LAPD officer fired bullet that killed Employee at Market 👿👿👿👿👿👿. LIKE IF YOU'RE SADDEN BY THIS..Comment ok 2 repost. @THE_LOWRIDERS
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Our condolences with the family and loved ones of #FredBarragan the most recent victim of police killing. This is #BoyleHeights where alarming numbers of police involved shootings happen, every year. 🚔🐷 #Chicano #Chicana #LAPDShooting #OIS #JailKillerCops #LAPD #Aztlán

This Sunday marks the day my brother was killed by LAPD....Leaving his boys behind! We love u Bigg Dogg! We miss u we always have u in our hearts ur alive in our memories! Never Forget a big heart and unique personality like urs! Last year we did a walk for him to the place where he was killed with the family ..... Hopefully this year we can do the same !!! Alex and Jaiden we here for you! Four fingers up two twisted in the middle we raise them high in the sky ...with tears in our eyes .... and as we look up to our gained Angel! Sergio Alexander Navas, 36 #restinpeace #restinparadise #familystrong #lapdshooting #neverforgotten #818valley #westup #westwest #westside #gainedangelsshouldnotbesoyoung -#keepyourheadup #californialove Sergio Alexander Navas, 36

Sergio Alexander Navas, a 36-year-old Latino, died March 5 after being shot by police in Burbank, according to Los Angeles County coroner's records.

Navas, of North Hollywood, led police on a chase and, while behind the wheel of a stolen car, was shot by an officer with the Los Angeles Police Department before 2 a.m., police said.

Two LAPD officers were on patrol in a marked SUV and noticed the driver of a gold Mercury Sable with temporary paper license plates driving erratically on Magnolia Boulevard near Riverton Avenue in North Hollywood, police said. Police didn’t learn the car was stolen until later.

The officers attempted to make a traffic stop, but Navas sped away, police said, soon crossing the city boundary into Burbank. After a chase of about six minutes, Navas turned onto National Avenue, a short residential street that ends in a cul-de-sac.

When Navas' car was alongside the police SUV, the officer riding in the SUV's passenger seat fired multiple shots at Navas, police said. After being shot, Navas left the car and attempted to escape, but he was caught and handcuffed on the sidewalk, where he died.a 36-year-old Latino, died March 5 after being shot by police in Burbank, according to Los Angeles County coroner's records.

Navas, of North Hollywood, led police on a chase and, while behind the wheel

Jesse Romero---Too Young To Die... Vigil for 14 year old Jesse Romero at Breed St and Cesar Chavez Ave in Boyle Heights, where he was shot and killed by LAPD. Many of Jesse's friends and classmates from Mendez High School shared fond remembrances of Jesse while grieving and paying their respects.

#JesseRomero #JusticeForJesseRomero #BoyleHeights #LAPDshooting #LAPDkilling #stoppolicekillings #policebrutality #weexist #brownlivesmatter #blacklivesmatter #MendezHighSchool #OSK #OperationStreetKidz🌠

1/ We sat waiting nearly all day for Trishawn’s hearing yesterday. At the courthouse, overloaded with too many cases, mostly with young people making bad decisions, attorneys and police officers. Inside the small courtroom, sat girlfriends, wives, and even a mother with a baby waiting for the next case. All wondering would their loved one’s case be next? Waiting. Trishawn’s family was one of the first to arrive that morning. Her mom needed a walker to help her walk, waited patiently, but finally couldn’t stay till Trishawn’s hearing. It was nearly seven hours of waiting.
The incarcerated were brought in handcuffed, wearing jail jumpsuits in different colors. Light green means low level. Just a few who already made bail actually walked into the courtroom. Trishawn was pushed in, sitting in a wheelchair with a pink seat on it. She looked much younger than the woman in the video. She didn’t look as frail. She had some small tattoos on her face. She spoke in a soft voice, almost like a little girl. Her attorney turned his chair to face her and started to ask her questions. Milton Grimes took her case pro bono and represented Rodney King in his civil rights case. He spoke very carefully, clearly, to make sure she understood him.
She described her single cell and being confined by herself in the same cell 24 hours a day, for five months, and started crying. But it was not technically solitary confinement explained the DA. He was an older attorney with white hair, who came in just for Trishawn’s case. The young DA, who handled most of the lesser cases that day, sat watching the hearing.
Trishawn said that she was taking medication for depression and something for diabetes. But we learned she suffers from bipolar paranoid schizophrenia and takes medications for her condition. She was born addicted to crack. Her mother had a crack addiction when Trishawn was growing up. Trishawn was forced into prostitution as a child. Her history, her traumatic life events brought forth one by one. She had lived with her mother, in a back house, but left after an argument. #blacklivesmatter #TrishawnCarey #lapdshooting #skidrow

