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👓📖❤ leitura pré-descanso.. reading pre rest 😴
#laughableloves #milankundera

Buku dari seorang Milan Kundera..
- Laughable Loves -
Kisah-kisah dalam buku ini menjadi suatu komedi yang memancing gelak tawa sebab mereka telah melewati batas tragedi yang teramat-sangat paling puncak. Gelak tawa yang dihadirkan justru disebabkan oleh kegetiran yang teramat sangat itu. Di puncak kesedihan seseorang harus tertawa sekeras-kerasnya, sebab tangisan yang paling meraung-raung pun telah tak cukup lagi. - cinta yang mengundang gelak tawa -. #milankundera #laughableloves #gubuksastra #jogjabook #papyrus

retro kafenisanje sa bakom i Kunderom #laughableloves #derkuss

#bookreview: I devoured this book. I bought it yesterday and I'm done today. I read it way past my usual bedtime. I bought three huge lattes and read it leisurely. I also had lunch with it. ⭐⭐⭐⭐
What I absolutely love about Milan Kundera is how his characters are so real. So real that it gets almost hard to believe. As much as Tomas and Teresa are weird from The Unbearable Lightness Of Being, there are so many Tomas and Teresas out there. In the same fashion he brings up very real problems. For example, how lying about certain things bothers us and other things doesn't.
• "you think a lie is a lie, and it would seem that you're right. But you aren't. I can invent anything, make a fool of someone, carry out hoaxes and practical jokes- and I don't feel like a liar and I don't have a bad conscience. These lies, if you want to call them that, represent me as I really am. With such lies I'm not simulating anything, with such lies in fact I'm speaking the truth. But there are things I can't lie about. There are things I've penetrated, whose meaning I've grasped, that I love and take seriously. I can't joke about these things. If I did I'd humiliate myself. It's impossible, don't ask me to do it, I can't."•
On another note, Kundera does write about men who are womanizers but he in no way tries to say that the woman is incapable of understanding the man's intention or that she's any less or incapable of existing without. Don't we all hold on to people even after knowing that they're full of shit. Also people who say that the characters' opinion is the author's opinion are the kind of ignorant people I'm allergic to.
Why four stars? Because The Unbearable Lightness Of Being is still my favourite. I remember @thephotodiary mentioning the bowler hat tattoo. I haven't stopped thinking about it ever since. Good night world ❤
#laughableloves #milankundera #bookstagram

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#milankundera #laughableloves #cintayangmengundanggelaktawa #kitablupadangelaktawa #sastradunia

More wonderful things you rediscover when packing your life into boxes. #LaughableLoves #MilanKundera

Proses Binding buku Kundera. #laughableloves



Cerita-cerita di dalam buku ini sesungguhnya memiliki nafas erotis dan getir yang begitu kental, tak tertahankan bagi tokoh-tokoh yang menjalaninya. Namun kegetiran yang mencapai serta melampaui puncaknya itu, tragedi yang menembus batas tragedi itu sendiri, membuatnya menjadi jungkir-balik sama sekali; segala kegetiran dan kemalangan tokoh-tokohnya berubah menjadi komedi yang tidak saja mengocok perut, melainkan juga menusuk kesadaran. Kisah-kisah di dalam buku ini menjadi suatu komedi yang memancing gelak tawa sebab mereka telah melewati batas tragedi yang teramat-sangat-paling puncak; gelak tawa yang dihadirkan kisah-kisah ini justru disebabkan oleh kegetiran yang teramat sangat itu. Milan Kundera menyeret tokoh-tokohnya ke situasi ambang batas untuk memaksa mereka mengubah sikap; di puncak kesedihan seseorang harus tertawa sekeras-kerasnya, sebab tangisan yang paling meraung-raung pun telah tak cukup lagi.

Judul: Laughable Loves
Penulis: Milan Kundera
Penerjemah: Lutfi Mardiansyah
Penerbit: Papyrus Publishing
Ukuran: 19x13 cm
Jumlah Halaman: 204 hal
Harga Normal: Rp. 75.000
Diskon 10% jadi Rp. 67.500 (Belum termasuk ongkos kirim)

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The worth of a #human being lies in the ability to extend oneself, to go outside oneself, to exist in and for other people - #kundera #laughableloves #mumbai #urban #iphone #film #portrait mode (on) - more #sky - in search of #shade

But this is how life goes: a man imagines that he is playing his role in a particular play, and he does not suspect that in the meantime they have changed the scenery without his noticing, and he unknowingly finds himself in the middle of a rather different performance.
📕 Laughable Loves-Edward and God
Milan Kundera ▫

"Men act and women appear. Men look at women. Women watch themselves being looked at. The Surveyors of woman in herself is male: the surveyed female. Thus she turns herself into an object -- and most particularly an object of vision: a sight."
The above quote by Berger basically sums up what Laughable Loves is about. It is a collection of seven sexual comedies heavily laced with wry humour, wild antics and cynicism. The stories centres on sexual attraction and vanity, love and the needless erotic games played by women and men as they navigate the worlds of deceit, hypocrisy and social maladies.
Kundera's men are deceitfully amorous, conceited and self-indulgent. They validate their masculinity to each other by engaging in artful displays of flirtations. They assert their superiority to women by humiliating them.
Women are made to appeal to man's sexuality. This has nothing to do with their own sexuality. Women are there to feed an appetite and it seems as if they're not allowed their own. If they do, they're tricked into subordination. The women are either portrayed young, submissive, ignorant, impressionable or much older, unattractive, lascivious and undesirable.
A little miffed at the gender portrayals but admittedly, this gender language and sexual mechanism is the truth.
At the end of the day, foolish games aside, everyone is searching for someone or something to fill a void, to feel alive, to find meaning in their existence. In 'Symposium', Flaishman, a young discerning doctor coming into maturity realises "however much he ran after girls, above all, he was seeking comforting embrace, never-ending vast, which would redeem him from the infernal relativity of the freshly discovered world. In 'Edward and God', the directess of the school where Edward teaches said, "A man is not in the world only for his sake. He always lives for something."
I like this book for its bawdy honesty. Kundera's writing here isn't as eloquent as his later writes but he still manages to slip in subtle nuances of universal truths that appeals to our sensibilities. Kundera is always worth reading.


One of my favorite collection of short stories. Where Love, comedy & Tragedy meet and mix. #MilanKundera #LaughableLoves #TheHitchHikingGame #Literature #ShortStories #BookLover #Bookseller

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