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Light work to start this week off. These @gymsharkwomen tights were surprisingly comfy! Might post a review as my first YouTube vid. MIGHT 😅
Repeat these 10reps 4set💦

Tag ur workout partner to challenge and #growthatbooty 💁🏻💁🏽

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SQUAT & REACH *** Happy hump day! Start with feet just wider than hip width and a weight in one hand. Squat low, keeping your core tight, chest up and knees behind your toes. Then press up, and press the weight up and reach up toward the opposite side, pivoting your back foot. Repeat 8 times on each side and do 2-3 reps. Hope you’re reaching for the stars this week! ✨💪🏻 #fit_n_flow

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respect by: @fitgirlsguide “Build Your Own Sundae from @fitgirlsguide vol2 Cookbook. I decided on this as my breakfast this week because I know I can make a bunch of different combinations plus I like to have yogurt in the morning. What’s on your plate ladies?” - @runderful.moments
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GROW YOUR BOOTY 😊😊😊 - with these exercises 💕 Ok maybe not so much the last one, which is for the hammies! But we need to work the back of our legs too if you have cellulite like me ❤️ Tag a friend if this was helpful!

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ELBOW PLANK KNEE TO ELBOW *** Happy Monday Fit Fam! This move or a variation of it is always a part of a Fit n Flow workout! It works he entire body and gets your heart rate up! Starting in elbow plank, lift one leg up, then bend at the knee and pull your knee towards your outside elbow. Do 8 on each side. #fit_n_flow

Feel the booty pump after these!! 🍑One leg cross curtesy steps 10 each legs, 3sets.
🍑Cable pull through 10/12 reps, 4sets increasing weight each set.
🍑Dumble squat 10/12reps 4sets, increasing weight after 2nd set.
🍑Half squat 10/12reps, 4sets.
🍑Closed legs raised squat 10/12reps,4sets.
Tag ur workout partner to challenge and #growthatbooty 💁🏻💁🏽

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SQUAT, PRESS, TRICEP DIP *** Full body combo, work those legs, core, arms, shoulders and triceps! With feet a little wider than hip width apart, weights in hand (I’m using 8 lb weights) hold your weights up, squat low, with your core tight, booty out, and chest up. As you press up from your squat, press your weights up overhead. Press the weight together, and dip them behind your head and extend back up and lower them down as you start over with the squat. Do 8-12 reps and 2-3 sets. #fit_n_flow

BENDER BALL HAMSTRING COMBO *** The bender ball is great for stability work. If you’ve ever injured your ankle, doing moves that challenge your balance is great for strengthening those tiny muscles in your joint. Try these bridge moves with the bender ball. Keep your core tight and engage your glutes throughout the entire move! #fit_n_flow

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FULL BODY GLIDERS - Your entire body has no choice but to engage on this one! Especially your triceps, core and hamstrings! Give these bridge moves a try and as always add a 🐒 to increase difficulty 😜 #fit_n_flow fit_n_flow

BENDER BALL AB WORK *** Your abs will be burning by the end, trust me! Place your bender ball at the small of your back while sitting. Lean back and crunch up x8. Then extend your right arm over past your left knee x8, then left arm over right knee x8, then open your knees, with the bottom of your feet together, and finish off the serious with an additional 8 crunches center. These will engage your upper AND lower abdominals AND your obliques! 👊🏻 #fit_n_flow

BENDER BALL BACK BOOTY & HAMSTRINGS *** If you haven’t played with a bender ball before, you MUST try it out! It’s one of my favorites! It’s all air, slightly squishy, and builds the best burn!!! For this move lay on your tummy with the bender ball squeezed between your ankles. Lift and lower your legs keeping a tight squeeze on the ball, engaging your inner thighs and booty. Do 8 reps. Then hold your legs up and pulse squeeze the ball x8. Then keeping your legs up as high as you can, bend at the knee and extend x8, keeping a tight squeeze on the ball. You can add in your upper body for a full back move. #fit_n_flow

How my day went today: Work, school, 20 min nap, work, study, then later shower and KO. I was lucky enough to get that nap in today 😭🙏🏽 My days have been non-stop busy. I love it because it helps me stay productive, but also sometimes I forget I need a minute to relax. BUT, I’m grateful for the life I live. I’m healthy, I have a job, I have a roof over my head, I’m able to receive education, etc etc. Never forget to count your blessings. Work hard, play hard 💪🏽💪🏽

respect by: @stef_fit 💪🏽💥 Who’s training this weekend? 🔥 Get this upperbody workout done 😈 12 reps each exercise 4 rounds, Go get it
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Gotta serious booty pump going on right now 😁🍑

GLIDER CORE AND CHEST *** Starting in a kneeling position with your hands on the gliders (or a set of paper plates), glide your plates out to a plank position on your knees. Lift your feet up so you are resting on the muscle above your knee. Do 4 push ups. Using your core, pull your gliders back towards your knees, keeping your back slightly rounded. Repeat 4 times. Now glide out to plank. Take your right hand and glide it under and cross past your left and return. Keep your core tight so your body doesn’t rock. Repeat with your left and do 8 reps. #fit_n_flow

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