Hair, make up, clothing, sweets !!! If you caught a glimpse of those amazing cakes or thought one of the #LME girls of the night was on point- look no further than our amazing promo parters! They helped make the night a little more beautiful & special THANK YOU!!! #larrymorrowandangelayeesallblackbirthdayaffair #tapfortags

THEY WON’T TELL YOU HOW AMAZING YOU ARE....SO SHOW THEM 😎 ♠️🖤#larrymorrowandangelayeesallblackbirthdayaffair #baddnbossy #bosslady #bodybugatti

It just me always keep it simple and cute ❣ #WCW👄 #larrymorrowandangelayeesallblackbirthdayaffair

“Not the final copy, but we are better than the rough draft” - a night out with my dream girl @fitwitbritt504 #wce #larrymorrowevents #larrymorrowandangelayeesallblackbirthdayaffair

-i make it rain on these 🤬 , i got that amber rose vision 🤑🤤 #larrymorrowandangelayeesallblackbirthdayaffair

🤬 claiming she the queen, what? Not hardly !
Who the 🤬 gave you your crown 🤬 ? Steve Harvey?! #larrymorrowandangelayeesallblackbirthdayaffair

Had a blast at the celebration much love to @larry_morrow 🍾🍾

IMAGINE U THE FRESHEST NIGGA IN #larrymorrowandangelayeesallblackbirthdayaffair

recap: #larrymorrowandangelayeesallblackbirthdayaffair ♠️ salute to my guy @larry_morrow and all his accomplishments. #didgoodwithless 💪🏾 and that’s all facts, watching my guy learning you can’t just hope for happy endings, you have to believe in them, do the work and take the risks!!! the formula is out now! #allbetsonme📚 get your copy today

If you know me or have been following me for awhile you may have noticed I am really about that @curlmobofficial life. I rarely straighten my hair unless it’s for a trim and even then only @kolorking or @nenafalena and @mynameispeaches are the only ones who I trust to handle it. Just wanted to thank @_arrieee again for getting creative with a style for #larrymorrowandangelayeesallblackbirthdayaffair this weekend! #edgesonfleek #bighairdontcare #naturalhair #curlyhair #curlmob #ilovethis

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