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Some bro time, got to see him bowl a strike and meet some of his friends.. And then some me time for a mani 😊 love being home #NY #lawnguyland

#MeetTheStaffFriday? You heard right, we have a new member of our family! Introducing RD Gabby! She is from Merrick, Long Island. If she were to be any kitchen appliance she would be a fridge because she loves food and because shes pretty chill #badumching. A fun fact about her is that she trains dogs. Lastly, she may not have a favorite quote but she is always saying "Live each day as if it were your last" Make sure to stop by and say hi to our new RD!! #gabbyrules #shelovespuns #lawnguyland

how people behind me feel at most shows. thanks for finding me in a crowd looking chic @bannedingc at the @ironchic show. #iseeyou #downinfront #ironchic #mentallyillfromamityville #lawnguyland

Nomnomnom. I’m gonna need gum after this. #loxbagel #lawnguyland

Deli & a side of lack of effort. #lawnguyland

The st00pit bich is home and i missed her and i luv her. #BestFwiends #Hawaiian #Bich @aylabrat @abx09 #LawnGuyLand

Goddamnit. I hate when this happens. Patchogue. I assume it's pronounced "Pah-chohg"? Like "Vogue"? "Kylie Minogue?" Not "pah-chow-gway"? Anyone? I ask because now I have that damned "Vogue" song in my head--but with "Vogue" replaced by "Patchogue." ("Patchogue, Patchogue, Patchogue. Beauty's where you find it. Goooo with the flooooooow.") Anyway, sorry for the late notice (but really, it's not like you pay me. If so, I want a raise, a new chair, and longer coffee breaks. And I want Vicki fired because all she does is disppear to smoke her Virginia Slims all day and I'm sick of it.) But if you live in Patchogue, Patchoghue, Patchogue you have a movie to go see tomorrow night. And don't give me that malarkee about it being cold outside. Oh, boo-hoo. You chose to live on Long Island, you bundle up, damnit. There's a theater showing Gone With the Wind. Layer like a normal person! If you live in Patchogue, Patchogue, Patchogue, I assume you know where the Patchogue Patchogue, Patchohgue Theater is. (It's at 71 East Main Street in case you need me to do your remembering for you at these cheap wages you pay me.) Tickets are sold at the door: $15 Adult, $12 Children and Seniors. Roy Moore and date get in for $27. (I can't help it; I just had sugar.) If you live in Suffolk County or near it, Vivien and Clark expect to see you there and I wanna see a picture of you in your mittens with the theater marquee above you. Patchogue, Patchogue, Patchogue. Suffolk's where you find it. Gooooo in the snooooow.

#gwtw #gonewiththewind #lawnguyland #longisland #newyork #suffolk #suffolkcounty #patchogue #patchogueny #gwtwplaydates #gwtwplaydate #vivienleigh #scarlettohara #clarkgable #rhettbutler

Totally smitten with this vegan tempeh skillet. Beautiful beer selection too. @vauxhall_huntington #huntingtonny #lawnguyland #veganbreakfast

Work from home day = lunch break spent in the snow .
#dogsofinstagram #shorkie #snow #workfromhome #itscoldoutside #dogs #lawnguyland

Rockin' Fish. Northport. @rockinfishnpt #northport #lawnguyland

Winter. North Fork. #northfork #lawnguyland

Water & Air temps collide. #greenport #lawnguyland

Nighttime at the carousel. #greenportny #northfork #lawnguyland

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