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A day in the life of a scientist🤓📈👩🏽‍🔬 #Research #LatinasInSTEM #AgScience #RemoteSensing #AmesResearchCenter

Joining the Texas Academy has been by far the best decision I've made. These past two years have been rigorous for the change between a regular high school and university was quite drastic for starting as a 16 year old. Nonetheless, The Academy granted me the opportunity to get a head start on my degree which, God willingly, I'll be 20 years old when I graduate as an engineer. #classof2017 #latinasinstem

It's been a while since I last played with #bobthedummy . I love all types of martial arts, but as a woman that leaves the office late on the regular... I make sure I'm always prepared for anything. #phdstudent #latinascientist #latinasinstem #combat

To my parents, who were never able to even get a high school education, left their home country to find a better life in this one, didn't speak the language yet still supported my sisters and I through it all, this one's for you. And to my friends and family who've been by my side, thank you. 💙💛 #firstgenerationgraduate #orgullohispano #brownexcellence #latinasinstem

This year has been the most blessed year of my life and last night was no exception. The best thing about last night (apart from winning the scholarship) #blessed is sharing the stage with other women. And not just any women but Latina STEM Women. Being the 3% of the industry does not only makes us unique but rare. Thank-you so much SHPE NYC and Google for last night.
#shpetinas #brownunicorns #latinasinstem

#SunnieSpotlight for our sister Lia that presented today at the annual Undergraduate Research Conference at UC Davis! Her research was about The Relationship Between Microbial Activity and Efficacy of Anaerobic Soil Disinfestation. Great job representing Latinas in STEM, keep up the hard work sister! 📚📊🔬 #Academics #LatinasInSTEM

STEM: Science Technology Engineering and Math #STEMDay #WomenInSTEM #LatinasInSTEM

So fortunate to have been able to attend Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students 2017!! Thanks to the MARC uSTAR Fellowship Program for sponsoring and supporting me. 💪🏼 #latinasinstem #abrcms2017 #womeninscience #empoweredwomen #empoweredminorities


As 2017 comes to a close you maybe fearful of what 2018 holds for you. Reflect on what you've encountered and achieved. Recall all the reasons you wouldn't be able to do somethings.
How many of those things did you achieve?
Or did you stay in FEAR - False Evidence Appearing Real?

In 2018 don't let FEAR control your life.
Do it in FEAR.
No matter what IT is just do it in FEAR.

🎙New Episode Wednesday🎙
I interviewed a Latina Student from Arizona State University. She shares the importance of having more women and Latinas in the S.T.E.M. field. Stay tuned!!!

No more exclusivity for Verizon. A new deal has been closed with the National Football League that will allow it to stream live games to fans regardless of mobile network.

The deal includes in-market and national games, including national pre-season, regular season, playoff games, and the Super Bowl nationwide. It doesn’t include the Sunday afternoon out-of-market games, which AT&T’s DirecTV has through the end of the 2022-23 season.----open-market for football streaming.🏈🏈🏈🏈

•| for the culture |•
im grateful for life yet sometimes i get weary with what is on my path of purpose yet i trek forward any way, imperfect yet inspired... i know that wanting the world to be better & healing , takes soul work, day to day work & perseverance, no matter what 🌍♥️ When I heard this word, I started to think about #blackwomeninstem women in stem #blackandstem #latinasinstem #wocinstem who look to shift the science, tech, engineering &, math culture for the better...
I thought about those in education, biz, law & politics, etc. using their platform to change the world for the better...
sometimes you'll get weary, yet don't give up!
Weariness is a temporary phase that arrives when your moving barriers & limitations from existence... so keep moving forward in positive purpose -Bek, Healed Planet Advocate🌍♥️ #blackwomeninscience
#blackwomeninbiz #blackbiz

Vid Credit: One Church LA
Sarah Jakes Roberts
Message: "Boundaries". Check out the entire message on YouTube

Awesome job @shpehouston for spending time networking with students and helping them build their Professional Development skills!! #Repost @pcastellon_ (@get_repost)
Thank you so much to our #shpehouston professionals for dedicating their time to the professional development of our members at last night’s Coffee Chat! #shpeuh #DBT #shperegion5 #coffeechats

