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We finally did it for our very first performance together. You all were great and we did it so well( even though I think I can do better). A very BIG LOVE to you all💖💖💖😉🙆
#rp #busking #openinglaunch #latin #latindancesport

I don't normally post videos of me dancing cause I'm pretty shy, but @hpbsg said they love the energy and wanna see more!! ❤ And there're prizes to be won! Every dancer who does self-practice in public NEEDS A WIRELESS EARPIECE! 🎧🎵🎶 Dancers, start hashtagging #my10ktoday!

#LatinDancesport #LatinDance #Latin #SMUArdiente
PS: @burpingfish just got her @hpbsg's step tracker!!! Congratulations!

Congratz junel and shella.😍 #TC#LATINDANCESPORT#CHAMPION💕

#rplatindancesport #shawnandgladys #latindancesport
Great first comp tgt guys(•ө•)♡

Women in black.
Ushers for LEAPs 2017! Special thanks to Liwern for the production, leading up to Momentum 2017. It was truly an inspiring session to watch never-seen-before movements, choreographies and collaborations!

#momentum2017 #leaps2017 #latindancesport

Suddenly I miss Dancing 💃 I want to continue my passion with my legendary partner 👯#latindancesport


Camp finally ended then I realized we didn't take one fking photo... No selfie no nothing🤦🏻 like what how why tf
So here is me tryna teach @fedoraonfedora how to position in the stun... Even tho I eventually failed in my own one lmao😂😂🙈🙈🙈
Ppl ask me why I look so dead, cause I was ded duh
#男友力max #rplatindancesport #musecamp2017 #create #latindancesport #ded

How do dancers know summer's over?! When the overknees come out

New dance pants again - at how many pairs do you call it an addiction?! 🤔

It's a loooong road to success...

#jive and me have a love/hate relationship
I LOVE its rhythm and funkiness
I HATE how after 10 seconds I already can't breath no more
Mo Fo makes me question my fitness every time

#throwback to one of our first competitions

Congratz junel and shella.😍 #TC#LATINDANCESPORT#CHAMPION💕

See them performing LIVE!
#dancesports #dubai1st #latindancesport

When you're so in love with the architecture and the lighting of a place that you wait forever just so you can take your picture without anyone else in it
P.S Sorry to the beautiful young family that had to stop dead in their tracks while I repositioned myself again and again

Suddenly I miss Dancing 💃 I want to continue my passion with my legendary partner 👯#latindancesport

New project 😍
Voice inside my head: "please don't let go, please, oh my, please"

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