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Una cosa que no cambia a pesar que han pasado los años ☺️😍 te amo mi Bebesote ❤️ #latenightphonecalls with my baby

Nights like these with this one. #latenightphonecalls #needgas @aubreydevaney 😝

Caught her totally off guard lol! She was cussing me for not warning her! We'll have to do our #maidofhonor photo shoot later when we're pretty and made up 👄💄 😂😂😂 #mybabymomma #advicegiver #latenightphonecalls #keepsmesane

I'm in love with the way you make me feel ❤️somberlain #friendsforever #latenightphonecalls #peasinapod #girllove 🐠🌊🐡

happy birthday to my girl! celebrating you is so easy!! we've been through a lot together and i wouldn't trade our memories for the world! hope you have the best day mads! i love you soo much!!💗 #argentinans #nightwalks #beachy #cryfest #latenightphonecalls

#latenightphonecalls ☺️

Frosted flakes + cat wine + late night phone calls with mi madre = how my week is starting out. Let's hope this weekend goes better since tchaikovsky 6 is a thing. #latenightphonecalls #catwine #istheweekoveryet #ilovewine


Late good night phone calls are the best, especially when you're missing your favourite so she plays you guitar and sings down the phone ☺️☺️ @mimsical #latenightphonecalls #myfavourite #7sleeps #yay #hurryup #guitar #singing #happy

@oliviabrook I'd like to think there's a little madness too! Big love my queen ❤️ #friends #friendship #quote #magic #latenightphonecalls

Longest one yet, talked to babe all night and fell asleep with him on the phone. It's hard to fall asleep when you're not around. I love you so much. Thank you for last night.💙😘 #longdistancerelationship #iloveyou #latenightphonecalls

I often remind myself that a soul mate might not be the person you spend your life waking up next to. Some unknown person you're dying to find.
It might be your best friend, it might be your neighbour, it might be your mum. You might find 5 in one lifetime.
I spent years waking up next to this guy and it was beautiful. He cared for me so unconditionally and still does years later. After everything we've been through together and apart, we're bound. He's my go to. My best friend.
We've spent years apart, live in different countries, with different time zones, often go for long stretches without talking and he still knows me like the back of his hand.
I called him in tears when Trump got elected, and he laughed softly and said he was waiting for my call 💕He quickly and intelligently made a case, calmed me and had me laughing again in minutes. Or at least distracted me by debating another issue 😂 For a while we dabbled in him teaching me Maori language, a word a day, he started with words which he thought were important to me, like sandwich and hungry - hanawiti and hiakai 😂 he is my person, who picks up my call at 1am his time to listen to me balling about a break up. He visited my grandma on her 90th birthday and took her a huge bunch of flowers, because he is kindness personified.
There is nothing more sacred and precious than real love. In whatever form you can keep it, hold it close. And hold it up to the light as a measure. Some will try selling you glass as if they had diamonds. But if you have known someone like this then you know what's real now and there's no going back.
If you find someone who knows your soul, don't let go! Oceans, time (social norms), don't mean anything. Some things are just meant to be. In one way or another. One of your soul mates might be right in front of you 💕👭👬👫🙏💋💎💎💎
#soulmates #friends #family #love #bonds #care #unconditional #sacred #precious #true #connection #alwayshungry #tereomaori #latenightphonecalls #debates #longconversations #crosswords #roadtrips #laughter #memories #kindness #lucky

Really late again but hey. I had fun talking to you again. ❤ I love your phone calls and I also enjoy watching you play with your nose ring on video chat. Its not weird. 😉 thank you for your calls. They mean a lot, especially on bad days. #thankyou #Annika #latenightphonecalls @annikabd

late night phone calls with friends are the best. 🖤

When you haven't talked to your bestie in a month 👯 #bff #bffgoals #latenightphonecalls #longconversations #somuchtosay

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