This is why I don't stick around and I disappear for months at a time...Bunch of hateful hypocrites. Get it together. Be supportive. Be happy for yourself and one another. Fudge! #wlscommunity #wlslife #wlseats#lapband #wls #wlspregnancy #wlsjourney #vsg #vsgeats #vsginstacrew#vsgjourney #lapbandfail

Been throwing up my solids again; doc feels this should all go away once I have surgery. If anyone ever came to me and asked if they should get the lapband I would give them a big H... NO! That thing has caused me too much pain and suffering even after it was removed... scar tissue and damage. I can’t wait for it to all be fixed so I can feel normal again; and to be pain free when I eat would be a dream.

Ps. Don’t mind the dog fur I’m taking a break while washing bedding.

Why have a pregnancy glow when you can have a giant, glowing, red pimple the size of a turkey on your face?! #wlscommunity #lapband #lapbandsuccess #lapbandlife #weightlosssurgery #sleeve #sleeved #lapbandfail #vsgjourney #vsgbabe #vsggirl #vsgpregnancy #pregnancy #pregnancyacne

Family Lunch at the park! We had, Chipotle, mine ordered KETO style. Salad with chicken, cheese, light pico, tons of cheese and lots of guacamole. Was SO delicious!!

231.8 this morning! When I started #KETO last month, I was almost 260! #letsgetthis

I know I still have a long way to go, and my journey has been slow and steady, but seeing picture comparisons like this, makes me happy I’m on this new #woe. I can actually see a difference.. and that’s big deal for me, as I feel like I’m putting in all this work with no change. The picture on the left, I took this morning. The picture on the right was about 2 years ago (and no, I was not pregnant and hadn’t been for awhile). #beforeandnow

Enjoying this NON-FOOD reward. Girls day!! Got my hair done at the Dry Bar, KETO lunch and shopping with my girl. 💕 usually I would reward myself with treats and binging. This was much more satisfying. Making changes slowly but surely.

I wish I wore my Fitbit today. Best exercise ever. Field Trip to the Zoo. I swear I walked like 5 miles.

I know I may be a little dehydrated for it to show this dark, but I swear I’m drinking TONS of water. I’m just thrilled I’m in Ketosis and I can monitor that I’m doing things correctly! Love these little strips! ❤️

Taking advantage of my hotels mirrors to take a progress picture with no make up.. dressed to go to bed... This week I had my one month follow up appointment after making the switch to Keto. In exactly 4 weeks, I’ve lost 14 LBS!! {sorry about my thighs, they are a work in progress along with the rest of me} I definitely feel like I’m on the road I need to be on. Best part, I don’t feel like I’m on a diet. I am yet to feel deprived.. And now, my next step is adding in exercise. I’m kind of excited about this!! I have a long journey in front of me but I’m totally happy with my first four weeks!

Babe and I.

I'm not into New Years resolutions but in January I'm taking a huge risk so it kind of is a reset for me. I'm going to be away from my family, friends, and supportive coworkers and on the otherside of the country, alone, for over a month.

I'm going to use this time to self reflect, work hard, get back at exercising regularly (there will be a gym in the building so no excuses, right? I won't have to travel) and I'm going to be 100% accountable because... I'll have to be.

There will be no one to blame and point the finger at and no one to pressure me or give in to my demands.

#wls #wlscommunity #wlscommunity #lapband #lapbandsuccess #lapbandlife #weightlosssurgery #sleeve #sleeved #lapbandfail #vsgjourney #vsgbabe #vsggirl #honorcurves #bbw #bbwgirls #honorcurves #honormycurves #effyourbeautystandards #blondehair #sleeve #lapband #lapbandfail #vsglife #girlswithgauges #girlswithtattoos #freckles

I wasn’t no where near “small” but jeeeeeez what I wouldn’t give to go back to 2013 and look like this again. #pcossucks #lapbandfail #lapband

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