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Forever grateful God stuck me with this bunch ❤️❤️ #latenightfeels #fambam

Gave me chills ⚡️ #latenightfeels #passion @jamesmfenwick 👈🏾☝🏾

Just wanted to say goodnight and honestly thank you all so much for everything, Its crazy I'm currently saying goodnight to you from the otherside of the world, travelling doing what I love! I wouldn't be here without you all 💕 #meaningfulpost #latenightfeels

Ready to listen some ghost stories?😈👻
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~ Your love lifts me up like helium ~
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Excuse me, nagmamaganda coming through 😁😂 Daanin natin sa filter bessy. Yaan mo na, may pa-achara naman si mayor 😂😂😂 Miss ko na magka-panga 😔

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"We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed." {2 Corinthians 4:8-9} ••••••••• My devotional today was all about seeing Jesus and His love through our tears. We often assume that because we are going through something tragic, that He is not there, or that He is not living up to His promises. We live in a world of instant gratification. Instead of praying about it, we turn to our social media, vent, and then hope it goes away. We put up this brick wall thinking that maybe if we shove it in a little box in the corner, we don't have to face it. But that is not the reality. The reality is that God WANTS us to cry out to Him. He wants to hear our sorrows, no matter how minute. He wants us to grieve WITH Him and see Him through our pain and suffering. He wants us to LIVE in it instead of push it to the side or grab our phones and text our 50 friends.
This really spoke to me. If you are close to me, you know I hate being alone. Abandonment isn't my thing. When I feel sad, I want to jump on my phone or call a friend over and distract myself from what's really going on. But lately, I've been learning to simply just live it. When I failed my nursing class, no one other than those close to me knew. When I hurt my shoulder and couldn't do anything for 2 months, no one knew. When I grieve over not being accepted to start classes again in the fall, no one knew. Instead, I prayed. I prayed and prayed. Sure, I got a dream job, sure, my shoulder healed and I was released back to work today- but that's not all I believe that God was doing in my life. This message really spoke to me. God wants me to live by HIS timing, not mine. To trust in Him, to grieve with Him, to rejoice with Him. God wants to open doors for me that I don't even know exist yet, but first, I have to trust Him to do so.
Friends, when is the last time you cried? When is the last time that you expressed lament? When is the last time you gave yourself
s p a c e to absorb the pain? Just food for thought.. 💕 #centralchristianchurch #tears #biblestudy #chaitea #jesus #latenightfeels

So be authentic as hell and quit apologizing for who you are and the space you take up in this world. Snort when you laugh, make funny faces, talk in funny voices, dance around the gym between sets, trip over yourself, spill your coffee on your way to work, get caught in the rain in your white shirt, post the snap on your story by accident, laugh the hardest at your own jokes, be fearlessly honest, say the wrong words, cuss a little or a lot, be awkward, drink too much, cry at inappropriate times, laugh at all the wrong things, order another amazon fail because free 2 day shipping, sing along whether or not you know the words, say it to their face, wear it if you wanna even if you shouldn't, take pics even from that angle you hate, quadruple post those grams girl you took dem pics for a reason!!, be stubborn, change your mind, drink your XXL dbl pump caramel tutu soy sauce lite whip one ice cube latte (idk) or your small black coffee with pride, send the text to the wrong person, think out loud, believe in something and tell everybody you believe it, call em on their shit, listen to your gut even if no one else listens along, squeeze too tight, forgive or forget or whatever helps you heal, move on, hold on, love too hard, fight even harde- whew. Just be you. #latenightfeels #thisalwayshappensintippcity #whatsinthewaterhere? #🤔

Couldn't of said it better myself 🌀💭 #latenightthoughts #wonders #latenightfeels

Forever in my feelings. #sensitiveinsomniac #latenightfeels

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