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YOGA TUTORIAL: BEGINNER HEADSTAND! 😱▶️ When I posted my Yoga Tip Tuesday of Headstand the other week, I felt that when I gave the modification of practicing headstand on the wall for beginners that it MAY be better to show you how to use the wall to build strength for headstand! Press PLAY! and read below! ❤️👇🏼
1️⃣ Make a cradle for the back of your head and place your head on the ground about 3 inches from the wall. Make sure you're on the top of your head not forehead! Elbows should about shoulder width apart.
2️⃣ Walk your feet forward and practice lifting your legs off the ground and get comfortable. If this is as far as you can make it, STOP here! This is a great exercise when your first start practicing inversions!
3️⃣ If comfortable try to lift both feet up and bring your knees into your chest. Carefully place your feet on the wall and walk your feet up. Again, this may be your stopping point and that’s OK! 🙏🏼🦄
4️⃣ When ready, take one foot off the wall and then the other! Lift up through your core, firm your thighs and BREATH. You did it! 🤗🎉
5️⃣ Ready to come down? This is the most important part. carefully place your feet back on the wall and come out just how you went in. Most injury occurs coming out of a pose so make sure to do a yummy COUNTER stretch. I chose child’s pose above!!
👉🏼Should I do more of these? Comment below and tag a friend who would love this! Xo Melis
Song: "I feel it coming" - The Weeknd ft Daft Punk

Double vision 🌴🌴

Lined up 📸 @bartblachnio

*calls window store* "Yes, I was told that installing your windows would not shatter the spacetime continuum?"

Have you ever been to the @stahlhouse? It's a great place to watch the sunset. #regram via @oheyitsren #thelagirl

All the way up

Sunshine on your face and butt fluff blowing in the wind 💁

Swipe left to see the whole shot. Captured this early in the morning back in March. This is a 4 image panorama taken with a 70-200 2.8 and a Canon 5D Mark IV. So I'm not sure what is up with IG's algorithm but it's really slow these days. You guys feel the same?



Guadalajara #tbt

It won't be easy, but it'll be worth it... { @inkkedd._.barbie }

The real La La Land song: "City of cars..."

Just another day at the office 😘

When your bro-bros return from NYC adventures and gift you with a pink, bedazzled cap. (Please zoom-in.) Does anyone have a velour Juicy Couture sweatsuit I can borrow?
#TheseFools #UsFools #GratefulFools #BlacklistLAFam 📷: @dells_g

사진수업을 마치고,
한옥도 구경하고, 사진관도 구경하고,
예쁜아가씨가 있는 꽃집을 지나,
여유에 목마를때쯤,
발길 닿는대로 들어간 북촌의 어느 까페..
테라스에 앉아 맞이한 바람과 까페에서 흘러나오는 음악은
내 생각을 정리하는데 있어 필요충분조건이었다.
광화문에서 #북촌 , 북촌에서 #광장시장 그리고 #인사동 다시 #광화문 무작정 걸었다.
그냥 #걷는것자체가힐링#사무치게그리운 #내나라
감사하다. 그곳이 내나라여서❤️
#힐링 #일상다반사 #까페 #그리움 #향수병 #감성사진 #데일리 #커피한잔 #북촌 #바람이머물다 #lastory #daily #musicoftheday

Anyone who's worked with me in the casting room knows that above all else the actors MUST have great energy. And I have never met an actor with energy like Sammy. Once he read for me, I knew we would work together, and soon. Grateful to have him as the leader of my ShenaniGang. #inGreatCo
📷: @danielvillegax
🕛: @FilmShenanigans

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