Loving the lavender pajamas! We cant wait to order these and curl up in bed with our favourite book and fall asleep ❤️secretcloset paired up with farahtalibaziz to design these cute pjs. @secretclosetpk @farahtalibaziz #lavenders#pajamas#sweetdreamsaremadeofthis

l a v e n d e r🌿

An meinem kleinen Garten habe ich gerade so viel Freude 🤗 Beeren, Tomaten, Zwiebeln und Salat kann ich zwar noch nicht ernten, aber die Gewürze verwenden wir täglich zum Kochen. Dieses Jahr habe ich noch mehr Lavendel gepflanzt, weil die Bienen davon ganz begeistert sind und ich die Blüten gerne für selbstgemachte Duftkissen trockne 🐝🐝🐝
These days I'm so happy with my small garden 🤗 I've planted some more lavender this year, because the bees love it (and I like to dry it for little pillows) 🐝🐝🐝

My Lavender is now officially bumblebee approved 😍👍

💜 Lavender Fields 💜
📷 💠1- Unknown; 💠2- sandra160173; 💠3- Alain M.
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Our house smells like lilacs because we have we like to cut off a sprig from the bush in our front yard and keep it in our kitchen. I wanted to take photos of it before they went away. Who knows how long they'll last? I thought I had more time with the hundred or so tulips in our garden but it's been so warm out they all bloomed and shriveled in a couple weeks! So I was inspired by our lilac bush and these pretty little purple flowers that are growing like weeds in our grass to make a flat lay of all the small purple things I could find. Does anyone else have a rock collection? Or love trolls? 💕💜

do you guys like it?💐 ——————————
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