Sending it back this Saturday circa 1997 when my mom married the man who vowed to raise me as if I was his very own flesh and blood. I’m one lucky girl to have been blessed with such a wonderful step father!
From a surprise proposal following an airplane ride over the Rockies (once he asked permission) to their Las Vegas nuptials, these two have a love for life and each other that’s admirable.
Happy 21st wedding anniversary, here’s to 100 more! Xo 😚 yes, you’ll be living to be 150👴🏼👵🏼
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Had so much fun with this couple from Scotland 🤘🏻

Doggies in engagement sessions ❤️❤️❤️ : @studiotwelve52 📸

Classics 🖤

Family ❤️

Soooo sassy 😂❤️🐶

But I don’t want to pose, I just want to roll around and look adorable and get free treats... is that so much to ask?! ❤️

Just when you thought huge couldn’t get any cuter ❤️

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