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KILLER OF SHEEP [1977] by #CharlesBurnett 📽 June 3, 2018 at @bildrausch_basel in #Basel (CH)! Distributed by #ReadingBloom and Milestone Film | Restored by #RossLipman 🎬 J. Hoberman, #VillageVoice: "As fresh and observational as it was 30 years ago, KILLER OF SHEEP seems even more universal now. #KillerofSheep is an urban pastoral... sweet, sardonic, deeply sad and very funny."

KILLER OF SHEEP [1977] by #CharlesBurnett 📽 June 3, 2018 at @bildrausch_basel in #Basel (CH)! Distributed by #ReadingBloom and #MilestoneFilm 🎬 #NewYorkTimes: “An American masterpiece, independent to the bone... This may be Mr. Burnett's most radical truth-telling."

KILLER OF SHEEP [1977] by #CharlesBurnett 📽 June 3, 2018 at @bildrausch_basel in #Basel (CH)! 🎬 Burnett’s masterpiece examines the black #LosAngeles ghetto of #Watts in the mid-1970s through the eyes of Stan, a sensitive dreamer who is growing detached and numb from the psychic toll of working at a slaughterhouse. #MilestoneFilm's premiere of the restored KILLER OF SHEEP was at the 2007 #Berlinale Film Festival. #ReadingBloom is happy to release the film also in Italy and Switzerland.

Depuis le début ont savais déjà frate... ⚽️🦇❤️ @geoffreykondogbia
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Le travaille rien que le travaille ....

Amazing talks this year. Heavy Hitters. LA Rebellion at Tate Modern. #barbaramcculloh #billywoodberry #juliedash #kodwoeshun #ucla #film #tate #londonart #larebellion

Bush Mama (1979) Directed By Haile Gerima

There are lot of movies about post-war struggles, especially post Vietnam, the films of Haile Gerima are curiously hardly ever mentioned and it’s a shame because Gerima’s Bush Mama is one of the great documents of systemic poverty ever created and it uses the backdrop of post Vietnam inner-city America to show us. The effects weren’t just the soldiers but the people who loved them, their families and partners. Bush Mama is a brilliant tale of a woman of her time and place, trying her best to overcome but consistently failed by the systems around her. It is beautiful in showing how our stumbles can be at the same time our own but systematically born, we are products of our environment yet our choices still remain our own. Life is a complicated journey and Gerima understands this. It was Gerima’s thesis film at UCLA and frankly if there is a better student feature film ever made I’d love to see it, cause Bush Mama is a classic piece of cinema and one that needs to be recognized more.
The only place I know you can find Bush Mama is on DVD. Amazon still has copies but not many. Hoping it gets a stream soon. Come on @criterioncollection get in your job!
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In this scene, Little recreates the feeling of floating in the ocean. Through his small every day acts he transforms his house into a space for himself. This scene also captures the everyday life of Little who has to heat up water before entering his bath. -Norma #moonlight#barryjenkins#larebellion

While obviously Lemonade is about far more than the relationship between Jay z and Beyonce, it is important to acknowledge that a substantial portion of the album does deal with this topic. More specifically, Lemonade portrays the anger Beyonce feels towards jay z due to his alleged adulterous behavior. While as a viewer I was relieved to see the film end with happy shots of jay z and Beyonce, the ending felt misaligned with the rest of the film. Personally, the ending felt to clean and it seems like Beyoncé included these images to purely make it a more enjoyable viewing experience for the viewer. -Brian Pedersen #beyonce #larebellion

In Beyoncé’s “Lemonade”, she assumes different identities throughout the video, revealing the diversity of black women. She is also joined by many known and unknown women, including Serena Williams and the mothers of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown. In depicting these different identities and being surrounded by these other women, Beyonce works to reveal the power and strength of black women. She relates to them on a personal level, revealing the strength that black women have in dealing with struggle and emotional trauma. Beyonce brings these women to the center of the video, effectively conveying that they are of significant importance. They all stand proud and tall, evoking the portraits of black diversity. #Lemonade #womenpower #LArebellion -Nick Landry

benjamin’s blackened catfish + old bay rice + strawberry salad & the stark truths of Bush Mama (1979). #LArebellion #southernfood

In this scene from this week’s video Lemonade (2016), Beyoncé seeks revenge from being cheated on by smashing up a car as well as a fire hydrant. Soon a couple of young black girls follow her and dance under the water fountain she has created. Throughout the video, Beyoncé depicts southern black women in ways that we haven't seen frequently represented in popular art or culture. In a completely new way, Beyoncé brings up the conversation about the strength of black women and how they can heal from pain society as well as men place on them. #LaRebellion 🐝🍋 -Will Gentilello

A Bruising Moment

After Chiron comes, he looks at the mess on him and Kevin’s hand. “Sorry.” “What you gotta be sorry for?”
Kevin wipes the come into the sand, mixing all the mess.
This shot of his hand reaching for the sand dissipates the shame of the affective moment. The mess comes off and yet is multiplied. Kevin is not sorry.
The feeling of this beat is mired in the muddy intersections of queer shame and pleasure. It does not shy away from the mess. It dips its hand to cleanse itself in dirt. -Calen Firedancing
#Moonlight #BlackQueerFilm #LARebellion

In Wong Kar Wai’s 1997 film “Happy Together”, color is an important aspect that helps to convey feelings of melancholy and longing. The film begins in color until Fai’s lover says they should start over, causing the film to switch to black and white. The film remains mostly black and white until Po-wing states again that they should start over. The black and white seems indicate Fai’s feelings of melancholy and about the past. The use of color becomes especially important, such as the use of the color red shown on the slaughterhouse floor and the pot of red liquid in the restaurant. #HappyTogether #color #LArebellion -Nick Landry

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