120618 | Yet another surprise, this time by this bunch of girls I have known for a good 20 long years! Celebrated our friendship, my upcoming marriage, and farewell over a good home-cooked meal and lovely desserts from Dripz and Plain Vanilla. Thank you 💕💕 #reubxsarah #blessed #thankful #friendsofmorethanadecade #laoliao

[S^3] Guess who didn't manage to book grab hitch? 🙃 nonetheless, still a good catch up! Well, since we only meet like few months one time 🤣

#Scube #laoliao #allsohapzexceptme #hapzishappening #hashtagsonpoint

This year, being a pinnacle aging year, I decided to do something that I have never done before- Compete in a dance competition as a solo competitor.
I don’t know how people do it, those who compete with their own choreographies, remembering what you’ve choreographed, surviving on unfamiliar platforms, and all the grits that come with it. I very much prefer choreographing for other people to remember!
It’s an experience I will not soon forget, but I will also not soon repeat. At least, not as a solo dancer.
I wanted to back out so many times, and I’m so grateful to everyone who kept me going and gave me reasons to not throw in the towel. It helped that there were people who saw my name in the program and told me they were looking forward to it. They kinda left me with no choice! And I was also Competitor No.1! I can just imagine the myriad of questions I would have gotten if the emcee first words were, “competitor No.1 will not be performing”! 😂😅
Though there was no win, my heart was so full with the love and support received.
From my Dad and Boo Boo who bought tickets and sat through 20 over solos just to wait for mine, my best friend who came down from work just to be my backstage help and posse, as well as @jingyi_h and @shortiehands who were text-support all the way! 😘💜🙆🏽‍♀️
It was also really nice to get back in touch with my salsa roots. Though I quickly realised, through this process, how out of touch I am.
I’ll put up some video and photo footage once I’ve got all the purchasing sorted!
Much love for the beautiful flowers from Daddy, @ohmykiki_ and @ssereneseahh.
And it was great getting the. Chance to catch up with @mydancingfeet!
#dancer #getthebeat2018 #competition #laoliao

Happy Birthday @theyuen! May the coming year be rich and buttery like this power stout. #wishicantry #laoliao #birthdayboy

I will get tired easily , battery only can last for 4 hour #justlikemyphone #laoliao

Happy belated birthday to brother Pele, to many many years of awesomeness ahead #brothersforlife #laoliao #carouselroyalplazaonscotts

Can’t wait to be back in the pink of health again. Trying so hard to get over this nasty flu but it’s taking just about forever 🤧🙄 Never take your health for granted, guys! Drink lots of water, take your vitamins and get enough rest. 💪🏼

It’s been awhile since we cleaned up nice, and went to a bar for late night drinks! I think i’m getting old. 10 years ago 12am the night was still young. Now 12am i want to be in bed and sleep. #laoliao #afterparty #postraceparty #fitfamcelebrates #spartanracethailand2018

Happy 21’st Jeremy!! #laoliao (im not late im decisively delayed)

Had a very nice catch up with my student 8 years ago. She really didn’t changed a bit at all. Glad to know she’s doing well. @awesomenan #laoliao #howcomegotpplnochangeone

Gotten my #bifocals and feeling ancient.
But glad that I can read n see clearly.
Thank u Brian
#variluxSeries #laoliao #genx

Today, we partied hard because our dear @agnesvelni turns 40!!! Hahaha 👏👏 Happy to share so many years together. Dinner was memorable, dessert was memorablerer, fortune cookies were lame AF, definitely a day to remember. :)
#birthdaygirl #forty #years #eldershield #warmwelcome #laoliao #stillcaneatsomuch #henhao #dragonchamber #lokee #typhoon #taifeng #dessert

April is a month of makan 🤤 #tbt #foodie #bday #laoliao #thankful

Media person of the year 2015 and media person of the year 2016 at the @ngeeannpoly Mass Communication graduation showcase. And still at the heart of media. #alumni #laoliao

Thank you to the PFP Student Chapter of 18/19 for inviting us to the BBQ! 😋
Feels like just yesterday we were the ones planning events and meeting up #laoliao
Wishing you kiddos the best of luck with the upcoming programmes! Whatever happens, I hope you’ll have a great experience as a committee just like we did 👍

Happy birthday to @rachelchua who never fails to look after us like we’re her children (except when intoxicated 🤣)!! 16 years have flashed by and what a journey it has been! My wish for you - as you make your journey into your 30s - is to enjoy and savour every moment in this new chapter of your life (in more ways than one) because soon enough we will be celebrating our 100th birthday and hopefully.. we’ll still remember one another and have enough teeth to eat cake! #friendship #bestfriends #konstants #laoliao

I woke up with a crown and started my day as QUEEN OF DA UNIVERSE! #laoliao

Just because #daddywantstosnowboard, Mummy made it happen and gamely signed up for lessons to board with him. Aw man, what did we sign up for? Bruised knees, aching arms, thighs and bum 😱 and that was just Day 2 of #leesgopaktor #seoulpaktour 🤦‍♀️ #laoliao #thepriceof❤ #inseoulwithoppa💕 #daddycansnowboard #mummysbutthurts #bruiselee #canigohomenow #seoulpainfulsia

twenty seven years olddddd #laoliao

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