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Today we #marchforscience , because: alternative facts don't cut it, the earth needs saving, to increase funding to cure diseases, to increase #minoritiesinstem . We cannot keep ignoring the inconvenient truth. We need to educate ourselves to make a better future. Get involved, pick up a book, and get active! #latinasinstem

Hermanas yesterday got together for Brittany Chavez's (H. Mayeini #3 FA15) farewell dinner. She will be leaving to Pittsburgh, PA to get a M.S in Biomedical Sciences. Good luck with your endeavors, Hermana! We'll come visit you soon ❤️💛💙 #SUEI #Amistad #LatinasInSTEM #LatinaExcellence

can your WCW analyze the modes of metabolic compensation during mitochondrial encephalomyopathy using the drosophila model of ATP6 dysfunction? #LatinasInStem #TalkToMeNice

The stats around women in #STEM aren’t great. 👩‍🔬👩‍🏭👩‍🚀And the barriers to entry for women of color are compounded. Luckily, this group of first generation American women aren’t having it ✨, that’s why they started #LatinasinSTEM. Hit the link in our bio for a little weekend inspiration from the ladies behind @latinasinstem who are demanding a seat at the table + bringing communities together while they do it. 📸 @allison_wagner

Feelin' very blessed to be working for this company--surrounded by people who appreciate and value the work I do | ✨🔬⚗ #chemistsofinstagram #latinasinSTEM #qualitycontrolla #researchanddevelopment

This summer, H. Elvira has been at SU as an Undergraduate Research Assistant under Dr. Roy Welch of the Biology department. She is currently assisting a graduate student with an antibiotic resistance evolution project by studying growth patterns of different strains of a bacteria called Myxococcus xanthus. By the end of this project, they hope to publish a scientific paper detailing their findings. Can't wait to see what else you have in store for us BB! #latinasinstem #señoritasummer

To my parents, who were never able to even get a high school education, left their home country to find a better life in this one, didn't speak the language yet still supported my sisters and I through it all, this one's for you. And to my friends and family who've been by my side, thank you. 💙💛 #firstgenerationgraduate #orgullohispano #brownexcellence #latinasinstem

University of California Riverside 🐻💙💛
BS Biology

Thank you all for your good wishes!! 😘🤗I'm thankful to God, good friends and my family. Without them, this would not have been possible. I'm glad my daughters were there to see it happen. Love you all. #wedidit #latinasinstem #latinasinscience #classof2017


@shpehouston hard at work this weekend with their officer retreat.

Tesla user takes his 97 year old grandpa for a ride. Tesla user explained that the car had no engine and that it ran on batteries. Grandpa was amazed and called Tesla car "the car that everybody will be driving in 100years". Story credit: @techcrunch see the video up in the bio. #tesla #futurecar 🚘👴🏼❤️🚘👴🏼❤️

Hermanas yesterday got together for Brittany Chavez's (H. Mayeini #3 FA15) farewell dinner. She will be leaving to Pittsburgh, PA to get a M.S in Biomedical Sciences. Good luck with your endeavors, Hermana! We'll come visit you soon ❤️💛💙 #SUEI #Amistad #LatinasInSTEM #LatinaExcellence

Throwback to Regional Leadership Development Conference at Texas Tech, with my SHPE familia! Yes I have a suit at a volleyball game because I was recruiting 😎

Look what came in the mail today! This is one powerful calculator. I got it from #Mercari and I paid 70% less than the original price. It came with an extra keyboard and the sweetest handwritten thank you note. Besides my AP classes I'm taking two college courses so this baby will help me so much. #NerdPost #girlsinstem #latinasinstem #girlsinengineering #latinasinengineering #ilooklikeanengineer

@okstate_shpe is ready to take on a new school year and bring awesome programs to the community. If you are in the #stillwater area be sure to check them out!

I'm most excited about my graduate college experience because I have an opportunity to learn and do what I've always dreamed of and with that will be able to help others for the rest of my life #nitrocollege
This website offers plenty of information about how to apply to college and manage loans. They also have a good amount scholarships they give out. Go check it out!
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Sunsets from my new home😭💕🌅 Being here feels so unreal. #LatinasinSTEM #Calbear 🐻

👩🏻‍💻❤️👩🏼❤️👩🏾❤️Girls Who Code is a non-profit organization that has inspired thousands of girls to discover technology and Code. We have learned of the release of two new books dedicated to young girls interested in coding.The first book is "Girls Who Code: Your Coding Guide to Change The World" is an easy to follow guide to learn basic programming principles, and code. The second book is called "The Friendship Code" a new series of books very much like "The Babysitters Club" but with a modern tech twist to it (FYI the main character is called Lucy) @girlswhocode mentioned to @itgirlssociety that "they want to close the gender gap in Tech" and we are sure they are heading in the right direction.📚 Pre-order yours today, these two books are now available on @girlswhocode site or Instagram account. Code on, Create, Change The World!👩🏻‍💻❤️👩🏼‍💻❤️👩🏽‍💻❤️

Some left over diseases written on my board from my first test! I still have been so drained, all week, since then! My body and mind wanted a break after it but nope! Straight back to hitting the ground running with new info. Definitely why I'm still working on my study habits and school/home schedule 🤤
In happier news, I turned 24 today and my boyfriend flew into town to surprise me 💕 it's the little things that mean a lot that keep ya going. 🤓❤️
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Girls Build LA aims to change that 👆🏾

@boflte & @ctgla bring you the staged reading of Curious, the story of a young Latina from a troubled background and how she discovered her live for science and transformed her life. Today is the last chance to catch it at the Robert Louis Stevenson branch at 6 pm. The response has been great so far. This is intended for young audiences but both kids and adults are moved by this story. This looks so dramatic! What happened? You'll have to come today at 6 pm to find out! #theater #latinotheatre #stagedreading #boyleheights #thingstodoinlosangeles #LAThtr #latinasinstem

Thanks @wearemitu for googling "Latinas". We at @latinasinstem work hard to make sure that "Latinas in STEM" comes up when you google "Latinas". Help us continue this trend by googling "Latinas in STEM"!

Who said going to work at a manufacturing plant isn't fun?! Definitely enjoying VR goggles with the drone technology! 😊👩‍🏭#latinasinstem #enginerd #engineer #womeninstem #manufacturing #womanengineer #benoble @benobleschools

You’ve been in back-to-back meetings for what seems like two weeks, the unread messages in your inbox have hit triple digits, and you can’t recall the last time you got more than five hours of sleep. Between work, workouts, your extracurricular activities, and attempting to maintain your relationships—you’re running on empty. And if one more item gets added to your to-do list, your head might explode.

Remember to refuel. Chat with a friend, get a massage, treat yourself to a happy dessert. We did!

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