This Year @themidwesttechproject Collaborated With @colearning_gr To Provide 15 Scholarships 13 Adult Students 2 High Schoolers Of Diverse Ethnic Backgrounds To Get Tech Career Training In @TheFactory’s Intro To Programming, Web Design, & Design Thinking Courses! We Look Forward To More Collaborations To Help Diversify West Michigan’s Tech Talent Pipeline! 💻

#GRUSA #Detroit #TheMidwestTechProject #DiversityInTech #CommunityAndTech #LadiesFirstTech #TechFirstLadies #TechInclusion #ProjectTechSavannah #BlackGirlsGode #LatinasInStem #LatinasInTech #WomeninTech #BlackWomenInTech #GirlsInTech #GirlsInSTEM #WomenInStem #Technology #STEMEducation #STEMDiversity #WorkforceDevelopment #Automation #Robotics #PureMichigan #Michigan

Friday like---it's the holidays and Texas had snow🎄❄️☕️☃️. Time to dance it out, these Disco balls are from @29rooms @refinery29. We feel special connection with refinery29 and their content because it has intention, it builds community, brand partnership, creativity, its artsy, forward thinking, embraces technology, and thrives on self-expression. Congrats to @refinery29🙌🏻⚡️🙌🏻⚡️

This year has been the most blessed year of my life and last night was no exception. The best thing about last night (apart from winning the scholarship) #blessed is sharing the stage with other women. And not just any women but Latina STEM Women. Being the 3% of the industry does not only makes us unique but rare. Thank-you so much SHPE NYC and Google for last night.
#shpetinas #brownunicorns #latinasinstem

I used to go outside a lot more. Soak in sunsets and views and appreciate nature. I miss it.. but guess what !! There's a lot of the natural world that we can only experience through imagination 😲 And guess what else? we're the only living things (that we know of) that can do this. When ur mixing clear liquids all day you gotta find some way to entertain ur mind ;)

Only 13 percent of U.S. engineering jobs are held by women, and only 2 percent of employed engineers are Hispanic women.

Meet Cecilia Aragón, the first Latina full professor at the School of Engineering at the University of Washington. She is a role model in the field. The recipient of multiple awards for her work in the field of Computer Science and Engineering, she's the director of the Human-Centered Data Science Lab at the University of Washington and has created a visual augmentation system for helicopter pilots.

Check out more latina women and their stories about being in the tech field by following the link


#stem #stemwomen #womeninstem #STEAM #technology #minorities #minoritiesinstem #science #math #robotics #technology #engineering #womenintech #minoritiesintech #latinasintech #latina #latinasinstem

By far one of the best group projects I’ve done & worked with such a great team!! I’m truly blessed to have the support from so many people to make this project a real nonprofit organization!! #sisepuede #girlsinstem #latinasinstem #santaana #herstory #coun502

We present to you, our first ever CALESS Leader of the Quarter, Abril Topete Castañeda!
Thank you for the hard work you’ve put into this organization!
#latinasinstem #caless #latinxinstem

My #wcw are the women behind @latinasinstem. This organization aims to inspire and empower Latinas to pursue STEM fields. Organizations like Latinas in STEM make a difference and I am proudly "crushing" on the work these women have done and achievements that the founders make possible.

From the Latinas in Stem website: Our primary purpose is to spread awareness about STEM and inspire and encourage middle school and high school Latinas, especially within underserved communities, to strongly consider pursuing a STEM career. /*
#weareSTEMsquad #latinasInSTEM #nonprofit #femaleEmpowerment #girlsInSTEM #charity #education #photoADay #womenintech #womenwhocode #womeninSTEM #LatinasInTech #programmer #admin #webDeveloper #CSS #HTML #MySQL #PHP #jQuery #TechInNonprofit #brackets #FullStackWebDeveloper */

Today on the Latinas in STEM Blog, a future Latina in STEM describes her experience attending an International Day of the Girl #STEM celebration with UN Women in LA. (Link in Bio).

