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Jason Lowe tonight. An amazing, internationally renowned, guitarist and composer with influences such as Joni Mitchell and Neil Young. #lapslideguitar #roots #woodfiredpizza #cocktails #openfires @jasonlowemusic

A little pre dinner ditty on my Oahu square neck Baxendale Conversion in E minor tuning #oahu #hawaiianguitar #steelguitar #lapsteel#lapslide#lapslideguitar #lapsteelguitar #baxendaleconversion

People often ask how do you rehearse?? And this is how I do it.... I pick a song, wether it be my own or a cover... and play it in various ways over and over and over until I am happy with how it sounds!! This is a snippet of this afternoons practice, an old one I used to play needed a bit of a refresher!! Come let go by Xavier Rudd ✌🏼 #singersongwriter #xavierrudd #supportlocalmusic #lapslideguitar #harmonica

My Dad's ol Hawaiian guitar, opened it after 31 years or so , still looks very pretty #hawiianguitar#lapsteelguitar#lapslideguitar

17 years I've waited to see this man perform live and whilst his commercial music and rock hits are also my favourites - I got what I came here for. To see this man play a song like this on his #weissenborn was absolutely worth traveling 6000 kilometres for and is the reason I appreciate his talent. My very closest friends and my family know how much this means to me and I understand now why I had to wait 17 years for this moment. I'm so grateful for the medicine that is music and the way it moves my heart. In deep gratitude @benharper for sharing your soul songs, talent and passion 🙏
#benharper @harperbenjamin

Joe putting down his magic slide #lapslideguitar #recording #cafemusic @cafemusicstudios


#lapslide #lapslideguitar


Find me.

Joe putting down his magic slide #lapslideguitar #recording #cafemusic @cafemusicstudios


Playing the #lodigrapefestival today.

Purple Light.
Another studio pic from the recording of our fully funded (!) album, Bleed Out. All the pictures of my time in Colorado last month were taken by @aliadhami and @asalprkh

Saturday Jam @ the courthouse

After 12, fourteen, sixteen hours straight in the recording studio, you reach a level of focus and clarity that were previously unattainable. You push yourself, you take it all in, and try not to get overwhelmed. The intensity of complete immersion drives you to create and adapt. Thanks to Scooter (engineer) and Austin (drummer) for keeping up with me. I know I can get pretty intense once I start going. Only 3 more days left for the Kickstarter. Get in on it -- this new album is going to fucking SLAY.

The Rum Bar, Silverton, Colorado.

Been churnin 'em out in the CCB workshop. Cheers to the weekend 🍻

I'm sorry, I just love this dang thing. Got it in Eb Ionian bebop tuning and it's awesome. I'm gonna be lost for days... #lapslideguitar #lapsteel #10stringlapsteel #slideguitar #slide #pedalsteel #newguitarday

A few years back, playing a show at Santana Row. Kids would sometimes come onstage to check out the music.

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