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• BING BONG • @jessecale and I did another incredible shoot today. So stoked to edit the rest! 💕

| 03.22.17: A good friend sent me the picture on the left the other day. Despite the celebratory look, I was quickly reminded of how much pain the person on the left was in. Pictures like the one on the left remind me why I do what I do each day. I know what it's like to be completely lost, what it's like to be down and out. It's been a long road (with its many ups and downs), but I'm happy with the person I'm becoming and want nothing more to use my experience to help others begin their own healing process and taking the first step to finding their true, authentic self. | #LateNightFeels #MotivationToKeepGoing

#latenightfeels ✨🥂

Classic Elvis🕺🏻.. Enjoy! #latenightfeels #elvispresley #justmeandmyguitar

Just wanted to say goodnight and honestly thank you all so much for everything, Its crazy I'm currently saying goodnight to you from the otherside of the world, travelling doing what I love! I wouldn't be here without you all 💕 #meaningfulpost #latenightfeels

This little lady gives me so many reasons to be a better version of myself 💕 #internationalwomensday #wecandothis #leadbyexample #latenightfeels


When you lose anyone who gets close to you , it makes you realise what the problem is. #latenightfeels

I dare you✖️😈💋

and i guess im just a mess , and maybe im just lonely . or just sad . but i know my heads a storm and my chest is empty . #speakingwithaghost #citizen #latenightfeels #honestyhours

#latenightfeels ✨🥂

I feel as melancholic as my favourite story so I may aswell stay up to read it. #frankenstein #classicliterature #horror #monsters #latenightfeels

Putting my big boy pants on, and posting this!! I love playing my guitar, however the singing part you might want to mute from your ears 😂 #wonderwall #acousticguitar #latenightfeels #treacle #postwhiskysours

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