This week Trishawn Carey has a court date with a preliminary hearing. The trial process has begun. She faces a life sentence for trying to reach for a police baton during the LAPD deadly shooting of Charly "Africa" Keunang in front of the Union Rescue Mission. She also suffers from mental illness and her condition is even worse now in jail. She has become more frail and lives in isolation in a cell in the medical ward in Twin Towers.
Support the Free Trishawn Carey campaign by sending her a letter, positive words, songs, poems at:
Trishawn Carey / Booking No. 4257163
Terminal Annexe
PO Box 86164
Los Angeles, CA 90086
Follow the Free Trishawn Carey page for more updates at
photo credit: Los Angeles Community Action Network #freetrishawncarey #skidrow #LACan #dtla #mayorericgarcetti #LAPDshooting #cantkillafrica

Indeed. #LAPDShooting

حاکمیت امریکا در پنجاه سال گذشته چقدر برای حمایت از جنایات اسرائیل خرج پولی، سیاسی و آبرویی کرده؟ این هزینه از جیب و آبروی چه کسی بود جز ملت آمریکا؟
In past 50 yrs, how much US sovereignty has spent to support Israel’s crimes by money &reputation?Who other than its nation paid for it?

همه این هزینه های گزاف دولت آمریکا برای حفظ اسرائیل، با یک مانع بزرگ مواجه شده و آن ملت فلسطین است که توانسته عدالت طلبان دنیا را نیز با خود همراه کند.
All the high costs of US to protect Israel have faced a big obstacle; public opinion is w Palestine. #IsraeliApartheidWeek

بیش از پنجاه سال، اسرائیل با همه کمکهای آمریکا، سعی کرده ملت فلسطین را نابود کند اما فلسطینیها با دست خالی اسرائیل را رسوا کرده اند. ۷۹/۸/۲۴
For +50yrs,Israel’s tried to destroy Palestinian nation w US supports but Palestinians disgraced Israel w bare hands.10/14/00 #ShutDownAIPAC

مقامات آمریکایی مجبورند که ملاحظه اسرائیل را و جنایاتش را لاپوشانی کنند. پول و قدرت کمپانیهای صهیونیست، این افراد بیچاره را گرفتار کرده.
US officials have no choice but to show consideration for #Israel &cover up its crimes.Money & power of Zionists have got them into trouble.

ما مجبور به ملاحظه صهیونیستهای جنایتکار نیستیم.نمیتوانیم کتمان کنیم که اسرائیل رژیمی نامشروع است که با توطئه به‌وجود آمده و ادامه حیات میدهد. ۹۲/۰۸/۱۲
We can’t ignore the truth;we can’t overlook that Israel is an illegal regime created out of conspiracy & lives on.11/3/13 #ShutDownAIPAC

آمریکا امروز بر سر دوراهی است. یا باید سرویس دادنهای بی حد خود به اسرائیل را متوقف کند و یا شاهد نابودی هرچه بیشتر وجهه و آبروی ملت خود در دنیا باشد.۹۰/۷/۹
US is now at crossroads.It should either stop unlimited services to Israel or they’ll lose more face in world.10/1/11 #IsraeliApartheidWeek

حاکمیت آمریکا به جای هزینه برای اسرائیل، وضعیت سیاهان را سروسامان دهد. هنوز انسانی به جرم داشتن پوست سیاه، امنیت جانی برای زندگی در این کشور را ندارد. ۱۳۷۶/۰۵/۲۹
US should care for blacks instead of Israel.For their skins,humans still don’t have safety to live in this country.#LAPDshooting

#Zionists #Zionism #igersisrael #إسرائيل #israel #telaviv #Zionist
#israhell #haifa #حيفا #زوال_إسرائيل #israelinstagram #insta_israel #ig_israel

The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others. -Albert Schweitzer

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