#LashTipTuesday during this video, we were actually “fanning” the lashes right at the end of the application on this “Express Lash Set” Why? Its extremely important to take at least 3 minutes to apply the fan over your clients set to minimize the fumes in the air before they actually open their eyes! BTW she has gorgeous skin😘 - ✨HER AURA✨ LASH & MAKEUP ARTISTRY *
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Yup livin the Lash Life✌️🍍 and boyyy does that entail a lot!!! Thanks to our followers foe your patience during our “Social Reconstruction” 🚧 (we dare not bore you with what thats all about🙄) Lash Professionals can relate🙋‍♀️. Our trip was amazing and with F L O R I D A still on the brains 🏝, we cant wait to share some more cool things with you all. Are you lash babes ready!? Welp stay cool its going to be one HAWT SUMMER here @ ✨HER AURA ✨

Q U A L I T Y always before quantity✨The world will be here and so will second chances but first impressions usually trump second chances in our world🤷‍♀️ so instead of risking the first impression; just take the time to create some checks and balances to produce the best quality work that you can. Great work just takes time girls. It can be very time consuming initially, then eventually it flows and that my lash babes is one if the traits of a true ARTIST; Lash Artist that is😉

✨JUST WOW✨Some serious drama here👀 And can we take a minute to admire her beautiful bomb eye color! Express lashes will forever be an all time fave💁‍♀️ its one of those lash addictions that never go away. HONESTLY. {Knowing how to properly apply them is key}......Having lash options is always a plus as our Lash Babes have different needs for different occasions and well we are the caterers. “Lash Caterers” that is😉

Hey girls hope you enjoy this tip or for some artist, a little reminder😉 We have all experienced those crazy NL that grow in directions and thought “WTH?!” (for lack of better words) LOL!They can be a challenge but are now fun for us and can really help strengthen your U N I F O R M I T Y. 📚We love to help new artist work on mastering this task which they grasp after spending just a few hours with us! It makes all the difference in your sets and repeat clients👩‍⚕️ |✨|
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✨HER AURA✨Theres more to it than what meets the 👁 but what counts is the end results! The goal is to accentuate the eye and help a new Lash Babe toss away their mascara tube! (FAST!!) Ha Ha Ha Accomplished👍 But how do you get to a great end result? How do you avoid every lash set from looking the exact same? Are you ready for a change in your lash game? ....................
👩‍⚕️Lets chat in a mentoring session or for aspiring artist we strongly suggest taking our training workshop. For dates and to find trainings in your area log on 💻 www.herauralash.com

N E W✨T R A I N I N G D A T E S: Say whaaaat?!?? The best Friday that could Friday is happening! Have you checked the website?!? Training dates are there and now here tadaah!!! 💃💃You are cordially invited and will be the guests of honor if: you are an aspiring lash artist or new lash artist that is ready to perfect your skillset and passionate about our industry! Our workshops are super intense and our students are in smaller settings so you have the attention you need for success along with ongoing support to ensure you a good journey throughout the learning process! Hope to see you soon! For questions contact us: 💻 www.herauralash.com.......... {For inquiries about mentorship, its one on one and does need to be scheduled}...

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I won't be available for any bookings on July 27 2018, as I will be attending a course held by the talented Miranda of the UKLashInstitute. I learn from the best, so I can incorporate all I know, to provide the best service and lash extensions I can to my clients, friends, family, and supporters. #lasheducator#lashaddict#lashgoals#lasheducation

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A Queen can never have enough crowns. 👸🏻👑💗

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