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What you do and the words you use matter more than you know. #wordsmatter #intentionalliving 📷: @jefffrandsen

We appreciate the time community leader and activist Tanay Harris took to share her expertise and experience with us. She also took us on a tour of Crispus Attucks. Thank you, Tanay! We learned so much! #SUSL #lanc #radicallove #communityfirst

Today we enjoyed a delicious lunch at Central Market! #SUSL #lanc

"The creative process is not like a situation where you get struck by a single lightning bolt. You have ongoing discoveries, and there's ongoing creative revelations. Yes, it's really helpful to be marching toward a specific destination, but, along the way, you must allow yourself room for your ideas to blossom, take root, and grow." Carlton Cuse
This quote pretty much sums up the renovation process. Once the demo starts, your design starts to take shape in a new way....you lean into your color choices a little more, your textures come to life and your thoughts become your actual reality. It's not just a Pinterest page anymore, it's your space, your vision, your home in living color! And we love that living color! We love journeying alongside you to help narrow that focus and make it your reality. From door style to grout choice we'll be there!

ARE YOU DOING IT ALL WRONG? Your skin care routine may not be right for your skin type.

Do you cleanse too much or not enough?
Do you think you have oily skin when, in fact, you have dry?
Are you exfoliating too much or not at all?
All excellent questions to ask!
Leighanne will assess your skin when you schedule your next facial and answer all your questions. Call (717) 291-1111 -- your salon for skin care.

Dropped off the pops at the train station towards Philly. Been a minute since I’ve grabbed some @roburritos. Wasn’t let down, brought back some solid YCP memories. Btw, quick tip ask for a Zilla. It’s bigger and badder than a normal burrito-dilla. Always worth the upgrade. What’s a burrito-dilla you ask? It is like a burrito, but in a quesadilla. It’s got the heft of a burrito but crispiness of a quesadilla. #burrito #nomz #ycp #robs #lanc

It's a day of hybernation for me - dreaming of those warmer temperatures where sickness is few and far between and we can play at the pool until dinner time! So as I dream of warmer temperatures, I look back on this beautiful wedding day.

#foreva ❤️👰🏻🤵🏼

We had a great time volunteering at Mornings on Orange Street (MOOS) this morning! Thanks for showing our SUSLs your awesome before school program and letting us hang out with the students! #SUSL #lanc #service #community

out here w/ @jamiebeths and @kevinmichaelressler exercising our right to peaceably assemble in honor of Martin Luther King Jr
also, hoarse like Mr. Ed out here.
#lanc #lancastercityproud #forgeahead #1stamendment #aclupa #naacp#mlkday

Kat and Jose made us a delicious dinner of fried cheese, salami & plantains! So yummy! #SUSL #lanc

can't think of a caption, I just love this hallway. #lanc #hallway #downtown #winter

We are looking for writers from across Lancaster County, we want as many voices as possible, do you like to write? Contact us at farmlandfeed.wordpress.com you can write about anything that interests you, and we will add you to our feed #Writers #WritersOfLancaster #LancasterCulture #Culture #Heritage #LancasterCounty #LancasterCountyPa #LancasterPa #LanCoPa #FarmFields #ShareYourIdeas #CelebrateDiversity #DiscussDifferences #CommunityStrong #Lanc #Pa

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