Moon gazing

«Out on the edge you see all the things you can't see from the center».👀 I diddn’t see any good weather though 😔

Moody twilight over New Zealand wetlands, the dark blues and bright orange highlights in the sky were only around momentarily before fading away for another night.

Moody red sunset on the rocky battered coast of Tauranga, I used a long exposure to smooth out the rough sea and give a peaceful ethereal effect in the image.

• Wat Thep Wisit
The Deity Wittayalai 84th Birthday Anniversary (Prathe Suthanya Building), which was completed in 2011, has become a prominent feature of Ban Rai Temple. The elephant sculpture style. It is located on 30 rai of water. It is a 4 storey building including a basement (ground floor). The floor of the building is a statue of Luang Por Koon and Lord Buddha. The total height is 42 meters. The building is located on the circular courtyard with a diameter of about 65 meters. It is the largest Buddhist temple in Thailand.
[Ban Rai Temple Location Dan Khun Thot - Kham Ping, Kut Piman, Dan Khun Thot Nakhon Ratchasima Province 30210]📌
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Coastal New Zealand rainforest looming in the distance across a calm stretch of aquamarine ocean, I used the rule of thirds and set up with this boulder that had a small rock pool below it to show the rainy coast in its most beautiful state.

Coastal cave on the calmer side of Waihi beach, leading from the cave is a peacefully flow steam of salt water mixed with different shades of sands and rock that leaves a black trail across the landscape

Hanging over the side of bridal veil falls waterfall, quite a strange perspective, shows how high the waterfall above the forest really is.

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