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Your face when you walk up to the box office to get your MR. B&G ticket and they say sold out... #lastwarning ‼️

Keep the 6th May free for our umpiring course led by England Hockey. Umpires are a crucial part of our club and they are what allow us to play matches week in, week out. Sign up to take part, pay £25 through the su website to secure your place and receive £15 for every game you umpire after the course. There are opportunities for further assessment and progression.
Who wouldn’t want to be like Amy Jones?
#UEAHC #Hockey #Umpiring #GreenCard #LastWarning

LMFAO. On God I'm gonna be there with a flower on my suit and a shit eatin grin. Dont come for me ya fat smutbucket. Yak im that one ex that can check ya whole fuckin fam. these hands are rated E for errrbody. 😂😂😂😂💀 #fuckthathoe #lol #andheruglyassfriends #comeformehoe #mudcrickets #ok #backtomyday #lmao😂😂😂 #ex #aretheworst #leavemebe #lastwarning

No offense, but to all the pervs trying to talk to me, stop.
Well no, honestly please feel offended.
Anyone who has looked at my profile can take notice, I am mourning. I don't give a fuck if you think I look "beautiful". What the fuck does that fucking matter? Have a fucking kid. Feeling like you would give everything. And then literally waking up and sneaking up to see them playing with their sister just to find its only her running around and to see your daughter..the one you had bragged would always be the baby of the family..on her stomach..cold.
I mean this with all my fucking heart, don't give a flying fuck what anyone wants to judge me on, but if you dare have the nerve to HIT ON ME knowing damn well my child is fucking dead...you don't deserve to be alive. You just don't. Anyone who wants to comment Im in the wrong, honestly just don't, just keep it to yourself.
I'm not a fucking object. If I say no, I don't want to hang out and say my daughter died this month..she wouldve been four this wednesday, do not fucking ignore that and comment on my looks. I go out 99% of the time without any makeup, hair a mess and in lazy ass clothes. Does it LOOK like I give a damn about looks? Cool bro, I post photos. It takes two seconds to realize no matter the photo, thw2 majority of the time, even then I'm wearing lazy ass clothes, eyebrows a mess, face is make up free. So really..does it look like I give a flying fuck of what is deemeded "beautiful"?
If youre on my Facebook literally to hajg out simply from looks and have no fucking respect, remove yourself. Because if you fucking dare message me with that selfish bullshit, you'll get the same fucking shit I've given every other peice of shit like you.
I might be a fucking female, but don't ever fucking make the mistake of treating me either below you or as object. We both know if you're sendinf messages like that, you don't even deserve to be near my ass. I may have my damages but at least I have this thing called a fucking hesrt.

Friendship is finding that special someone you really can enjoy acting like a dumb ass with! 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️ sorry I uploaded the most irritating laugher in the world by @rachelzsf & @soniaxsx . #soundon #lastwarning #irriating #lovethem #best #people #bestfriends #cute #love #friend #friends #bf #forever #goodfriends #smile #tagblender #friendship #bestfriend #girls #winter #seoul #korea #girl #goodtime #live #awesome #bff #gf #fun

Completion of Sweeney Todd.
Currently my biggest piece yet.


Completion of Sweeney Todd.
Currently my biggest black and grey piece yet.
Thanks to @symthetic__ for being such a sport, and tattooworld for allowing the completion at it’s premises.


Charlie Mike. Thanks for your the invite and happy bday! #sachok #lastwarning

Ok here comes the problem i meet which guys also will late how come ah?? But gurls not a problem they always earlier than me #global problem #lastwarning
Yoji meesua always add in all the chilli

Would u answer the call of JESUS CHRIST the all powerful one and only son of the living GOD who commands great authority and makes even the demonic forces bow at his feet. I WOULD. And so should u.

#JESUSCHRIST#almightyGod#submission#getonyourknees#repent#begforforgiveness. #lastwarning#hescominglikeathiefinthenight #beready#donotfear#foriamwithyou

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