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L A N Y w/special guests GLADES 🎶 _______________________________________________________
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L A N Y w/special guests GLADES 🎶 _______________________________________________________
#LANY #GLADES #thetriffid #brisbane #livemusic #gigs #music #brisbanegigs #lamusicscene #westcoastfeels #australianmusic #indiemusic @thisislany @gladesmusic @secretsounds

Hi SoulTribe!!
I'm super excited today because I got the first draft mix back for my first ever original, and I am so happy!
It feels so so beautiful to literally create something that was just a soft, faint idea in my head. I simply can't wait to share it with you!! 💗💗💗
This music journey just turned into something totally unexpected for me and has led me to places I'd never thought I'd go - it's been beautiful and I just wanted to share that - if there is something in you, something you want to create, by God start this weekend - even the smallest actions every day build up to something beautiful.
Massive thank you to @oaelluin, @notsamnang, Cypress and Sean for your incredible work on this piece, I'm so so grateful!
Thanks for tuning in SoulTribe, and also massive thank you to @_.nimras._ for her gorgeous photography!! .
Talk soon! 💗💗💗
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The Two Tens @thetwotens rockin' @thehihatla!!!

Dallas Acid, a group that you’re more likely to find playing at planetariums and art installations than typical venues. Highly recommend if you are into sensory meridian response music!
#music #musicians #lamusicscene #echoplex #asmr #psychedelic #badasschicks #deadmeadow #art #production

We love @wearewildriot 🖤⚡️💋🤘🏻 #repost #InstaStorySteal

Had the privilege of catching the first @moryetheband performance with my friend @darren__dee on drums! They were so good. #supportlocalmusic #livemusic #art #synth #guitar #synth #mapex #korg #lamusicscene

@lucydacus @teragramla. Two things stood out to me - Lucy’s emotive vocal phrasing and the really nice arrangements. Lucy writes good songs for sure but in lesser hands the performance could easily have been predictable and ultimately dull. Instead, a simple phrase like “this ain’t my home anymore” seems personally cataclysmic and Night Shift grows from a quiet ballad to a fuzzed guitar rocker. Constantly interesting and very engaging. And all this from a 23-year old. Have a listen to Historian and be sure to catch Lucy the next time she’s in town. You won’t be disappointed.
I saw @andthekidsmusic late last year and said at the time that if they were locals, you’d see a lot more posts of them. Uptempo Indie with good guitar from Hannah and nice vocal interplay with Rebecca on drums, I liked them even more the second time.
@adultmomband is bubbly even when singing about ex-boyfriends and porn addicts. And Stephanie assured us that it’s okay to kiss girls, which I’m glad to hear, even if she didn’t mean me.
A really nice evening of good music. 💚
#lucydacus #andthekids #adultmomband #teragramballroom #lamusicscene #lamusic #livemusicla #livemusic

TOMORROW NIGHT 3/24/18 @thelegacyroom!!! Message us for info!! You don’t want to miss this incredible lineup!

Excited to announce that we are featuring this awesome musician @melaniefrankera at this Sunday’s Feedback Sunday! | Melanie Frankera is an aspiring vocalist who is most influenced by soul/R&B and new age hip-hop.
She hopes to bring back a sound that influences and inspires others to love and be loved like that of the 90s R&B era | ⚠️
Join us this Sunday @ 3pm in celebration of Women’s History Month @ 2936 W. 8th Street Los Angeles!⚠️ There will be a limited sign up sheet for the open mic for those interested in sharing their art, poetry or story!

The energy last night was on FIRE!! This is what I imagine heaven to be like. ⚡️ Thank you all for coming through, it was our best turn-out yet, my favorite show yet and we had an absolute blast playing for you! 💣 ♥️ @rachandstuff @kitperks @thepatchoulimaster you are all so talented and inspiring, I am so grateful to be playing alongside you. ♥️ I'm on cloud 9!! Thank you @thesatellitela for having us- can't wait to do it again! 📸 : @lelandcurry

Hey LA Fam!!! Catch me #performing with my #OpulentTemple Fam at the #TheMayan TONIGHT at Opulent Temple in L.A. presents Sacred Dance (Set Times) *my performance set times**
10:45 Main room with Syd Gris
12:15 Main with @upercent
1:15 Basement with Brian Peek
1:45 Main with @thescumfrog
@opulenttemple #madisonorange @themayanla #ledgogo #launderground #mainstream #lascene #lamusicscene #hoopdancestars #sacreddance #whiteparty #timeandspace

Truth: I remember there was a time when I went to music school that I wouldn’t make it too graduation and thanks be to the Lord above that I graduated. But during that time there I learned so much as a musician but most importantly just as a human being. I remember though there were a lot of times of self doubt and always feeling like I was finishing last at school compared to my peers. I know one obstacle I had to realize is that being a left hander playing a drum set right handed I have to tell myself it may take me alittle longer to learn a groove than other drummers. I remember one specific teacher though at school told the class “The beauty of the music world is that I can teach you all the same rhythms and each of you will play that one rhythm in a different way with a different interpretation” Long story short artist, musicians, everyone embrace your individuality and do you. Celebrate who you are because the weakness we all work on makes us the stronger. We just gotta do us!

The key to manifesting your most ambitious desire is to realize that you are not inferior to the things you seek. Nothing this experience has to offer could ever be more valuable than you are.
When we appraise the things we desire higher than our own human spirit, we inadvertently repel them as we chase and desperately claw to bring them toward us.
The things you desire may be essential to your life’s purpose but they are not essential to your happiness. Pursue your biggest dreams, endeavor to live your best life but be happy in the process.
#smile #happy #pursuitofhappiness #loveyourself #wealthconsciousness #manifestationcoach #lamusicscene #selflove #jksnmidas

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