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Lash Lift and Tint Certification dates!! Only a few spots available. Are you a lash artist looking for something to add??? Lash lift and tint lasts up to 8 weeks. It’s perfect for your client who wants a lash extension break or for the client who may have started an allergy to extensions. Course is $200 or an extra $180 with starter kit. Contact Tonya at 778-957-5274 or DM 👩‍🎓
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It just keeps getting better!! Here's a Lash product that I use myself to grow my own longer, thicker Lashes!! I love this product so much, and I want you to experience the results for yourself!!😍😍 .
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I am officially on the road to designing my VERY OWN STRIP LASH LINE that’s right wicked lashes will NOW have a line fill with nothing but strip on lashes.. don’t forget to get some after a lash lift ladies, thank me later😉
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Everything about my client's eyes are goals!!! Fluffaaaay. • Now If only I can convince her to allow me to imprint her perfect brows semi-permanently 😎 #setforlife

Clients, I know you try to avoid washing your lash extensions because you want them to last as long as possible. But that is a HUGE misconception! Washing your eye area is more important than ever and THAT is what will keep your lash extensions lasting longer. Cleansing your lashes will help keep natural oils, dead skin cell buildup, makeup residue, dirt, etc. off the lash extensions since all of those things affect the bond.

Still #WhipLASHING 💁🏾Have You Booked? Appointments Are Available For Next Weel! Book Today Babe 💕

Here is this week's Voucher Winners! Congratulations!! 😍💜😍
I will be in touch with you all shortly.
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Kelz x

I hope by the time you’re seeing this post you have closed up shop, you’ve got those chestnuts roasting, and you’re enjoying a warm cup of mulled wine or hot cocoa and getting your Yuletide spirit in check after a wild ride of a holiday season!
Give yourself permission to enjoy the fruits of your labor over the next few days... the hustle can wait.
And if you scheduled appointments on Christmas Eve, I will personally come slap you! Take a damn break, raise your prices if you have that much demand, or (as my D.A.R.E. Friends from the 90’s would say) “Just Say No!”
To keep it 💯 with you, I worked Christmas Eve last year and hated myself for it. Someone else’s lashes do not take priority over me being present for my family ESPECIALLY on a holiday.
Merry Christmas ya filthy animals (who has yet to watch home alone this season!?!)

We’ve all had this type of question asked of us by potential and current clients. And I don’t blame these clients for asking the question. Don’t we all want the best quality at the lowest price possible?
So instead of being insulted that a client had the audacity to devalue your work OR even worse, agree to price match another artist (hell no), do a little digging to understand your client’s desires a little better.
By asking them (calmly and respectfully I might add) “What’s more important to you, quality or $30 Lashes?” Their response will give you a clue as to their buying decision. If they say quality, then you tout your goal to provide quality, protection of their natural lash health, continuing education and a relaxing and soothing environment to maximize their self-care experience (or whatever makes you unique and valuable)
If they say $30 Lashes, then that gives you an out knowing they’re not likely your ideal client by saying “Ah, ok. Unfortunately my prices are set and reflective of the quality and value I aim to provide at every single appointment. If my current pricing doesn’t work for you, then please don’t feel like you can’t find another artist who is better suited for your needs. I want you to get the most bang for your buck, and if I’m not the right artist to provide that for you, then there’s no hard feelings if you’d like to search for someone else.”
Maybe it doesn’t always play out that smoothly, but remember...
If you struggle with knowing who your target client is and how to attract her, consider looking into our new 6-week, live and online Marketing Mastery Club workshop launching next month! Learn more and sign up for the waitlist to get EARLY BIRD ACCESS to registration by clicking the link in @thelashpreneur bio!

Hopefully you’re not your followers “auld acquaintance”! Check out this #lashbiztip to ensure you are never “Auld Lang Syne”
And yes I had to look up the definition of Auld.
And no I don’t know the rest of words. Do you? 🤞🏼
Leave more of the lyrics in the comments below so I don’t have to mouth “watermelon” at midnight this year!

