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Just wanted to say goodnight and honestly thank you all so much for everything, Its crazy I'm currently saying goodnight to you from the otherside of the world, travelling doing what I love! I wouldn't be here without you all 💕 #meaningfulpost #latenightfeels

~ Your love lifts me up like helium ~
@jordyngroover #LateNightFeels

#latenightfeels love you☺️

What do you do with big feelings? Do you avoid and shut down? Do you blame? Do you cry? Do you distract and get busy?
Discomfort sucks. I have been feeling so many big feelings recently. And I can't say that it's something new. I feel like it's been a build up over the years but more recently everything is bubbling up to the surface to be processed.
One of my tendencies is to find meaning. To find out why. To put everything into a neat little box so I can feel safe that there was a reason. And when I can't find a good one I look to the stars.
And I totally believe in the influence of the stars...but sometimes there's no good reason. Sometimes....its just what you're going through. Sometimes....it just IS.
That's so incredibly hard for me. Accepting what is. Radically accepting what is with all the pain and discomfort. With all the heartache. Letting my raw humanness just marinate in all the imperfection of myself, others, and the situation.
I often want to run and hide from it all. And I used to. I used to numb the big feelings with drugs and alcohol. It was all just too much for be to handle at the time.
But now I begrudgingly sit with it all. Now I breathe deeply. Now I cry. Now I let myself feel all the pain and let it be there. Because I'm wiser now. Now I know the only way out is through. ❤️✌🏻#latenightfeels

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Throwing it back to version 2. #latenightfeels

Some people are artists. Some themselves are art. #latenightfeels

"If I could have just one wish I'd have you by my side. I miss you and I need you. I love you more than I did before and if today I don't see your face nothing's changed no one can take your place" #latenightfeels


It's so hard to fully accept it and let go when you gave your all to someone who meant the world to you. In the end, they didn't give that in return and did you wrong.
God has everything planned out for us and knows if that person should maintain in our lives or not.
All we gotta do is keep our head held up high, stay strong, pray and have faith that something much greater is headed our way.
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Cheers baby 💚 #thefadednation #latenightfeels

🎼Anxiety dances… across my pillow case, my god it dances It’s like, 1, 2 step..🎶 #latenightfeels #anxiety #imtrying #nobodysperfect #life #thestruggle

"I always see the light, way before the dark, and you always see the end, way before the start." ilusm .
Just something I do with my free time ✌ I just learned this song today so dont judge, I know it's rough around the edges, but so am I 😘

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