Rock Ventures Business Development Guru & Venture Capitalist @iwrotethehustle (James Chapman) & @themidwesttechproject Co-Founder & CEO @jonathanjelks At The The 5Th Annual @Grabblocal Shift Conference Hosted At @gvsu Seidman College Of Business!
James Delivered A Compelling Keynote Address About Entrepreneurship, Investment, & The Need For More Tech Start Ups In Communities Of Color! 💻

#GRUSA #Detroit #TheMidwestTechProject #DiversityInTech #CommunityAndTech #CityHacksGR #HackIsTheNewHustle #LadiesFirstTech #TechFirstLadies #TechInclusion #ProjectTechSavannah #BlackGirlsGode #LatinasInStem #LatinasInTech #BlackWomenInTech #GirlsInTech #GirlsInSTEM #WomenInStem #Technology #STEMEducation #STEMDiversity #WorkforceDevelopment #Automation #Robotics #PureMichigan #Michigan

Please attend the @csunaturalsciences Mathematics Undergraduate Poster Session this Thursday! One of our newest exec members will be there presenting TWO of her posters.
Repost from @anahileon94 using @RepostRegramApp - Presenting my mathematics research for the second semester in a row! This year I will have two posters (MATH 450 and 474) at the Undergraduate Poster Session on Thursday Dec 7th in the LSC North Ballroom from 9am-noon. See you there! #math #stemresearch #latinasinstem #csurams

In celebration of our 💯th anniversary, the @uflorida news team is running a series on #womeninscience at the @FloridaMuseum of Natural History.

It's been over half a year in the making, but "Becoming Visible" is now live! Take a peek at the stories of three scientists (including me ✨) who are talking about the need for #feminism, #activism, and #diversityinSTEM 🎉

Link in bio📱#FM100yrs #GoGators #womeninSTEM #actuallivingscientist #wocinSTEM #latinasinSTEM #BBCfuture #weareSTEMsquad #diversifyoutdoors #latinxhikers #unlikelyhikers #womenofcolorinnature

#WhatsYourWord - promoting SciComm and the scientists behind it! 🖊
I’m so excited to announce I’m officially a contributor at Tipbox science blog! After winning their writing contest back in August, I’m now an official #SciComm blogger!

I came up with the idea for the #whatsyourword series through a twitter back-and-forth with some other scientists where we discussed random words that have always stuck with us. I figured more people probably have words that interest them -and may or may not be linked to their research. I’ve gotten some really amazing feedback from people and awesome submissions by friends and colleagues.

For my first article I spoke to Hagen Gegner, PhD student in Marine Science working on coral thermal and osmoadaptations! His word: Holobiont 😮
Don’t know what a Holobiont is? Head on over to

Have a particular word you enjoy/cant get out of your head and want to promote your research? I want to hear about it and you! PM me! 🤗


No this isn't what's underneath your feet. And yes even though I'm a Nature Nut.. The ELECTRICAL ground is what first came to mind this morning when I saw my topic for the day with the #WeAreSTEMSquad challenge!

Why did I think 'electrical' ground?
Well... To me, electrical engineering, and any electronics are black magic 🖤. As much as I nerd out and geek over gears, sprockets, wrenches... Electricity isn't tangible. You can't see or hold it, it's this mystical thing you can harness, create, generate, transfer but it's always been CRAZY for me to think about. Seriously.. Think about a light switch. You flip it on and SOOOO many things have to happen for you to have light. *mind blown*

Welp, my junior year in college I had the opportunity to learn to manufacture PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) and I loved it. I literally had a baby screwdriver & wired piece by piece together - GROUNDING - every single one. ==================== Mini intro to PLCs (more can be found at www.plcdev.com/how_plcs_work

A programmable logic controller is a specialized computer used to control machines and processes.  It therefore shares common terms with typical PCs like central processing unit, memory, software and communications.  Unlike a personal computer though the PLC is designed to survive in a rugged industrial atmosphere and to be very flexible in how it interfaces with inputs and outputs to the real world.

The components that make a PLC work can be divided into three core areas.

