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Other than stranger things and it, lance Stewart is one of the most important things in my life. He makes me happy when I am sad or sick. He always strives to make people laugh in his vlogs and in real life. He has a gorgeous girlfriend named Lizzy Wurst and she is very sweet and caring. These two people together make my life so much more than it would be without them.He lives in Jersey with his friends, Codee, Rachel ,Anthony and Shane who is his cousin, and of course Lizzy .have been a fan of him for over two years now and I honestly don’t know how I was living without watching him and following him. He means so much to me.I don’t know what I would do without Lance. You guys should go check out his page on YouTube: Lance Stewart. PLUG PLUG PLUG!!!I think that you guys would really enjoy him. He is not that much family friendly, he swears a lot but he is only being himself and that’s what I like about him. Well, I’ll stop boring you with my stupid YouTube obsessions. Go check out my page for them @amelia_stewart_210 #lancestewart #lance210 #lizzywurst #lancestewartvlogs #lancestewartedit

This is a one of the last pics at their apartment it is such a good pic and I literally can’t wait to see there new house #lance #lancestewart #lance210 #lancestewart210 #lancestewartyoutube #lancestewartvlogs #lancevlogs #lancesquad #likeforlike #follow for follow

Hey, The post today is one of lances BEST post in my opinion. He is such a huge inspiration and is doing so well I’m proud #lance #lancestewart #lance210 #lancestewart210 #lancestewartvlogs #lancevlogs #lance210ers #lancestewartpranks #lancestewartfanpage #lancestewartyoutube

Hey, lances posts are awesome found this one and in my opinion it looks amazing #lance #awesome #lancestewart #lancestewart210 #lancestewartyoutube #lancestewartvlogs #sick #amazing #youtube #instagram

So, this is the end @lance210 ? I respect your decision with quitting quite honestly you made the best choice for you. Thank you for being a huge aspect of my life
#lance210 #210squad #lancestewart #lancestewartyoutube #lancestewartvlogs

which do you think is the way to do it?😂😂 @lance210 @lizzywurst

~ this sounds superrrrrre beggggg but can someone give me a shout out on their account I’m really really trying to grow my fan page but it doesn’t seem to be working and I’m losing hope in this fanpage:( #lance210 #lancestewartvlogs #lancestewart #beautyandthebeast

November 13, 2017 Lance Stewart has officially moved back to New Jersey. And I just to say Lance being with you on your journey has been a life changing experience. And so much laughter and funny moments and your squad "I LOVE YOUR SQUAD." They all make my day a whole lot better because they are funny. But you moving back to New Jersey it's just emotional because your not gonna be in LA no more but it's a new chapter in your life and I'm glad your more happy in New Jersey and with your family as well and I am happy to see the family again I was also missing the family Vlogs but I will also miss the Entire Squad and you doing the hover board Vlogs with them, hmm you should have did one last hover board ride with the squad but you will soon. Can't wait until the whole squad reunites again, basically I think your squad is another family to you. They all support you and we support you as well. But they've been through bad times and good times with you And funny moments, laughter, so many memories. I WILL TRULY MISS THE SQUAD! I was almost crying sitting at my computer watching the Vlog and you saying goodbye to the squad. You should have made the squad move with you to Jersey. I will miss Chris and his crazy laugh I love his laugh it always makes my day hearing his laugh. And seeing codee, Rachel, Alex, nick, Mike, adin, almost everyone. But you will see them soon. But anyways lets make some crazy and funny Vlogs with the family. Can't wait for tomorrow's Vlog. The 210 family thank you for everything and making my day. And for putting a smile on my face everyday. Love you Lance 💜@lance210 @itsdistefano @lizzywurst @adinkolansky @alex_dever222 @realbignik @codeejyount @itsrachelmorley @mikeymanfs @210official @210store @itsgiostewart @itstheo210 @ninastewart91 @bruguy91 @badassgrandmom @xosabrinanicolexo @lance210 #lancestewart #lizzywurst #chrisdistefano #adinkolansky #alexdever #codeeyount #rachelmorley #ninastewart #brucestewart #badassgrandma #210family #210squad #lance210 #lancestewartvlogs

~ I feel like all I do is post about lizzy so idk if I should make this a lizzy fan page 🙂. Lizzy is such a unproblematic Queen I love her so much. I have never seen her have beef with anyone and I love it. Don’t we all love an innocent queen 😇😇 (Tag a friend who loves lizzy wurst)
#lizzywurst #lance210 #lancestewart #lancestewartvlogs #team210

Clap on clap off #lancestewartvlogs

Idk why but i like the way this looks. Unfortunately when i tried to ss this when chris was in the middle it ended up blurry 😭
#210official #210ers #210squad #lance210 #lancestewartvlogs

When you take 2 scoops of pre work out😂😂💝🤘💪 @adinkolansky
#210official #210ers #210squad #lance210 #lancestewartvlogs

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