#sp #decoratingtogether together

【Swipe for Step-by-Step】
🍚: Matsutake Japanese mixed Rice
🌸: Sakura Siew Mai
🌱: Sakura ebi spinach namul
🥕: Carrot mariné with walnut and olive oil
🐰: Bunny Kamaboko
🍲: Color麩 Instant Matsutake Clear Soup (HAHA sorry can't resist Japanese pun)
Today's #lazymamacookinghack points:
1.Matsutake (松茸) is the Japanese equivalent of black truffle. Very rare and expensive. Loooove the flavor! Both the rice and soup use instant stock so it's cheap and fast! 😜
2.Today I saw on TV that microwave heated vegetables have more vitamin preserved compared to boiling/blanching!
So I microwaved the spinach, super fuss-free and time-saving!
The pink siew mai (I anyhow named it Sakura siew mai haha🌸) is wrapped with shredded kamaboko🍥, which I bought during my trip to Ehime Prefecture.❤︎(*´∇`*)

【Swipe for Step-by-Step🔎】 Super easy Strawberry Short Cake CheatOne™ for @cheesiepetit Junya's 3rd birthday!🎂 No baking needed at all!!! Haha actually it is made of stacked pancakes with yogurt as fresh cream! 🥞A healthy option for little kids too!
☆Hot cake mix 1 pack (+ milk and egg as stated)
☆Greek Yogurt 1 tub
1. Strain yogurt overnight.
2. Cook pancake in your fry pan (we used a Tamagoyaki pan for the even square shape)
2. Apply well-strained yogurt on each layer, top with sliced strawberries
3. Stack and continue step 2
4. Decorate with strawberries and color ball sprinkles!
I am a baking idiot so this is perfectly easy🍰! #lazymamacookinghack

【Swipe for ingredients】Today's #cheesiemade dinner: Cheese-in Hamburg.

#lazymamacookinghack tip of the day: the only thing I needed was minced meat, mix and pan fry!! I got this Hamburg Helper from Japan (I think I saw it in Meidiya before), and it makes making Hamburg soooooo effortless. What is this magic powder?!? 😳After tasting it I was like, why do I even bother making Hamburg from scratch? 😱😱😱 The result was soft and juice patties with the perfect seasoning!

☆250gm of minced meat
☆120ml of milk or water (I used milk)
☆1 packet of Hamburg Helper
☆Worcestershire Sauce 2tbs
☆Cooking sake 1tbs
☆Ketchup 3tbs

I didn't have ketchup so I replaced it with Vegetable juice. Works perfectly 👍🏻.

That's all. And you have gourmet-quality Hamburg. Watch my stories today for more.

Today's #cheesiemade non-oil mama lunch: .
☆TKG (again)🍚🥚
☆Aomori yellow apple🍎
#Nikujaga is a classic Japanese comfort food and it's super easy to cook! You can google the traditional recipe. I made mine in #vermicular without sugar and mirin because I don't like my savory meals sweet 😳. No oil is used in cooking too, to make up for the duck fat aplenty last night 😂. .
今日はバーミキュラde肉じゃが❤︎甘口料理は苦手なのでみりん、砂糖なしで!最近シンガポールで安心な日本産卵見つけて毎日TKG❤︎ ちなみにご飯はもち麦入り。もちもちの食感楽しい🤗

【Swipe for ingredients】#Cheesiemade dinner: Crab meat and shrimp fried rice. Ran out of vegetables so I served it with salad. The mix of texture was quite refreshing!
1. Warm rice (it works better for me than cold rice)🍚
2. Shrimp and crab meat🦀🦐
3. Kamaboko 🍥
4. Two eggs 🥚🥚
5. Duck fat (wanted to use lard but didn't have any)
6. Tube garlic and Cook-Do seasoning paste
#lazymamacookinghack tip: I use tube garlic so that I don't have to chop and mince and get my hands all garlicky, and also tube paste so that I don't save time concocting seasoning (and less dishes to wash!). The iron wok I use is River Light Kiwame from Tokyu Hands SG. Very good "wok hei". 👍🏻

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