The power supply and rackThe central processing unit (CPU)The input/output (I/O) section

PLCs come in many shapes and sizes.  They can be so small as to fit in your shirt pocket while more involved controls systems require large PLC racks.  Smaller PLCs (a.k.a. “bricks”) are typically designed with fixed I/O points.  For our consideration, we’ll look at the more modular rack based systems.  It’s called “modular” because the rack can accept many different types of I/O modules that simply slide into the rack and plug in.


Day 4 of the #WeAreSTEMSquad challenge. I nerd out 🤓 - HARD - about anything & everything mechanical engineering related (go checkout Vlogmas #2 on YouTube if you don't believe me). Ha! And sometimes, I legit just Google 'heat/fire🔥 explained with thermodynamics' and I find these remarkable, eye-opening, brain churning, eloquently elaborations... P. S. I personally took this picture last year camping for my #OptOutside Thanksgiving 2016. Love fire. I'm such a Pyro. And a mechanical engineer/lover of thermo/physics/heat transfer. "The way you perceive fire is the result of numerous chemical and physical processes.
Atomic Transitions- The distinct colors that you see in a flame are the result of electrons changing energy levels within at atom. When an excited electron drops to a lower energy level, a photon is released, in order to conserve energy. The frequency of the photon released depends on the exact transition the electron makes. In fact, the energy levels of a particular element are somewhat unique, and so the exact colors emitted by electrons changing energy levels are somewhat unique to the element. In chemistry class you may have done a flame ionlab at some point to see that different metals produce flames of different colors, as a result of the different transitions taking place, unique to each element. In the second video I just linked, you can see a variety of colors such as green, blue, red, or orange depending on the element.Thermal Radiation- However, the red/orange colors you typically see from most combustion reactions in real life are actually the result of a different process. As mentioned in the Minute Physics video, impure flames usually burn reddish orange because the soot and ash particles around the flame are so hot that they emit visible light. This is a different process than the atomic transitions I mentioned. All objects, when heated, emit radiation in the form of electromagnetic waves and the temperature of the object determines the exact wavelengths emitted. You are actually emitting "light" as we speak, but you are so cool that the radiation you emit is in the infrared range, and therefore not visible."

Presenting my mathematics research for the second semester in a row! This year I will have two posters (MATH 450 and 474) at the Undergraduate Poster Session on Thursday Dec 7th in the LSC North Ballroom from 9am-noon. See you there! #math #stemresearch #latinasinstem #csurams

Shout out to the SHPE Houston Professional Chapter for their partnership with the Houston Community College District Engineering Student Organization!!
We can't wait to see the big things this partnership will bring 😀😄
#SHPEMotivationalMonday #shpe #shpehouston #SHPEregion5 #shpeuh #eso #partnership #mentorship #STEM #latinasinstem #latinosinstem #juntossomosmas #houston #stemedia

Facebook has released Messenger Kids in the US. Parents will have control as to who gets approved in the child's messenger. The app was created for children from 9-13 years of age. Kids Messenger is a way to include the little one of the family in the family chat.

Taking on all the challenges this wonderful month of December 2017.

I'm incredibly excited about this opportunity to partake in the Infinite Receiving Bootcamp this week.

For this challenge, I have to take on at least 3 new activities that I have to do today and throughout the week.
As often as I give and give some more and then find MORE ways to give, I rarely stop to ask for positive feedback. Of course, naturally I always ask for criticism or how I could have done better but as part of this challenge I'm choosing to seek what YOU appreciate the most about me.

Sooo... What DO YOU appreciate the most about me?

I was told this isn't fishing 🎣 for compliments but me giving people (that's you) the opportunity to share something that yall are likely too shy or not spontaneous enough to share with me.

I hope you have a marvelous Monday!

#AdventuresOfBrianne #thePeopleEngineer #InfiniteReceiving #appreciation

Check out this video of Edith Martinez-Guerra, Research Environmental Engineer at ERDC, sharing her amazing story!
Edith grew up in El Salvador without clean drinking water for most of her childhood. She now works to come up with new methods of cleaning up our water supply and water supplies abroad, including Puerto Rico.

