My Precious Son!
There are a few things you should know..1)The day I saw your face in 4D on that huge wall I muttered “I’m giving birth to my husband!” That would be because you looked identical to your Daddy! 2)The moment I met Daddy he said “My first son will be named Landon Michael!” So obviously God already designed you perfectly to fit in our family! We are all smitten by you! 3)When I was little I always wanted to be a Mommy..because of YOU..I am living my dream! I prayed for you before I ever even knew you. I never met you but had this desire and love for you like something fierce! 4)The moment you were born all I could do is cry and tell you “I love you” over and over..that was just the beginning..6 years later and I still do that! 5)You are the most affectionate and kind hearted little boy! 6)Every night before I go to bed I go in and check on you and kiss you right behind the ear. Sometimes I cry..It still smells like my sweet baby I held in the hospital only moments old! 7)You have no idea what it’s like to watch you grow up. It’s heartbreaking and breathtaking in the same moment. You obviously aren’t that tiny baby but in my eyes you haven’t changed one bit! 8)Your Daddy is the greatest man alive! His “Landon Heart” overflows daily with love for you! The bond you two have I will never know! 9)I knew you first. I knew love like I had never known. The first time I felt you move I just cried. The thought of you being perfectly placed and growing in my tummy was and still is mind blowing. We have a bond. We have a love that will never grow old, a love that will never break, a bond that only we understand. 10)God created all of you. Your big brown eyes. Your sweet smile. I just got the honor to carry you. The love God has for you is unfathomable. He is and will always be faithful and so good to you. 11)I’m so sad that your birthday is today..You are growing into a “Big Boy” not a Baby! No matter 2, or 200..you will ALWAYS be my Baby! 12)I’m so happy today is your BIRTHDAY! I get to watch you grow and learn new things daily! I get to see first hand Gods perfection! Happy 6th Birthday! We love you so much Bubba!💙#landonmichaelhorvath #landonissix

Checking out the sea creatures with Lanman #helovesseacreatures #expandyourknowledge #gulfarium #landonissix

Teach them right. #gofishing #getoutside #landonissix

Landon's 100th day of school...personally he looks like Commissioner Gordon from The Dark Knight. #landonissix #100thdayofschool #littleoldman #momwin

6 years ago...and 6 years later. Happy birthday Landon Cash! We love you! #landonissix #happybirthday #lovedandblessed

Someone is 6! Ole' love this little man sooooo much!!!!
#landonissix #kids #momlife #momlove

Celebrated this little guy's sixth birthday today! I love him so much!! #nephew #bowling #LandonIsSix 💙🎳🎉🎂🎈🎊🎁

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