Play money for manifestation!
Do you even know how it looks and feels to have the money you want to attract and manifest in your hands?
➡ Connect yourself to it in any way you can!

Your time is coming.
Your blessings are flowing forward, spiraling toward you.
Will you receive them?
When you align with the power of your womb, with the pull in your gut, and follow the tugs, the Universe responds.
I beg you to let your actions become a prayer, letting faith settle in your bones that these actions today are seeding your tomorrow.
Something beautiful is coming today. For those with trust, for those expecting it to come, they will see it.
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Love yourself while you still get the chance ~


What if you didn't have to judge your body in order to change it? I think health & wellness are acts of self-love, not self-punishment. Ever.💞 I do my best everyday to take care of all aspects of my being: mind, body & soul.
The human body is a miracle of creation. It is the vehicle through with we enjoy life here on Planet Earth. 🌎

Are you grateful for your body? Do you treat it and talk to it as you would treat and talk to your best friend? What if you did? 🙏🏻💅💎👙👑🌹💞☺

For those of you that have asked... . 🔹Yes, I eat... a lot sometimes. 😁 🔹Yes, I have struggled with my weight... for 30+ years... but not anymore. 🤓 🔹Yes, I lost over 50 pounds... my way! 🤗 🔹Yes, I have chronic health issues... I refuse to let them dictate my life. 💪 🔹Yes, I can really help you even though the medical system couldn’t... they couldn’t help me either and I’m a Nurse Practitoner. 😕 .

Do you see the trend?? These pics show a story of 3 decades, not just one. These 3 pics are me at 40, 42, and 46... could have also been me at 12, 14, and 18... it WILL NOT be me in the future. I know now. And that’s why I share. 💞

Are you tired of yo-yo-ing up and down?? I know I was! It’s a lifelong struggle, and every new high on the scale brought a new low in my head and my heart. 💔 It was physically painful, and damaging to me mentally and physically. .

No more!
I know more now... I know the difference between real health and what “looks good”... I’m going for real health, cause that’s the “feel good” that will always “look good”! .

Who’s ready to feel good?
I have a new plan starting Monday and another in 2 weeks... one with fitness and nutrition, one with just nutrition... both will change your mind and that WILL change your body! .
FREE YOUR MIND!! The rest WILL follow!! 😉 And now En Vogue will be in my head and yours for hours. 😁 .

Seriously though, what are you waiting for?? Let’s change your life the way I changed mine!!

Desire + Belief + Expectancy + Action = Manifestation
So Napoleon Hill offered an explanation. He said: “When faith [by which he meant belief] is blended with the vibration of thought, the subconscious mind instantly picks up the vibration, translates it into its spiritual equivalent, and transmits it to the Infinite Intelligence, as in the case of prayer.”
any thought which passes through the brain is simply an energetic process, and that energy can be converted to a material form in the real world.
That conversion depends on you sending your thoughts out to the world with enough energy behind them. Excitement, joy, passion, anger – any powerful emotion can energize the process enough for manifestation to “switch on”.
what you get in life is controlled almost entirely by what you believe is possible FOR YOU.

Want to feel abundant?
Surround yourself with flowers and plants. Let Mother Nature wrap you in her beauty!

He said, “Tighten your abs.” My first thought, “Do I look fat.” 🤭
We ALL do it, right?? We second guess ourselves. 🤦‍♀️
We don’t give ourselves enough credit.
We’re way more critical of our own self than we are of anyone else. 😕
We need to learn to embrace life.
Let the stress go. 👋
Change it or move on.
It’s a lesson worth learning. 🤓
For me.
For you.
For anyone that wants help...
I’m here.
I’ve been on the other side of self love.
Self doubt is toxic, ☠️ don’t let it eat you.
Be proud of you. 💞
Be proud of what you are capable of. 🤗
Love yourself like you want to be loved. 💗

A little Saturday morning quip from my FB page. A great cup of coffee always raises my frequency! Give me a 👍🏻in the comments if you agree! #RYFP

The Universe has unlimited ways of bringing about your dream, don't give up on the Universe because it hasn't given up on you. There is more than one route to your end goal, get ready because the journey chosen for you will be full of gifts you just have to know how to receive them. Do you agree?

Oh! I am also grateful for the SUN! I knew you were gonna show up too!! ☁️🌥⛅️🌤☀️☀️💛 🙌🏻 #airdrielife #canadianlife #canadianblogger #gratitudejournal #lawofattractioninaction

Visualize-Feel-Expect-Let Go-Allow and Align

Making peace with where we are is huge in allowing and creating more of what we want. #loa #lawofvibration #lawofattractioninaction #archangels #angelmagic #divineknowledge #divineknowing

Let's talk about prosperity.
A lot of people think prosperity = money.
But there are many many other things that come under prosperity.
There's time, love, suceess and joy and comfort. Beauty, wisdom, good health & money.
You can be really poor in time that is you feel rushed all the time, you feel pressured - you have poverty in time. But if you feel you have all the time in the world. And whatever you want to finish and get done, the you are really prosperous in time.
And what about suceess? If you feel it's way beyond your reach - then you are never gonna get it. But if you feel you are going to be successful whatever that means to you then that's prosperity.
Comfort. How many of you have prosperity in comfort? Or are you living life that is really uncomfortable, hard and tight.
Wisdom. Do you feel prosperity in wisdom? Do you feel all the wisdom in the universe is available to you? Or do you think oh it's just me and I don't much & I can't figure things out. .
You feel that you are really connected with the Divine creation, and that you really trust that part of inside then you can be absolutely prosperous and have abundance of wisdom.
And what about love? Do you feel you have abundance of love or are you very poor in love? Is there just a little bit of it in your life? .
How about joy? Do you feel you really have abundance of joy or is that something you allow yourself a little bit now and then? Then you are really poor in joy.
What about beauty? Do you see beauty everywhere? Do you allow yourself abundance of beauty everywhere?
What about good health? Do you have no health, is there very little, are you poor in health? Or are you prosperous, do you have abundance of health.
And of course there's money then. What do you let yourself have? Are you poor in money or do you have abundance of it?
I like that image where there's an ocean and you are standing in front of it with a container in hand. There's a container but what is it? Is it a small cracked cup? is it a mug? is it vase? Is it a pale bucket or a jar? Or a wash tub, pipeline?

Continued in comments..
PC: @rahul_karandikar_

Repeat after me:
I always have more than enough
I am not my past, I deserve a life filled with love and happiness
Life happens FOR me not TO me
I inhale confidence and exhale fear
I'm unstoppable
It is safe to be me
I can and will have everything and more than I could ever dream of
I allow the flow of abundance into my life
I bend, I don't break
I know how to heal myself
I declare love, success, and prosperity

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