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Congratulations to one of my best friends receiving her Masters in Applied Mathematics. #latinasinSTEM

DID THAT #latinasinstem

www.LatinoCalendar.com Did You Know?!? 5/24:: Outstanding botanist, Ynés Mexía, who discovered and collected plants throughout South America, was born, 1870

The 365 Days of Latino Facts Calendar is available now! Order today while supplies last >> LatinoCalendar.com


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Congrats to two of our Medicina Scholars, Mariana Hernandez-Flores & Clarissa Najera, who graduated last week from UIC! #UIC #ClassOf2018 #LAS #premedlife #LatinasInSTEM

*SciGirls strategies*
Girls prefer #STEM projects and experiences that:
1. Allow for critical thinking/ Les permita pensar de forma crítica
2. Involve role models and mentors/ participar en actividades que involucren modelos a seguir y mentores

#wocinstem #wocintech #womenofcolorintech checkout this upcoming event in Altanta with @thenextitgirl_ on Thursday, June 7!

Come out and network with other #womenofcolor in the local area.

Y’all hear that?
University of California, Berkeley granted us a Bachelors in Integrative Biology! @melissaorellana #LatinasInSTEM 👩🏻‍🔬👩🏽‍🔬

Latinas, we heard you! Our next summer workshop destination will be in San Francisco! Besides learning how to code, what else would you like to learn?

A. Blockchain
B. Product Management
C. Startup Bootcamp

Please let us know, we would like to bring our first workshop to you by July. Your feedback matters.
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There’s Veronica being a badass in her STEMinist scarf again! 😍😎🔬🔭⚗️🌎💫

We are so proud of you @nat.galvan!
This past weekend I finally graduated with my B.S in Biochemistry and I’m so proud to call The University of Texas at Austin my alma mater🤘🏼🧡🐂 A huge thank you to everyone who has supported me throughout these past 4.5 years, I wouldn’t be here without you! What starts here changes the world, but you can’t change the world alone. 🤘🏼#Hook ‘em!
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Yay! Today I recorded my first video.👩🏻‍🔬( feat. @amerchemsociety Prof. Molenium) if you want me to cover a certain Science topic (Mostly Chemistry and Physics since those are my fields.. but I know a thing or two about Astronomy 😉) send them my way!
Did you know (ACS stats 2008 estim.) only about 30% of women receive Bachelors in Chemical Engineering?? CRAZY! Considering makeup/skincare products is a heavily female aimed industry yet the creators are usually... not women. Only 25% of women will receive a Doctoral Degree in CH engineering (only 30% actually enroll in Grad school...) LATINA women only make up about 4-7% of women in Chemistry... ayuda!! *For real though if you think Chemistet is ‘boring and lame’- nutrition is closely related to biochemistry/food chemistry... makeup? Pure chemistry
Why Chemistry?
Chemistry lies behind all sciences. Whether it is Astronomy and it’s million Hydrogen fusing stars... to Physics and the way things interact with one another.
Growing up Chemistry had always been a thing I found amusing. I remember 9th grade and our first PH scale experiment. High school and IUPAC naming and now college learning crazy everyday reactions and future solutions.
Medicine? Biochemistry Engineering? Matter chemistry!
There is something truly beautiful about understanding the ‘why’ behind life. Whether it’d be evolution, our food, our brain, even just understanding the back of your night cleanser!

Remote Work Life 😎?! To clarify, I don't work remotely (yet) but if I did, it would look something like this 🌲. I would figure out a way to spend half of my day programming outdoors. TBT to the first national park I ever visited thanks to @wanderlustave .
Anyhow, half of my team works remotely. Most recently, my tech lead moved (😭) and will also be working remotely. I was bummed about it because he is a great mentor/teacher and we had a really great team dynamic. Granted I will still be working with him but we'll have to adjust to his new process. .
I'd love to hear about people's experience working remotely or with remote team. Ups/downs? What tools do you use to stay connected? What processes do you have in place that keeps things running smoothly or lack thereof 😝.

Yes, kiddos, it’s a ~real (preserved) human brain~! This past weekend’s Saturday Science at the 10th annual Harlem Expo had kids like 😯🤯😍🧠 Love spreading the enthusiasm! #volunteer #saturdayscience #neuro #CUNO #latinasinstem

There's 2 types of (people) microbiologists out there- one that accepts and welcomes the universe of microbes surrounding us constantly,, and one that becomes hyper aware of the microbial universe and is terrified of doorknobs and gas pumps. Unfortunately... I am the latter! I was trained at a very young age to protect myself from germs 👾💩I grew up in a no-shoe house that was vacuumed daily and kitchen tops were sterilized every night... it wasn't until college that I learned what I was missing out on in the dirt & grime-- a wealth of microbes that promote health and protect us from infection ✨✨old habits die hard I guess

Amigas, join your San Diego #LatinaGeeks community at @cloakandpetal, for our FIRST ever Happy Hour Networking event!
Whether you're ending your day at San Diego Startup Week or a busy day at work, what better way to close it than with special drinks, appetizers and connecting with new amigas who are geeky just like you. Hope you could join us! 🤓
When: Wednesday, June 27th
Time: 5pm-7pm
Where: 1953 India St; San Diego
Tickets: FREE
Register: FB or Eventbrite (link in bio)

Day 3: we survived!! Even after driving back to LA for my cousins graduation and then back to Vegas! 😅 Congratulations to my cousin @mendoza_jasmin on such a huge accomplishment !!!! She’s going to be a boss ass Civil Engineer !!! 😎👌🏽 •

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Some #bacteria can double as punctuation marks, like those of the Vibrio genus. Vibrio bacteria are shaped like commas and have a single flagellum (the 'tail' I crocheted here) at one end. When the tail rotates, it allows these microbes to move really fast. .
Most Vibrio species prefer to live in water environments, often near coasts. While I usually prefer to concentrate on the benefits of bacteria, the main reason humans have been so interested in these microbes is that many Vibrio bacteria are pathogenic (harmful to human beings).
Perhaps the most common of these pathogens is Vibrio cholerae, the microbe that causes cholera. This an ancient disease that first arose in the Ganges River in India and spread throughout the world after the Industrial Revolution killing millions of people along the way.
After its arrival in Europe, people thought cholera was caused by "bad air" (miasma in Greek). John Snow (!!!), the father of epidemiology, discovered during the London epidemic of 1854 that the culprit was contaminated water and around the same time Filippo Pacini in Italy discovered the specific organism.
Moral of the story: the best way to protect yourself from these pathogens is by consuming clean water and food. Hence why it is so important to guarantee access to a safe water supply to everyone in the world.
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It was a pleasure being the Science coach/ mentor to these powerful little latinas 💙 Can’t wait to see what the future holds for them 🧠💪🏽 #SiSePuede #LatinasInStem #FutureProfessionals Lol can you spot who’s the 21 year old and who are the 12 years olds?

Amigas, for our next #LatinasLearnToCode destination we’re deciding between San Francisco or New York, the list of sign-ups is pretty close. Who will take the lead?
Have your friends sign-up to help us decide. Link in bio!
#womencode #microsoft #latinasintech

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