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Words will never be enough to thank the brave men & women who have served our country. #ΛΣΓ #MemorialDay #lambdasigmagammasororityinc #multiculturalsorority

Words will never be enough to thank the brave men & women who have served our country. #ΛΣΓ #MemorialDay #lambdasigmagammasororityinc #multiculturalsorority

I love these photos, not only because of how beautifully done they are, but because I was able to incorporate my Doctoral cap with the Huanengo my Mamá Chela hand made for me and the rebozo my Mamá Lola took off her back and gave to me. Special thanks to Delfina for taking the time out of her life to capture this wonderful moment in my life. #Lawtina #cultura #creatorsOFmyCreators #lambdasigmagammasororityinc #sacstatelambdas #latinagraduate #michuacan #sacstateLSG #horgullosamentemexicana #sisepudo

#WearYourLettersWednesday #LambdaGrad2018 Edition !! Congratulations to our beautiful sisters as they complete this chapter in their lives! #ΛΣΓ #lambdasigmagammasororityinc #scholasticexcellence #multiculturalsorority #IPSE

Our beautiful active body had their last meeting of the year last night! Cheers sisters for another successful year.❤️ This 2017-2018 term would have not been the same without everyone who showed love and support to CSUN LSG, so thank you!🌹 Get ready for next year everyone, because we’re coming back even stronger.😌😉 #CSUNLSG #OmicronChapter #LambdaSigmaGammaSororityInc

We are proud to say that Omicron brought home TWO awards home from today’s Matador Involvement Center Clubs & Orgs Awards Ceremony!😭👏🏼 We want to give a big shoutout to our alumni Julia Hernandez (ΟΛ #5) for being awarded Outstanding Alumnus! Thank you sister for everything you have done for this chapter.❤️ Our second award was for Effective Use of Technology! As a chapter we always strive to bring something new to the table and reach for our highest goals! Keep making us proud, Omicron!🌹 #CSUNLSG #IPSE #LambdaSigmaGammaSororityInc #OmicronChapter

We brought the IPSE Award home!!!!😍😭❤️ We are so grateful and still overfilled with excitement! We have grown as a chapter and winning this award is proof of that! We’re so happy are very proud of ourselves. From here on out we’re only going to continue pushing forward! Thank you to everyone that helped us, supported us, and guided us when we needed it!😭 Cheers to being 2017-2018’s Chapter of the Year!🙌🏻✨ #CSUNLSG #IPSEAward #OmicronChapter #LambdaSigmaGammaSororityInc

Shoutout to our beautiful active body for holding it down this year!🎈🌹Without the guidance, love, and support from our Omicron sisters, and all of our LSG sisters, Omicron would not be where it is today. Happy Founders Day, Omicron! May we live on forever!✨❤️ #OmicronLove #FoundersDay #CSUNLSG #LambdaSigmaGammaSororityInc

We would like to wish our beautiful sister, Veronica Hernandez ΟΣ #7, a wonderful happy birthday!🌹 We hope all of your dreams and wishes come true. Sending lots of love from Omicron.❤️ #LambdaBirthday #CSUNLSG #OmicronChapter #LambdaSigmaGammaSororityInc

“Behind every successful woman, there is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.” ❤️#HappyInternationalWomensDay #LambdaSigmaGammaSororityInc #OmicronLove

Happy Chinese New Year! 🎉 To all of our wonderful sisters and followers that celebrate this holiday, we hope you have a great day and a prosperous New Year❤️ #LambdaSigmaGammaSororityInc #ChineseNewYear #BeautyThroughDiversity

Our Beauty Through Diversity Scholarship is now live! The deadline is ‪Saturday, March 24th‬. For more information - please click on the link in our description (https://form.jotform.com/73167579320158).
For questions or more information, please email: beautythroughdiversity.lsg@gmail.com
Apply and share with anyone you think may be interested!! #BeautyThroughDiversity #Scholarship #LambdaSigmaGammaSororityInc

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” -Martin Luther King Jr.
There are many things that we can learn from MLK Jr. and on this day we would like to encourage everyone to remember to love one another💕 #MLK #IHaveADream #LSG #LambdaSigmaGammaSororityInc

Our sister Victoria Otero ΕΡ #1 "Lil' Mama" reached another milestone as she walked the stage to receive her diploma. Epsilon chapter is proud of all your accomplishments at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo 📚📝🎓 #IPSE #graduationcelebration #lambdasigmagammasororityinc

THANK YOU to all those who supported our Annual Pasta Feed 🍝 * Proceeds will be donated to a family in need these holidays.* ♥️
And a special thank you to our Alumna Advisor Fabihola for her constant support and love, We Love You🌹#LambdaSigmaGammaSororityInc #AnnualPastaFeed #IPSE

Stop by today to The Middle East & North Africa Public Art Conference today from 4:30 - 7 pm !☺️ #LambdaSigmaGammaSororityInc #multicultural

Mu Chapter would like to congratulate Karen "THYMES1S" Godina, Alpha Gamma Chapter Epsilon Class ♥️ Welcome to our beautiful organization neo, IPSE 🌹🐻 #LambdaSigmaGammaSororityInc #Mu ♥️ #AlphaGamma #ΛΣΓ

Today marks 5 years since @unclebecca had the amazing idea of starting a Lambda Sigma Sorority, Inc Chapter here at Arizona State University. We hope to reach 10 years in the future ! Thank you to all of the lines who have kept this chapter alive for the past 5 years. #lambdasigmagammasororityinc

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