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Omgggg you have to go see her if you're looking to get some lash extensions 😍🌺. #Repost @lavilash_beauty_lounge ・・・
3 week classic fill πŸ€— these lashes are wakeup ready 😍
#prettygirlsclub #lavilashgirls

NOW BOOKING ONLINE πŸ’• going forward I will no longer be taking appointments via email, txt, phone calls and DM. Please book accordingly to however remaining lashes you have. If you book a certain time frame that is all the time you'll get. This is to be mindful for the client booked after you. Please note I'll be gone from July 14-28. Bookings can be made on my updated website 😬 at www.lavilash.ca happy booking. #prettygirlsclub #lavilashgirls

Another #gorgeous added on the #lavilashgirls #shewenttojanice out @elanaloo picture taken in the front of the new spot at the Kona Market Place
New Location
75-5729 Alii Drive Suite C-104, Kailua Kona HI 96740

It's by where holy donuts and Frenchman cafe. I'm next to Falafel. Omg all amazing restaurant around me! πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ did I say I'm around the corner of Hayashis too!
New location
75-5729 Alii Drive Suite C-104, Kailua Kona HI
I'm in transition of moving and finishing the renovation.
there's no decors yet! πŸ™ˆ
Almost done w renovation

It's by Kona Market Place where holy donuts and Frenchman cafe. I'm next to Falafel


I turned her super short sparsey lashes into some fluff 😍. Pretty girls. pretty lashes πŸ’•
#prettygirlsclub #lavilashgirls

Pretty girls smile 😊. Lashes make her a happy girl πŸ’•
#lavilashgirls #prettygirlsclub

Today's LATE fill πŸ’•
"Oh there it is" .. every single time! πŸ˜‚
#prettygirlsclub #lavilashgirls

3 week fill πŸ’•
Thanks for the work and after work visit 😬😘
#lavilashgirls #prettygirlsclub

3 week fill πŸ’•
Thanks for the Burger combo 😬
#pinkypromiselockit #lavilashgirls #prettygirlsclub

For the ladies that come in 3 weeks with 2 lashes left here is a prime example of someone who maintains their lashes!
This fill may look like it would only take 15 min but it didn't. I still go through your lashes during a fill and take out all the grown out extensions and fill them with NEW ones. .
Thank you for bringing your cute little fam in today including W lol. That was quite entertaining lol! Beautiful mama with her most ADORABLE chubby baby! πŸ’•
Thanks for the ice cap 😬
#lavilashgirls #prettygirlsclub

2.5 week fill πŸ’•
I swear we have the most embarrassing stories πŸ€£πŸ™ˆπŸ˜³. When looking for a lash lady make sure she's able to keep secrets 🀐 bulbol hahaha
Thank you for the bday giftπŸ’›!! #prettygirlsclub #lavilashgirls

4 week classic set retention 😱!!
She's going to take a break from me for a bit 😩 after this set. But I'll ok πŸ˜”lol. I'm going to miss you !
#lavilashgirls #prettygirlsclub

When she looks good with that little extra fluff πŸ’•
Pretty jewels πŸ’Ž
#lavilashgirls #prettygirlsclub

πŸ’•Welcome to The Pretty Girls Club πŸ’•this client previously got her lashes done elsewhere and she just wanted to try something new. It was nice see you again ☺️
#prettygirlsclub #lavilashgirls

It's amazing how a set of lashes can make you look so alive and vibrant πŸ’•these lashes are all ready for maid of honour duties this weekend πŸ’
#lavilashgirls #prettygirlsclub
Classic set - $95

She travels from a small town approx. 2 hours away to come see me for lashes. That's real love & loyalty right there. When long distance ACTUALLY works πŸ–€πŸ’. Thank you, for coming all this way just to be lashed by me 😊 #ifeelspecial
#prettygirlsclub #lavilashgirls #classicset
Classic set - $95

This new client came in for her lashes right in time for hot date tonight πŸ’‘ and for the weddings coming up πŸ’. She had sooo many natural lashes 😍. Welcome to the #prettygirls #lavilashgirls
Classic set- $95

‼️We got a picker over hereπŸ˜’β€ΌοΈ
This 4 week fill came in needing a new full set of volumes because she picked at her lashes. My biggest rule is DON'T PICK AT YOUR LASHES!
Any-who, check out how long and strong her natural lashes are 😍 they were pretty much the same length as the 14mm custom fan I created.
Thanks for the banana bread 🀀
#prettygirlsclub #lavilashgirls
Volume sets - $200

The calm before the STORM β˜”οΈπŸŒͺπŸ˜‚
My lashes are going to sin city with this hottie πŸ”₯. Have fun! πŸ‘―πŸΎπŸ₯‚ #prettygirlsclub #lavilashgirls

5 week fill πŸ’•
She always comes in with the best Retention and the cutest outfits 😊
#prettygirlsclub #lavilashgirls

5 week fill πŸ’•
Gave this dimpled face cutie some extra fluff today for her fill.
#lavilashgirls #prettygirlsclub

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