‏"تأكد بأن الحياة تأخذ من الجميع .. لا تصدق بأن هناك أحداً لا ينقصه شيء فالسعيد من أسعده الله"
مساكم خير 💕
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babyyyy 😍

Juice Wrld got new heat on the way 👀🔥🔥🔥 @juicewrld999

💕🌈🐠🌴🌺🏖My beach boy in Okinawa! ハイサイ!! Landyウチナーマシシ、ウッサソン😍🙌🏻🌺チュラ海、チュラ風、チュラ空!It’s paradise😌🙏🏻❤️

@lilskies ; goodnight ❤️

@lilskies ; sorry haven’t been as active🤷🏽‍♀️

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Today, four years ago you blessed us with your presence, baby. I will always give you what you want. One thing your mommy always used to say was that her world revolved around you and your sister... Everything she did, she did for you. She always wanted you to be taken care of. That was her only wish for you, and your sister... That the two of you would always be taken care of. You will be.
You always ask for your mommy.. Everyday. But today was different... Today you were really really sad. You still don't fully understand but I believe somehow that today you did. You knew she wouldn't be here today... This morning when we were laying in bed, he had just got off videochat with his aunt, and after a few minutes he started to frown, then slowly tears came to his eyes. I asked him why he was crying, I told him not to cry and not to be sad. I asked him why he was sad, and tears coming out of his eyes he looks at me, and says "I miss mommy". Oh man! I couldn't help but cry... I cried with my tiny love and I gave him a huge hug, and kissed his forehead and told him "I know you miss mommy. I miss mommy too. Mommy said don't be sad, ok? Today is your birthday." he looked at me wiping his eyes, and says "ok, wiss." His first birthday without his mommy here, and he missed her so much. We miss you, sister. It killed me inside seeing him, and hearing him say that this morning. So many birthdays you'll miss but we know you are always around, always looking over us. Probably laughing, and making fun of us. I love you so much, sister.
Happy birthday to my LoveBug. Auntie loves you sooooo much... There are not enough words in this world to tell you how much I love you.

He makes her insanely happy 🤧💘
This actually sucks sorry
Story: The New Girl
Song: i dunno
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So happy he win😍 ' I smile 😂😂' #anwarhadid vía #landon story

From the moment I enter the house til the second he goes to bed, he is in my face. This kid rules. #landon #nephew

Coletânea de conceitos de um dos casais mais shippados em Uma Surpreendente Mulher.

“never lose your dinosaur”
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Bless his heart, he brings me flowers everyday.. He is gonna make one woman happy when he grows up.. #Landon

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