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3 Yrs Went By...Leaving a tonne of Wonderful Memories .#insak#Kmctptc#lastdaysofcollege#wontforget@kmct_thambranzz

With Ms Popular and Mr Athlete!😄😬
#farewellnight #goodtimes #lastdaysofcollege #gldiaries #gliq

Appreciation Post: First of all, you guys are love! ❤ Anyone would be lucky to meet each one of you in their life and I'm the luckiest to meet all three of you together. It has been really really easy to work with you all. Having four members as decision makers call for a lot of coordination and respect for eachother and I can say, I couldn't have had better bunch of people in core team. ❤ I loved how all the decisions were unanimous and we listened to eachother wherever there was a difference in opinion. I, for one, never felt like I am being left out or I'm not heard. So, thank you for that!! Also, thank you for standing by me in all the bad times.
Disha: I've had the best three years in Placement Cell as well as in college and I'm really happy you were there by my side, all the time. ❤
Bhavya: You're so adjusting and you hop on to our plans immediately without any doubt and full trust, that is something I will always admire about you. ❤
Pradyumna: Tere Bina toh Placement Cell boring ho jata. Lone Sher of PC! 😂 Thank you for your sane and logical reasoning throughout the year. And huge respect for your tech skills 😎

I love you three! Thank you for being in the best years of my life. ❤
#bestteamever #bestpeople #loveyou #coreteam #strong #unity #LastDaysOfCollege
Credits: @anushtha764 ❤ (Aur kis kisne click ki h?)

"The road you chose became the road not taken."
Pc : @hari.img

My happy place🤗
Thanks for adding some of the brightest colours to my great lakes journey! 💜
#favouritepeople #farewellnight #lastdaysofcollege #gldiaries #gliq

It will be so hard when I leave the college, where will I find people like you? 😭❤
Thank you all for making the last year of college so memorable & fun! When I say 'Team Embarkation is the best', that is not for the sake of this post. You all are the Best!! ❤ It is time for us seniors to take a back seat and let you all take Placement Cell to the next level. 😭

Credits: @photobug.anc
#bestteam #team #bestpeople #memories #lastdays #LastDaysOfCollege

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