Thank you Edith for everything that you do! You are an inspiration to us all!

#accomplished #shpems #shperegion5 #shpemississippi #shpe #loboslove
#engineers #womenengineer #latinasinstem #water #video #instago #science

Tomorrow We Are Excited Partner with @grandcircusco To Host The Inaugural "Intro to Coding Holiday Extravaganza" @StartGarden! This Event Will Feature Several Free Coding Workshops & Group Meet-Ups For Adults, Plus Holiday Activities, Activities For Kids & A Keynote Address By @marlingwilliams Of @techtowndetroit ! Marlin Is The Founder Of The Social Enterprise Sisters Code, Which Educates, Empowers Women Ages 25–85 To Explore The World Of Coding & Technology. 💻

#GRUSA #Detroit #TheMidwestTechProject #DiversityInTech #CommunityAndTech #LadiesFirstTech #TechFirstLadies #TechInclusion #ProjectTechSavannah #BlackGirlsGode #LatinasInStem #LatinasInTech #WomeninTech #BlackWomenInTech #GirlsInTech #GirlsInSTEM #WomenInStem #Technology #STEMEducation #STEMDiversity #WorkforceDevelopment #Automation #Robotics #PureMichigan #Michigan

(#WeAreSTEMSquad Challenge Day 1)
1 month. 2 challenges.
3 if you count my Fearless with Facebook business challenge.
4 if you count my Infinite Receiving spiritual challenge.

The year is ending but I'm determined to finish strong with so many new beginnings!! I'm excited to do my best to put out video content daily - or at the very least RECORD daily. May have to compile a few for busy days.

Tag someone to challenge them to share their story, personal journey, cool fun STEM stuff, dreams, careers. I'll promise to nerd 🤓 out with you!

Follow these hashtags to keep up with me and my fellow #STEMCreatives #Vlogmas vloggers!

P. S. To participate - video content will be provided/considered via stories, snapchat, live feeds, YouTube videos, you name it. I'll most likely be in the Instastories.. Save, compile, & upload to YouTube/Facebook at the end of the day.. Although I am getting over my fears of 'going live on my Facebook page'. Maybe with a few additional content 😉
#STEMedia #AdventuresOfBrianne #thePeopleEngineer

The important thing is to never stop questioning -Albert Einstein One question leads to a million smaller questions, to trouble shooting experiments, so many early mornings and late nights. Now, I might be making a bigger deal of this than it is but this is where many years of research done by myself and many students before me have gotten us. Im very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to add my little piece of the puzzle. #WomenInScience #LatinasInScience #LatinasInSTEM #UWParkside #MolecularBiology #MommyHasToStudy #LaCientifica

*NEW* STEM + Culture Chronicle article! In this special Q&A, #LPSLI17 alumna Dr. Elena E. Hernandez Ramon opens up about her childhood growing up in Mexico, her circuitous path in STEM, and how she overcame obstacles by never giving up. Persistence is in this SACNISTA's DNA! https://medium.com/stem-and-culture-chronicle> Persistence, Not Luck: How Latina Scientist Dr. Elena Hernandez Ramon’s Resilient Spirit Helped Her Succeed

by Chiara Valentini Cabiglio

#WOCinSTEM #STEMleaders #LatinxinSTEM #LatinasinSTEM #mexico #mexican #latinas #chicanas #sisepuede #truediversity#womeninSTEM#ilooklikeascientist #womeninscience #WOCinSTEM  #POCinSTEM  #science #culture#community #STEM #equality #diversity #inclusion #diversityinSTEM #STEMdiversity #SACNAS #leadership #NIH #mexicanpride

Congratulations and good luck in all your endeavors. We wish you the best on your careers and(or) further education! 🤓

#Repost @shpeuofa (@get_repost)
Yesterday, November 28th was our last meeting of the Fall Semester 2017, and we gave the SHPE stoles. These stoles were given to our members who are graduating this academic year 2017-2018.
We want to congratulate (from left to right)
Iliana Hernandez, Alicia Garduño, Arturo Nuñez, Miguel Eduardo Velásquez and SanJuana Esmeralda Mota for all their hard work in their engineering studies as well as members of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers. #shpe #arkansas #SHPEregion5 @shpe_region5

Although #GivingTuesday has passed, you can still support organizations that encourage diversity in #STEM! Check out @latinasinstem.
Latinas make up 1.8% of the STEM workforce. On this #GivingTuesday, consider supporting our programs. Donation link in bio

The Latinas in STEM Foundation is dedicated to inspiring and empowering Latinas to pursue and thrive in STEM fields.