“Just Keep Swimming”.
We’re visiting my in laws in Oklahoma over this New Years and boom! I catch the flu.
Then slowly it starts to take down the rest of my fam including my 8 week old. It’s been one of -those- days that gets hijacked and you’re being held hostage with no way to pay the ransom.
It also happens to be the day you launch a new marketing program you’ve been planning and preparing for for weeks and pouring your soul into and as luck would have it, your launch kicks off as you’re on your way to the Pediatric ER.
This is life. It’s messy. Imperfect. It doesn’t come with a manual like your Lash course or troubleshooting tips to be found in a forum.
So on days when you get kicked in the nuts more than you get high fives and pats on the back, I encourage you to rest... not quit.
Tomorrow is a new day.

How many times have you sabotaged your success and goals because you gave up the second it got hard or took an unexpected turn?
How many times have you put your blinders on to all of your progress and focused on the one setback?
“There's always gonna be another mountain.

I'm always gonna wanna make it move.
Always gonna be an uphill battle.
Sometimes I'm gonna have to lose.
Ain't about how fast I get there.
Ain't about what's waiting on the other side.
It's the climb.”
Thanks Miley!
If you don’t learn to take the good with the bad in being an entrepreneur, you’re going to hate the journey all the while never reaching your destination.

Actually I wouldn’t know and if Viagra took the marketing approach that most lash artists take that their ideal client is “anyone” and “everyone”, well I’m just guessing ER doctors would have some “epic stories” to tell at the next hospital happy hour.
While Viagra can be effective for anyone who is “staminally challenged” (yes, I made that word up), their target market is those of the silver fox generation who have a real pain point that Viagra solves.
To bring this full circle back to being a lash business owner, while your lashes may look gorg on clients 10-99, chances are there’s a very specific customer that you love to attract and who loves your work, would never question your price and follows your aftercare as if their lives depended on it!
For me, she’s around age 50 with grown kids, a business owner herself and enjoys yoga and the occasional wine night with girlfriends. She prefers density over length, tips really well cause she has the means to, and has a quick wit she likes to mix with the occasional curse word.
So if you are still under the impression that your target client is 18-45, female, into “Looking fabulous” and “great customer service”, I’d love for you to come join me in the #MarketingMasteryClub for a 6 week LIVE and ONLINE crash course on how to effectively market your lash business and stop spinning your wheels wasting your precious time and money on misguided marketing. 💻
Results better than Viagra!
Registration closes on Monday at 11:59pm PST and there’s only a handful of spots left before we sell out! The details and registration are in the bio link!

The first meal planning day of the new year got me like:
Now that I’m 2 months postpartum, the hubby’s now back at work, the toddler’s back in preschool, I’m in full swing with The Lashpreneur and helping women run thriving Lash businesses...self care and prioritizing my health is the last thing on my list.
But as all you other working moms out there can relate, ain’t nobody got time for being sick, tired or sluggish. While I’d love to have my pre-pre-baby body back, my sole motivation for attempting the whole30 diet this month is to help me keep up with my family, have mental clarity for my business, and to thrive myself before I look back in 10-20 years wondering how I got to a sad state of bad health.
Here goes nothing!
Double tap if you struggle with self care on the reg too!!! 🙋🏼‍♀️

A Lash Artist requirement and curse is that we are perfectionists by nature. We strive for exact symmetry and placement and 100% coverage in our lash sets. We are our own worst critics when the unexpected happens or we stumbled.

I think a little self reflection and critiquing when it can motivate you to action is healthy. But most of us come down -hard- on ourselves when we’ve “missed the mark” of perfection.

Perfection is a lie we believe we must meet in order to feel worth and value. I say value the imperfection and the progress. Value the journey and the struggle. Cause if I’m better today than I was yesterday, or last week, or last year... well then my hard work is paying off in small ways which will impact the big picture of my life.

Cause waiting on perfection is not a sound business plan. It’s an exercise in burn out, stress and a wasted life.
❤️Double-Tap or Like if you battle perfectionism too!

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