Works by #LaurelSparks in the group show "My Vicious Throbbing Heart: Animating Desire in Abstract Painting" opening today @franklinstreetworks, 5-8 PM! The exhibition is on view through September 9.

Another one from ‘My Vicious Throbbing Heart’ 💔 curated by @risapuleo / installation shot of stellar paintings by Laurel Sparks with jingle bells, glitter, foam bells and more! @franklinstreetworks Opening tomorrow and up through Sept. 9 - review out in July for @artnewenglandmagazine #risapuleo #abstractart #ctart #myviciousthrobbingheart #franklinstreetworks #artnewengland #laurelsparks

Congratulations to @sparxxx on the final day of #Geomantria! #LaurelSparks

Laurel Sparks at Kate Werble #laurelsparks #katewerblegallery

Laurel Sparks, "Geomantria" on view through 4/6 at Kate Werble Gallery ✳️ 🔆 "For Sparks, painting is simultaneously a belief system and a way to create icons that put the viewer into contact with an occult power. On the other hand, there is the magic of sensuous seduction. The works are simply beautiful and express only their own aesthetic delight." – Alfred Mac Adam, The Brooklyn Rail #nadamember #newartdealers

Last Saturday of #LaurelSparks! #Geomantria closes April 6th.

FINAL WEEK of Geomantria @kate_werble_gallery
Closes Friday April 6

@sparxxx “Pandora,” 2018, acrylic, ink, gouache, ash, woven canvas, paper mache, glitter, gold leaf, beads, cut holes, metallic paper on canvas. #laurelsparks #killingit

#LaurelSparks "Dark Matter" (2018), detail

Thanks to @kate_werble_gallery for the introduction to Laurel Sparks’ multi-layered and mystical paintings with paper pulp! #laurelsparks #katewerblegallery #paintings #paperpulp #abstraction

Final 2 weeks of my show!#laurelsparks GEOMANTRIA
Through April 6

Only 2 weeks left of our solo show with #LaurelSparks! Gallery hours are Tuesday - Saturday, 11 AM - 6PM.

#LaurelSparks “Middle Pillar” (2018), detail

#LaurelSparks "String Figure" (2018) & "Geomantria" (2018)

Alfred Mac Adam reviews Laurel Sparks at @kate_werble_gallery until April 6th.
Laurel Sparks, Middle Pillar, 2018. Poured gesso, acrylic, ink, crayon, paper mache, ash, glitter, glass, and stone beads, jingle bells, woven canvas strips, braided yarn on canvas.
Laurel Sparks, Jacob's Ladder, 2018. Acrylic, gouache, crayon, paper mache, woven canvas, ash, rocks, glitter, cut holes, metallic paper, string on canvas

Please join us for coffee and a viewing with #LaurelSparks of her solo exhibition #Geomantria tomorrow morning (March 10) from 10 AM - 12 PM.

#laurelsparks I do.❤️U!
thru April 6

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