Not breaking news but it will put many to rest after the frenzy that Google caused when the new cheeseburger emoji was released and the cheese was placed under the patty (who does that?), finally the emoji was fixed and the Internet can move on from this.🍔✔️🍔✔️🍔✔️

Last week, we visited the amazing @nasajohnson space center. THIS week, the girls are sharing their experiences and what they learned with their classes. They LOVE their @nasa t-shirts and talking about 🚀

#WCWinSTEM I’d like to share a project Dr. Ramesh Laungani at Doane University is working on called #1000STEMWomen Project. The 1000 STEM Women Project hopes to curate a video library where female STEM professionals. videos will be permanently available for ANY K12 (or college) classroom to utilize as a resource for their students to learn about the various types of science disciplines out there. The project hopes to provide an easily accessible resource for students to see some AMAZING female #STEM role models.

How does it work?
Each woman is asked to record 90 second descriptions of what type of STEM work they are! He currently does not have any engineers, so it would be great if you could add a video of yourself. Additionally he only has 1 woman of color (#WOCinSTEM) who has made a video.
Videos are all going to be seen through the Flipgrid platform. Videos can also simply be recorded on a laptop or phone and then uploaded to http://flipgrid.com/7bad90.
Since people are unfamiliar with flipgrid it may be a barrier to making a video. Please let Dr. Laugani know if you have other questions! He can be reached at
ramesh.laungani@doane.edu. More about Dr. Laungani can be found here. http://www.doane.edu/ramesh-laungani

Would ❤️for you to join #1000STEMWomen Project! Collecting 90s video introductions of #womeninSTEM so girls can see 👩🏽‍🔬👩🏿‍🔬! Be sure to share this out to your friends and family as well.


We are Familia, Somos Familia ❤#givingtuesday
@shpenational "2017 was an incredible year for SHPE. Our successes wouldn't be possible without the unwavering support of the SHPE Familia. We understand more than ever, that we are better together. Please give today, so that we can ensure that the SHPE Familia continues to grow stronger for years to come!"
#shpe #SHPEregion5 #SHPEGivesBack #givingtuesday #leadership #liderazgo #juntossomosmas #togetherwecan #sisepuede #STEM #latinasinstem #latinosinstem #stemedia

When a song about the strength of a transition metal comes on... 🤓

I live for analogies but when it's a sick beat, amazing vocals, AND referencing materials sciency stuff!? Cmon!! #AdventuresOfBrianne #thePeopleEngineer #DanceParty #Enginerd #CarDancing

Praisin Jesus this beautiful morning for these surprisingly delicious Gluten+Sugar free CARROT pancakes 🥞
Day 4 of elimination of gluten, processed sugar, dairy and soy has been leaving me feeling so much more energetic and optimistic ✨
Thank you, Lord for the gift of knowledge and science to properly care for our bodies
For the pancakes:
1/4 cup of @bobsredmill gluten free all purpose flour
1 grated 🥕with the skin on! -I use a cheese grater
1/3 c of unsweetened almond milk
1 ripe smashed banana
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp baking powder

@justins almond buttaaa 🤤
Cacao nibs @natierrasuperfoods

Latinas make up 1.8% of the STEM workforce. On this #GivingTuesday, consider supporting our programs. Donation link in bio

The Latinas in STEM Foundation is dedicated to inspiring and empowering Latinas to pursue and thrive in STEM fields.

There are days we question who really is in charge, and there are days when it's clearly not the humans in our family.

Now, this insight:
The past decade has seen a dramatic increase in the number of Hispanic pet owners in the United States. Between 2007 and 2016 the number of Latinos with pets in their homes skyrocketed from 11.4 million to 20.4 million as the pet ownership rate among Hispanics grew from 40% to 55%.
What's your pet like?

#pets #yorkie #terrier #doglover #latino #hispanicinsights #LatinasInSTEM #latism #demographic #spendingpower #HispanicAmerican #startup #LBSA #BusinessCommunity

The idea of "Cyber Monday"started back in 2005 when Black Friday just wasn't enough for companies and consumers. This year alone Cyber Monday has racked up 800million . Just this Friday online sales were $2billion dollars and retail sales was about $3.5billion a total of $5.5 billion🙌🏻🛒🛍🛒🛍When do you do your holiday shopping?

Saturday Dec. 2nd @grandcircusco & The Midwest Tech Project proudly present the Inaugural "Intro to Coding Holiday Extravaganza" At Start Garden! This event will feature several free coding workshops and group meetups for adults, plus holiday activities for children including a special visit from a holiday superstar.
Most important we are excited to have Detroit's own Marlin G. Williams as our Keynote speaker. Marlin has over 20 years experience as a Global Diversity and Inclusion Officer for two Fortune 500 Organizations, professional speaker, STEM Advocate, speaker and media contributor. Marlin is a recognized leader in corporate and technology diversity and inclusion strategies and initiatives. Marlin has also had a successful career as a Mainframe Coder, Deputy Chief Information Officer, Human Resource Executive and Technology Entrepreneur. Marlin is the founder of the social enterprise Sisters Code, which educates, empowers and entices women ages 25–85 to explore the world of coding and technology. She is currently the diversity & inclusion entrepreneur in residence at @TechTownDetroit.

#GRUSA #Detroit #TheMidwestTechProject #DiversityInTech #CommunityAndTech #LadiesFirstTech #TechFirstLadies #TechInclusion #ProjectTechSavannah #BlackGirlsGode #LatinasInStem #LatinasInTech #WomeninTech #BlackWomenInTech #GirlsInTech #GirlsInSTEM #WomenInStem #Technology #STEMEducation #STEMDiversity #WorkforceDevelopment #Automation #Robotics #PureMichigan #Michigan

Thanksgiving and recalentado has passed 😩
It's time to get active and grind 💪🏼
#shpe #tamushpe #utshpe #shpeunt #SHPEregion5 #texasaggies #austin #denton #activeengineers #STEM #finalscoming #grind #sports #latinasinstem #latinosinstem #stemedia

My main motivations💕 my two little sisters, you’re what keep me going. Hoping to show you two that girls are just as capable as anyone else🌻

In honor of Alumnae Appreciation Month, we'd like to highlight Founding Sister Susie Aguiñaga (Epsilon Gamma Chapter). She holds a doctorate in kinesiology, nutrition and rehabilitation sciences from the University of Illinois at Chicago where she also earned her bachelor's and master's in kinesiology. Susie's research interests include the design and implementation of community-based physical activity and sedentary behavior interventions in older adults, specifically Latinos. She currently works at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Our sister does not only focus on her field, she cares deeply about the advancement of the community and the rights of people everywhere. #LTA1975 #LTAAlumnae #LatinasinSTEM

Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours!! Even though Thanksgiving was officially yesterday, I took time away from social media to focus on my family. So many times we get wrapped up in our everyday activities we don't stop to appreciate the nonmaterialistic things in life. Technology will always be there. The news feeds - you can always catch up on. It was nice to unplug and laugh, share stories, play pictionary, and just enjoy my time with my family.

And as much as I love photography, I honestly didn't take pictures of everyone while we all hung out yesterday. I was honestly too caught up in having everyone together for the first time in a year. Grateful the ever talented Fernando caught a few 'behind the scenes' shots and gave our family our own mini photo shoot for a second year now.

Having the opportunity to host my family in Dallas, again, fills my heart and soul. I miss my siblings - alot. They've always been my best friends. I miss my mama. I miss us all being together. I hate that I'm so far away from my nephew but love the chance to spend time with him.

It's all about perspective and I am so grateful and thankful for the beautiful blessing of my family & that we all got to be together once more.

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